BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jb_rel_rb5_qrd_rb1 Remove obsolete drm manager codeJeff Tinker6 years
jb_2.5_qrd_mainMerge "CAF:QRD_AP:STAGEFRIGHT:None:none:fix memory leak in stsc change" into ...lnxbuild6 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040401NuPlayer: notify the client with timeout info from RTSP serverlis7 years
8130_CSopen log for debug issuessunlei7 years
jb_rel_rb5_qrdCAF:QRD_AP:VIDEO:None:475929:Fix the CR: Media Server crash happened when pla...huiy7 years
8130_preCS_R8930AAAAANLYA2510change the unittimeout to 4s for speed up the connection of streamingsunlei7 years
jb_rel_rb5_qrd_mt1_releaseFrameworks/av: Fix for mediaserver crash in AudioFlingerShashi Kumar7 years
jb_rel_rb5_qrd_qprMerge "audioflinger: Fix to enable software SRS on LPA Playback" into jb_rel_...lnxbuild7 years
jb_rel_qrdMerge commit '9573b07' into HEADjiangenj8 years
jb_qrd_esframeworks/av: Initial gerrit change for tunnel mode recording.Shashi Kumar8 years
R8625QSOSKQLYA3073commit 1762de30a1...Jeff Tinker6 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040529Acommit f1948749c1...lnxbuild6 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040529Bcommit f1948749c1...lnxbuild6 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040529commit b05dbc4e7c...Kunlei Zhang7 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040494commit 297a99a2bd...lnxbuild7 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040456commit ccf1d9d977...lnxbuild7 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040482commit ccf1d9d977...lnxbuild7 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040434commit 83f7add902...quic_kunleiz7 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040421commit 1015279763...lis7 years
R8930AAAAANLYA25040401commit dc42e4d096...lis7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-05-28open log for debug issuesR8930AAAAANLYA25218130_CSsunlei11-11/+12
2013-05-27Reslove the issue when music complete by seekto the end position, getCurrentP...sunlei1-1/+2
2013-04-26solve CTS test fail for MediaRecorderzouyanfei2-4/+7
2013-04-23add null statement for null exception protectionsunlei1-4/+10
2013-04-12Resolve the issue we could not see the video but only audio when play rtsp li...R8930AAAAANLYA2520sunlei2-4/+11
2013-04-09reslove the issue could not teardown automatically, we send teardown in advan...sunlei13-6/+51
2013-04-09resolve the issue could not play cmcc rtp service 3G living streaming video e...sunlei1-1/+5
2013-04-03resolve the issue about when executing screen-off and screen-on operation nup...sunlei11-34/+71
2013-03-26Modify code following qcom code style and remove name in commentssunlei3-24/+23
2013-03-26modify code for supportting cmcc streaming video features -- sunlei and code ...sunlei14-20/+208