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github/gh-pagesDeployed to GitHub PagesDoug Sherk6 years
github/masterMerge pull request #570 from DouglasSherk/masterDouglas Sherk6 years
github/1.1.1Merge pull request #564 from dcoloma/fix-readme-1.1.1Cristian Rodriguez6 years
github/1.1Merge pull request #424 from jaoo/1113176Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-12-19Merge pull request #424 from jaoo/1113176github/1.1Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega1-8/+16
2014-12-19Bug 1113176 - [Loop] Shared link isn't shown in Shared link listJose Antonio Olivera Ortega1-8/+16
2014-12-16Merge pull request #405 from Archaeopteryx/1.1Maria Angeles Oteo1-0/+1
2014-12-15Late 1.1 string signUpFail. r=meSebastian Hengst1-0/+1
2014-12-09Merge pull request #372 from jaoo/1107862-1.1Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega1-1/+6
2014-12-09Bug 1107862 - [Loop] Impossible to kill the app when the sms app used for the...Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega1-1/+6
2014-12-04Merge pull request #361 from jaoo/1096824-1.1Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega4-3/+61
2014-12-04Bug 1096824 - [Loop] Sign up requests might be unauthorized due to assertion ...Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega4-3/+61
2014-12-01Merge pull request #336 from jaoo/1083760Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega2-6/+18
2014-12-01Merge pull request #300 from jaoo/1087068Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega1-7/+25