BranchCommit messageAuthorAge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/vivier2/tags/linux-user-for-6.0-pull-re...Peter Maydell35 hours remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags/pull-target-arm-20210119-...Peter Maydell41 hours version for 5.0.1 releaseMichael Roth4 months version for 4.2.1 releaseMichael Roth7 months version for 4.1.1 releaseMichael Roth14 months version for 4.0.1 releaseMichael Roth15 months version for releaseMichael Roth16 months version for 3.0.1 releaseMichael Roth21 months version for 2.12.1 releaseMichael Roth2 years version for 2.11.2 releaseMichael Roth3 years
v5.2.0commit 553032db17...Peter Maydell6 weeks
v5.2.0-rc4commit d73c46e4a8...Peter Maydell7 weeks
v5.2.0-rc3commit dd3d2340c4...Peter Maydell8 weeks
v5.2.0-rc2commit 66a300a107...Peter Maydell2 months
v5.2.0-rc1commit c6f28ed507...Peter Maydell2 months
v5.2.0-rc0commit 3d6e32347a...Peter Maydell3 months
v5.0.1commit 386b2a5767...Michael Roth4 months
v5.1.0commit d0ed6a69d3...Peter Maydell5 months
v5.1.0-rc3commit e1d322c405...Peter Maydell6 months
v5.1.0-rc2commit 5772f2b1fc...Peter Maydell6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
41 hoursMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags/ Maydell30-439/+771
41 hoursdocs: Build and install all the docs in a single manualPeter Maydell10-198/+72
41 hourstarget/arm/m_helper: Silence GCC 10 maybe-uninitialized errorPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé1-1/+1
41 hoursnpcm7xx_adc-test: Fix memleak in adc_qom_setGan Qixin1-0/+1
42 hourstarget/arm: Update REV, PUNPK for pred_descRichard Henderson2-13/+8
42 hourstarget/arm: Update ZIP, UZP, TRN for pred_descRichard Henderson2-17/+13
42 hourstarget/arm: Update PFIRST, PNEXT for pred_descRichard Henderson2-6/+7
42 hourstarget/arm: Introduce PREDDESC field definitionsRichard Henderson1-0/+9
42 hourstarget/arm: refactor vae1_tlbmask()Rémi Denis-Courmont1-14/+11
42 hourstarget/arm: enable Secure EL2 in max CPURémi Denis-Courmont1-0/+1