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2009-12-14vmwgfx: Fetch the latest headerdrm/libkms-masterJakob Bornecrantz1-17/+150
2009-12-04libkms: Change destroy api a bitJakob Bornecrantz2-6/+20
2009-12-04libkms: Add libkmsJakob Bornecrantz10-1/+973
2009-12-04Ignore config.h.inJakob Bornecrantz1-0/+1
2009-12-07radeon: Use drmIoctl so we restart ioctl on EINTR or EAGAINJerome Glisse1-4/+3
This is needed as change in kernel will lead to ioctl returning EINTR if they are interrupted. Signed-off-by: Jerome Glisse <>
2009-12-05intel: Expect caller to guarantee thread-safety of bo during relocChris Wilson1-10/+2
This removes the foremost prolific user of mutexes in The other uses of the bufmgr_gem->mutex to serial access to individual bos are currently required by Mesa, and are far less frequent. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <> [anholt: This chunk looks good...] Acked-by: Eric Anholt <>
2009-12-04modetest: fix build error due to page_flip_handler name changeJesse Barnes1-1/+1
Forgot to update this when pushing the pageflip bits.
2009-12-02Merge branch 'modesetting-dirty-libdrm'Jakob Bornecrantz4-0/+72
Conflicts: include/drm/drm.h
2009-12-03Add RELEASING to document the release processKristian Høgsberg1-0/+66
2009-12-03Bump event context structure version for page flippingJesse Barnes2-2/+2
2009-12-03Merge branch 'pageflip' of git:// Barnes7-9/+186
Conflicts: include/drm/drm.h - RMFB had its signature changed to avoid uint32_t
2009-12-03Bump to 2.4.16 for release2.4.16Kristian Høgsberg1-1/+1
2009-12-03Enable experimental APIs for distcheckKristian Høgsberg1-0/+2
2009-12-02Change the number on the dirty ioctl to match upstreamdrm/modesetting-dirty-libdrmJakob Bornecrantz1-1/+1
2009-12-02intel: Free memory before inserting bo into cache.Chris Wilson1-3/+10
This has the unfortunate behaviour of releasing our malloc cache, but the alternative is for X to consume a couple of gigabytes of ram and die during testing. Fortunately the extra mallocs have little impact on performance whereas avoiding swap and death, lots. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-12-02intel: Check and propagate errors from building reloc-treeChris Wilson1-2/+35
Instead of forcing the caller to check after every emit_reloc(), we can flag the object as being in error, propagating that error upwards through the relocation tree, and failing the eventual batch buffer execution. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-12-02intel: Repeat execbuffer after EINTRChris Wilson1-1/+1
EAGAIN cannot be raised by the current code, but the system call maybe interrupted and so return EINTR. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-12-02intel: Review use of errno.Chris Wilson1-16/+25
Hitting this error lead to a segfault: intel_bufmgr_gem.c:919: Error mapping buffer 48607 (pixmap): Cannot allocate memory. because the errno was reused as the function return value after being reset by the fprintf(), so caller thought the mapping had succeeded. The convention established by libdrm is that the return value is the negative errno and that uses of libdrm cannot trust the value of errno afterwards, but must use the return code. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-12-02intel: Make bo_reference() inline for internal use.Chris Wilson1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-12-02intel: Remove the extra reference while validating the reloc treeChris Wilson1-16/+0
Buffers on the relocation tree are guarded by the reference to the batch object and so do not need an extra reference whilst constructing the list of execution buffer objects. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-12-01intel: Wrap a few more syscalls with EINTR protectionChris Wilson1-15/+47
Having been bitten by a missing EINTR check during mmap_gtt(), I thought it prudent to add some more protection around the ioctls. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-11-30intel: Clear bo->used_as_reloc_target flag on destroyChris Wilson1-1/+2
This allows us to keep the assert added in the previous commit that we do not modify the tree_reloc_size after inserting the buffer into a relocation tree, which was being hit here: #0 0xb78c2424 in __kernel_vsyscall () #1 0xb74f6401 in raise () from /lib/ #2 0xb74f7b42 in abort () from /lib/ #3 0xb74ef5a8 in __assert_fail () from /lib/ #4 0xb737e78b in drm_intel_bo_gem_set_in_aperture_size (bufmgr_gem=<value optimized out>, bo_gem=0x6) at intel_bufmgr_gem.c:373 #5 0xb737f519 in drm_intel_gem_bo_set_tiling (bo=0xa1030a0, tiling_mode=0xbff6c85c, stride=0) at intel_bufmgr_gem.c:1386 #6 0xb737f67f in drm_intel_gem_bo_unreference_final (bo=0xa1030a0, time=<value optimized out>) at intel_bufmgr_gem.c:768 #7 0xb737f5e3 in drm_intel_gem_bo_unreference_locked_timed (bo=0xa1e50d0, time=<value optimized out>) at intel_bufmgr_gem.c:805 #8 drm_intel_gem_bo_unreference_final (bo=0xa1e50d0, time=<value optimized out>) at intel_bufmgr_gem.c:756 #9 0xb737fcbb in drm_intel_gem_bo_unreference (bo=0xa1e50d0) at intel_bufmgr_gem.c:821 #10 0xb737b4e6 in drm_intel_bo_unreference (bo=0x0) at intel_bufmgr.c:80 #11 0xb7325625 in intel_batch_flush (scrn=0x9d91f78, flush=1) at i830_batchbuffer.c:200 Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-11-30intel: Apply pessimistic alignment to in-aperture buffer sizeChris Wilson1-1/+26
For the older chipsets, i.e. pre-i965, which have severe alignment restrictions for tiled buffers we need to pessimistically assume that we will waste the size of buffer to meet those alignment constraints. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-11-30intel: Only store a buffer in the cache if it is retained.Chris Wilson1-4/+4
If the kernel immediately frees the backing store for a buffer when marking it purgeable, then there is not point adding to the cache. Free it immediately, instead. Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
2009-11-30Change the dirty ioctl a bit and comment itJakob Bornecrantz1-2/+32
2009-11-26Bring dirty code from old branchJakob Bornecrantz4-0/+42
2009-11-25Correctly set DRM_MAX_MINOR for all platforms.Robert Noland2-6/+4
DRM_MAJOR is platform specific, but not used outside of xf86drm.c that I can find.
2009-11-24Add missing DRM_MAX_MINOR defineAlex Deucher1-0/+1
lost in 500f5b524000ed5930301f4303744cb4c0a19b75 Signed-off-by: Alex Deucher <>
2009-11-24More fixups to allow mesa to buildRobert Noland3-2/+4
2009-11-24Finish fixing the build on FreeBSDRobert Noland4-6/+7
2009-11-23Add drmGetDeviceNameFromFd functionKristian Høgsberg4-0/+87
Determines the /dev filename of the drm fd argument.
2009-11-23Fix build on *BSDKristian Høgsberg2-10/+35
This adds a minimal #ifdef clause to drm.h that we'll push upstream. Once that goes in we can share drm.h between linux, libdrm, and the bsd's.
2009-11-23Don't hardcore 'yes', use in outputKristian Høgsberg1-2/+4
Oops, I assumed intel was always enable, but it just defaults to on.
2009-11-23Output summary of enabled features at the end of configure.acKristian Høgsberg1-0/+8
2009-11-23Drop duplicated radeon_*.h files in include/drmKristian Høgsberg5-609/+0
These files are userspace headers and live in radeon/
2009-11-20Put mach64_drm.h back in to avoid breaking mesa buildKristian Høgsberg2-1/+258
We may want to drop mach64 from mesa instead, but that's a different discussion.
2009-11-20Install kernel headers in ${includedir}/drmKristian Høgsberg4-1/+41
2009-11-21nouveau: fix DRM headersPekka Paalanen2-57/+220
The nouveau_drmif.h is not the Nouveau DRM kernel ABI file, but purely user space stuff. Remove it, it does not belong in include/drm/. Copy the right header from Nouveau kernel v2.6.31-rc9-757-gaca551c. Signed-off-by: Pekka Paalanen <>
2009-11-20Bump libdrm version to 2.4.16 for page flippingJesse Barnes1-1/+1
2009-11-20modetest: add pageflip test case to modetestKristian Høgsberg1-8/+138
2009-11-20libdrm: add libdrm support for page flip ioctlKristian Høgsberg5-1/+45
2009-11-20Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into libdrmKristian Høgsberg6-38/+206
2009-11-20Update READMEKristian Høgsberg1-58/+27
2009-11-18libdrm_radeon: add radeon_bo_is_referenced_by_cs functionMaciej Cencora1-0/+14
Signed-off-by: Alex Deucher <>
2009-11-17drm/i915: add GETPARAM request for page flippingJesse Barnes1-0/+1
2009-11-17Drop stale TODO and unused ChangeLogKristian Høgsberg3-31/+1
2009-11-17Move libdrm/ up one levelKristian Høgsberg58-74/+58
2009-11-17Drop shared-core, bsd-core, linux-core and scripts subdirsKristian Høgsberg404-137098/+0
2009-11-17Use headers copied from kernel instead of shared-coreKristian Høgsberg9-12/+8
2009-11-17Fix typo in i915 pipe_from_crtc_id ioctl struct nameKristian Høgsberg1-1/+1