AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-01-17xen/pvh: place the trampoline at page Pau Monne2-2/+10
2018-01-17firmware/shim: fix build process to use POSIX find optionsRoger Pau Monne1-1/+2
2018-01-17x86/guest: use the vcpu_info area from shared_infoRoger Pau Monne1-1/+2
2018-01-16-xen-attach is needed for pvh boot with qemu-xen4.10.0-shim-comet-2Michael Young1-1/+1
2018-01-16xen/pvshim: map vcpu_info earlier for APsRoger Pau Monne1-3/+3
2018-01-12xl: pvshim: Provide and document xl config4.10.0-shim-comet-1.1Ian Jackson2-0/+49
2018-01-12libxl: pvshim: Introduce pvshim_extraIan Jackson4-3/+7
2018-01-12libxl: pvshim: Provide first-class config settings to enable shim modeIan Jackson5-12/+77
2018-01-12xen/shim: allow DomU to have as many vcpus as availableRoger Pau Monne3-14/+46
2018-01-12xen/shim: crash instead of reboot in shim modeRoger Pau Monne2-1/+10
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: use default position for the m2p mappingsRoger Pau Monne1-1/+2
2018-01-12xen/shim: modify shim_mem parameter behaviourRoger Pau Monne3-28/+29
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: memory hotplugRoger Pau Monne3-0/+143
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: support vCPU hotplugRoger Pau Monne4-12/+102
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: set max_pages to the value of tot_pagesRoger Pau Monne1-0/+6
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: add shim_mem cmdline parameterSergey Dyasli4-1/+85
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: add migration supportRoger Pau Monne8-15/+197
2018-01-12x86/pv-shim: shadow PV console's page for L2 DomUSergey Dyasli5-4/+209
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: add grant table operationsRoger Pau Monne2-0/+170
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: forward evtchn ops between L0 Xen and L2 DomURoger Pau Monne10-46/+402
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: set correct domid valueRoger Pau Monne7-6/+66
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: modify Dom0 builder in order to build a DomURoger Pau Monne4-10/+126
2018-01-12xen: mark xenstore/console pages as RAMRoger Pau Monne5-0/+80
2018-01-12xen/pvshim: skip Dom0-only domain builder partsRoger Pau Monne2-1/+6
2018-01-12xen/pvh: do not mark the low 1MB as IO memRoger Pau Monne1-2/+7
2018-01-12xen/x86: make VGA support selectableRoger Pau Monne11-5/+40
2018-01-11tools/firmware: Build and install xen-shimAndrew Cooper5-3/+172
2018-01-11x86/shim: Kconfig and command line optionsAndrew Cooper6-0/+116
2018-01-11x86/guest: use PV console for Xen/Dom0 I/OSergey Dyasli3-1/+23
2018-01-11x86/guest: add PV console codeSergey Dyasli5-0/+272
2018-01-11x86/guest: setup event channel upcall vectorRoger Pau Monne2-0/+58
2018-01-11x86: don't swallow the first command line item in guest modeWei Liu1-2/+2
2018-01-11x86: read wallclock from Xen when running in pvh modeWei Liu1-4/+28
2018-01-11x86: APIC timer calibration when running as a guestWei Liu1-8/+30
2018-01-11x86: xen pv clock time sourceWei Liu1-0/+89
2018-01-11x86/guest: map per-cpu vcpu_info area.Roger Pau Monne3-0/+66
2018-01-11xen/guest: fetch vCPU ID from XenRoger Pau Monne3-0/+34
2018-01-11x86/guest: map shared_info pageRoger Pau Monne3-0/+35
2018-01-11xen/pvshim: keep track of used PFN rangesWei Liu3-0/+66
2018-01-11xen: introduce rangeset_claim_rangeWei Liu2-1/+55
2018-01-11xen/console: Introduce console=xenWei Liu2-0/+59
2018-01-11x86/pvh: Retrieve memory map from XenWei Liu6-3/+36
2018-01-11x86/shutdown: Support for using SCHEDOP_{shutdown,reboot}Andrew Cooper3-4/+65
2018-01-11x86/guest: Hypercall supportAndrew Cooper6-0/+179
2018-01-11x86/entry: Probe for Xen early during bootAndrew Cooper5-0/+127
2018-01-11x86/boot: Map more than the first 16MBAndrew Cooper1-2/+1
2018-01-11x86/entry: Early PVH boot codeWei Liu8-4/+268
2018-01-11x86: produce a binary that can be booted as PVHWei Liu4-1/+26
2018-01-11x86: introduce ELFNOTE macroWei Liu1-0/+12
2018-01-11x86/link: Relocate program headersAndrew Cooper1-9/+13