BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
drm/masterconfigure: default --enable-valgrind to autoEmil Velikov7 years
drm/amdgpuamdgpu: reuse the kernel IB flags v2Jammy Zhou7 years
drm/libkms-mastervmwgfx: Fetch the latest headerJakob Bornecrantz12 years
drm/modesetting-dirty-libdrmChange the number on the dirty ioctl to match upstreamJakob Bornecrantz12 years
drm/modesetting-dirtyRemove drm_mode_clip, its not needed.Jakob Bornecrantz12 years
drm/pagefliplibdrm: add support for page flip completion eventsJesse Barnes12 years
drm/vblank-eventMerge commit 'origin/kms-pageflip' into vblank-eventJesse Barnes12 years
drm/dri2-swapbuffersEncapsulate the drm event structure we read from the fdKristian Høgsberg13 years
drm/kms-pageflipEncapsulate the drm event structure we read from the fdKristian Høgsberg13 years
drm/modesetting-newttmttm: Fix up printouts.Thomas Hellstrom13 years
drm/modesetting-gemradeon: fix wait return code checkDave Airlie13 years
drm/r6xx-r7xx-supportradeon: Simplify the radeon microcode loading.Alex Deucher13 years
drm/xgi-0-0-2FreeBSD: Fix the printing of maps on amd64/i386 to be consistentRobert Noland13 years
drm/modesetting-101nouveau: fix typoMaarten Maathuis13 years
drm/drm-gemReplace the check_aperture API with one we can make thread-safe.Eric Anholt13 years
drm/libdrm-2_3-branchdrm: sg alloc should write back the handle to userspaceDave Airlie14 years
drm/intel-post-relocAdd a coherency test and an unbind - read - bind test to ttmtest.Thomas Hellstrom14 years
drm/vblank-reworkCorrect vblank count valueJesse Barnes14 years
drm/r500-supportMerge branch 'master' into r500-supportDave Airlie14 years
drm/drm-ttm-finalizeTighten permissions on some buffer manager ioctls.Thomas Hellstrom14 years
drm/modesetting-101-hotplugcleanupJakob Bornecrantz14 years
drm/i915tex-compatRevert drm_i915_flip_t braindamageJesse Barnes14 years
drm/pre-superioctl-branchRevert "Replace NO_MOVE/NO_EVICT flags to buffer objects with an ioctl to set...Thomas Hellstrom14 years
drm/i915-zone-renderingMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into i915-zone-renderingMichel Dänzer14 years
drm/drm-ttm-cleanup-branchMerge branch 'master' into cleanupDave Airlie15 years
drm/xgi-0-0-1As with SiS, use reclaim_buffers_idlelocked instead of reclaim_buffers_lockedIan Romanick15 years
drm/vblankMerge branch 'vblank-rework' into vblankJesse Barnes15 years
drm/newioctl-0.1Move i915 to "cleaner" ioctl interfaceDave Airlie15 years
drm/i915-pageflipi915: Only wait for pending flips before asynchronous flips again.Michel Dänzer15 years
drm/ttm-vram-0-1-branchRename drm_ttm.h to drm_objects.hThomas Hellstrom15 years
drm/nouveau-1fixup symlinks via MakefileDave Airlie15 years
drm/texmem-1.0Core build fix for BSD.Michel Dänzer15 years
drm/drm-ttm-0-2-branchMake sure delayed delete list is empty on lastclose.Thomas Hellstrom15 years
drm/drm-ttm-branchBackport the trunk hlist hash table implementation. Enable libdrmThomas Hellstrom16 years
drm/drm-sman-branchReplace the hash table list with linux hlists for better memory usage. FixThomas Hellstrom16 years
drm/libdrm-2_0-branchBump package and DSO numbers to 2.0Adam Jackson16 years
drm/libdrm-1_0-branchBack out that last one, wrong branchAdam Jackson16 years
drm/drmlib-0-0-1-branchinitial hack of library splitDave Airlie17 years
drm/drmfntbl-0-0-2-branchmerge trunk into drmfntbl-0-0-2 branchDave Airlie17 years
drm/drmfntbl-0-0-1use DRM error reportingDave Airlie17 years
drm/drmpci-0-0-1Commit sysfs and drm PCI changes for 2.6 kernelDave Airlie18 years
drm/mach64-0-0-7-branchmerge up trunk to branch..Dave Airlie18 years
drm/driinterface-0-0-3-branchMerge changes from DRI trunk.Ian Romanick18 years
drm/savage-2-0-0-branchAdd more savages to the DRM to facilite testing.Alex Deucher18 years
drm/driinterface-0-0-2-branchDon't ioremap the framebuffer area. The ioremapped area wasn't used byEric Anholt18 years
drm/newmesa-0-0-1-branchAdd i865 pci idKeith Whitwell18 years
drm/driinterface-0-0-1-branchFix a locking nit, and add asserts in some things that should be calledEric Anholt18 years
drm/cle266-0-0-1-branchInitial import of VIA's CLE266 driver plus Alan Cox changes to bring the 3DJose Fonseca18 years
drm/i865-agp-0-1-branchVersion test for sys/endian.hKeith Whitwell18 years
drm/import-1.1.1Import of XFree86 Hourihane18 years
drm/newdrm-0-0-1-branchAdd some forgoten files.Jose Fonseca19 years
drm/mach64-0-0-6-branchDon't need to include linux/wrapper.h - we only use Set/ClearPageReservedLeif Delgass19 years
drm/savage-1_0_0-branchfudge up the kernel driver a bit so we can compile and load the module andAlan Hourihane19 years
drm/config-0-0-1-branchDRM part of Radeon DRI suspend/resume support (Charl Botha).David Dawes19 years
drm/savage-0-0-1-branch- added defines for AGP/DMA ( Felix Khling )Andreas Karrenbauer19 years
drm/texmem-0-0-1Merge from trunk.Ian Romanick19 years
drm/mach64-0-0-5-branchAdd the PCI relevent part of the new DRM API patch, i.e, no AGP/scatterJose Fonseca19 years
drm/trident-0-0-2-branchfix the copyright messages and bump the dateAlan Hourihane19 years
drm/drm-filp-0-1-branchmerged from trunkKeith Whitwell19 years
drm/bsd-4-0-0-branchMerge from trunk to bsd-4-0-0-branch.Eric Anholt19 years
drm/mesa-4-0-4-branchRemove the untested, unused gamma driver.Eric Anholt19 years
drm/agpgart_2_0_branchSmall server side build fix for xf86drm.cJeff Hartmann19 years
drm/mesa-4-1-branchadded missing return fd (Alexander Stohr)Brian Paul19 years
drm/r200-stable-1-0-branchTurn boxes off againKeith Whitwell19 years
drm/nv-0-0-1-branchpreserve CRTC{,2}_OFFSET_CNTL in 2D driver to avoid bad effects whenMichel Daenzer19 years
drm/stable-1-0-branchFix reversed test that broke vblank waiting on FreeBSD.Eric Anholt19 years
drm/r200-0-2-branchmerged trunk into r200 branchKeith Whitwell19 years
drm/r200-0-1-branchmerged trunk into branchKeith Whitwell19 years
drm/tdlabs-0-0-1-branchcommit Sven Luther's patch to new tdlabs-0-0-1-branch for Permedia3/GammaAlan Hourihane19 years
drm/geode-0-0-1-branchfix off-by-one error for right bottom corner in radeon_emit_clip_rect()Michel Daenzer20 years
drm/reinit-0-0-1-branchfix off-by-one error for right bottom corner in radeon_emit_clip_rect()Michel Daenzer20 years
drm/bsd-3-0-0-branchUpdate from trunk.Eric Anholt20 years
drm/s3virge-0-0-1-branchS3 Virge: fixed DMA setup, textures cleanups. Now it works out of the box ;Max Lingua20 years
drm/mach64-0-0-4-branchLess verbose ring and buffer dump routines in the DRM to avoid overflowJose Fonseca20 years
drm/xv845g-0-1-branchgamma_alloc -> DRM(alloc)Alan Hourihane20 years
drm/tcl-0-0-branchmerged trunkKeith Whitwell20 years
drm/trident-0-0-1-branchbring trident-0-0-1-branch uptodate with trunk.Alan Hourihane20 years
drm/dmx-1-0-branchfixes for big endian in general and powerpc in particularMichel Daenzer20 years
drm/mach64-0-0-4-dma-branchFix leak of temporary data table if bus master test failsLeif Delgass20 years
drm/mach64-0-0-3-dma-branchMost of the first cut of the DMA code. It's got most of the dispatchFrank C. Earl20 years
drm/mach64-0-0-3-branchRemoval of erroneous PCI GART code. Better support for PCI cards. MoreJose Fonseca20 years
drm/drmcommand-0-0-1-branchAdded version checking for drm library, included new entry point:Jens Owen20 years
drm/mesa-4-0-branchRevert the minor version back to 2 (and bump the patchlevel).David Dawes20 years
drm/bsd-2-0-0-branchfix IOCTL defineAlan Hourihane20 years
drm/dmx-0-1-branchwrap the MODULE_LICENSE definition.Alan Hourihane20 years
drm/mach64-0-0-2-branchLeif's macros from DRM and Manuel fixes for the lockingManuel Teira20 years
drm/mesa-3-5-branchCommit missing fileJeff Hartmann20 years
drm/multihead-1-0-0-branchSome cleanups before merging into the trunk.David Dawes20 years
drm/ati-pcigart-1-0-0-branch- Merge from trunk into pcigart branchKevin E Martin21 years
drm/gamma-2-0-0-branchcommit kernel changes for agp (needs agpgart.diff - also added) updateAlan Hourihane21 years
drm/sarea-1-0-0-branch- Merge from trunk into branch IIKevin E Martin21 years
drm/tdfx-3-1-0-branchRemove redundant files.Gareth Hughes21 years
drm/ati-pcigart-0-0-1-branchfirst attempt to fix PCI GART and PPC (client side still broken for PPC)Michel Daenzer21 years
drm/ati-5-0-1-branchInitial CCE 2D acceleration code for the Rage 128 driver. ManagedGareth Hughes21 years
drm/mach64-0-0-1-branchCommit hacking from a while back. Don't be surprised if this breaks it...Gareth Hughes21 years
drm/mga-1-0-0-branch- Remove AGP support from tdfx driver.Gareth Hughes21 years
drm/tdfx-3-0-0-branchmerge from trunkNathan Hand21 years
drm/ati-5-0-0-branch- Merge trunk into ati-5-0-0 branchKevin E Martin21 years
drm/sse-1-0-1-branchMerged ati-4-1-1-branch into trunk.Gareth Hughes21 years
drm/ati-4-1-1-branch- Fixed polygon stipple. Was still using SubmitPackets...Gareth Hughes21 years
drm/ppc-1-0-1-branchstart new ppc-1-0-1-branch with the changes from ppc-1-0-0-branchMichel Daenzer21 years
drm/radeon-1-0-0-branchmerge trunk into radeon branch.Alan Hourihane21 years
drm/ppc-1-0-0-branchmerge trunk to ppc-1-0-0-branch againMichel Daenzer21 years
drm/mga-readpix-0-0-1-branchAccelerated ReadPixels/DrawPixels from/to AGP memory. Basic allocator forKeith Whitwell21 years
drm/full-0-0-1-branchMore changes for sync with Linux 2.4.0-test9-pre7Rik Faith21 years
drm/full-0-0-2-branchMore changes for sync with Linux 2.4.0-test9-pre7Rik Faith21 years
drm/mga-lock-debug-0-2-0-branchVarious mga state cleanups, possible fix for clipping bug on g200, revertJeff Hartmann21 years
drm/mach64-0-0-0-branchParts of the mach64 kernel module. Completely non-functional.Gareth Hughes21 years
drm/tdfx-2-1-branchSync up with head branch & 2.4.0-test8 kernelAlan Hourihane21 years
drm/mga-lock-debug-0-0-1-branchMore debug code for Rik to take a look atJeff Hartmann21 years
drm/sse-1-0-0-branchSync with 2.4.0-test8 kernel.Gareth Hughes21 years
drm/m3-0-0-1-branchSync with Linux 2.4.0-test7 Add signal blocking support to all driversRik Faith21 years
drm/ati-4-0-2-branchSync with Linux 2.4.0-test6-pre8Rik Faith21 years
drm/X_4_0_1-20000711-mergeMerge XFree86 4.0.1Alan Hourihane22 years
drm/xc_4_0_1-20000711-mergeMerge XFree86 4.0.1Alan Hourihane22 years
drm/bsd-1-0-1-branchMerge trunk into bsd-1-0-1-branch.Doug Rabson22 years
drm/ati-4-1-0-branchMore performance improvements, general cleanups including:Gareth Hughes22 years
drm/tdfx-2-0-branchMerge the latest version of the trunk into my tdfx-2-0 branch.Daryll Strauss22 years
drm/glxmisc-3-0-0-branch- Add version checking support to the r128 driverKevin E Martin22 years
drm/bsd-1-0-0-branchMerged trunk into bsd-1-0-0-branchDoug Rabson22 years
drm/mgadh-0-0-3-branchMerged trunk into mgadh-0-0-3-branchJeff Hartmann22 years
drm/mga-0-0-3-branchMerged Trunk with mga-0-0-3-branchJeff Hartmann22 years
drm/ati-4-0-1-branch- Fix merge problemsKevin E Martin22 years
drm/gamma-1-0-0-branchupdate kernel gamma driver to detect number of attached MX devices.Alan Hourihane22 years
drm/video-1-0-0-branch- Merge trunk into ati branchKevin E Martin22 years
drm/glxmisc-2-0-0-branchMerged glxmisc-1-0-0Brian Paul22 years
drm/glxmisc-1-0-0-branchdon't prefix misc/ on kernel module nameBrian Paul22 years
drm/mga-0-0-2-branchMucho cleanup of ddx drivers & kernelJeff Hartmann22 years
drm/mga-0-0-1-branchLRU of free buffers (fixes rendering bugs)Jeff Hartmann22 years
drm/smt-0-0-2-branch3.9.18 mergeKevin E Martin22 years
drm/dispatch-0-0-2-branchFixed freelist_put bugJeff Hartmann22 years
drm/dispatch-0-0-3-branchFixed freelist_put bugJeff Hartmann22 years
drm/tdfx-1-1Finished up the 3.9.17 on the tdfx branch, by adding a few new directories.Daryll Strauss22 years
drm/ati-4-0-0-branchUpdate copyright for 2000Rik Faith22 years
drm/smt-0-0-1-branchMerge between X_3_9_16 and X_3_9_17 Compiles but may not run.Rik Faith22 years
drm/smt-0-0-1-stage2bMerge between X_3_9_16 and X_3_9_17 Compiles but may not run.Rik Faith22 years
drm/dispatch-0-0-1-branchRename the device to be /dev/dri instead of /dev/dri to avoid a conflict.Daryll Strauss22 years