AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-08-21[release-branch.go1.3] mention sub-repos and package indexes Gerrand4-45/+100
2014-08-12[release-branch.go1.3] fix crash in constraint generatio...Andrew Gerrand2-1/+9
2014-07-25[release-branch.go1.3] drop scheme from linksAndrew Gerrand2-4/+4
2014-07-21[release-branch.go1.3] remove unnecessary mainframe wr...Andrew Gerrand2-12/+8
2014-06-19[release-branch.go1.3] register redirect handler for /dl/Andrew Gerrand1-0/+14
2014-06-15[release-branch.go1.3] use reflect instead of unsafeAndrew Gerrand1-2/+2
2014-06-13[release-branch.go1.3] set corpus.MaxResults in appinit.goAndrew Gerrand1-0/+1
2014-06-13[release-branch.go1.3] fix index reading and writingAndrew Gerrand2-1/+3
2014-06-12[release-branch.go1.3] create branchAndrew Gerrand4-2/+7 fix range iteration over values of pointer to named array typePeter Collingbourne2-1/+14 register SVG mime typeAndrew Gerrand1-0/+5{cmd/present,playground/socket}: add orighost flag to handle the web...Mikio Hara2-19/+44
2014-06-02dashboard: split key handler into key package, add TimeKey to cacheAndrew Gerrand4-14/+19 add -best flagRuss Cox3-1/+50 fix solver nontermination bug due to reflective type con...Alan Donovan2-20/+100 increase block size to 256 bits.Alan Donovan2-6/+10 package name must not be blankRobert Griesemer4-2/+16 interfaces may not have blank methodsRobert Griesemer2-24/+10 re-disable float_lit2.go std testRobert Griesemer1-0/+1 enable float_lit2.go testRobert Griesemer1-1/+0 re-enable transitionsAndrew Gerrand1-2/+0 fix build on dragonfly, nacl, solarisMikio Hara2-2/+2 fix case where output not gofmt-compatibleDmitri Shuralyov2-1/+44 exclude newly added std test (fix build)Robert Griesemer1-0/+1 support negative elements in BitString().Alan Donovan2-14/+47 fix edge case in DeleteImport causing merging of import sec...Dmitri Shuralyov3-4/+105 clean up formatting of the package documentRob Pike2-41/+34 update existing results when builder retries a commitChris Manghane1-1/+14 the the thes are too frequent, it's clear that that's not what ...Rob Pike3-3/+3
2014-05-19cmd/vet: add amd64p32 (nacl) support to asmdecl checkRuss Cox1-6/+9
2014-05-19cmd/vet: fix line number in asm errorsRuss Cox1-3/+3 fix various minor issues found by go vetRob Pike7-22/+20 fix printf bug found by go vetRob Pike1-1/+1 fix printf buf found by go vetRob Pike1-1/+1 fix parameter omission in doc commentRobert Daniel Kortschak1-1/+1 use " " not ", " as (*Sparse).String() separator.Alan Donovan2-3/+3 fix incorrect indentation in SSA printout.Alan Donovan3-25/+32
2014-05-15cmd/vet: diagnose use of unsafe.Pointer to convert integer to pointerRuss Cox5-0/+182 fix compile error on 32-bit platforms.Alan Donovan3-10/+19 remove redundant makefileChris Manghane1-9/+0 Sparse: a space-efficient representation for orde...Alan Donovan4-0/+1365 fix a panic on invalid AddIntRobert Obryk2-0/+5 prevent duplicate GOROOT/GOPATH in environment in TestTyp...Alex Brainman1-3/+8 convert path to url (fixes windows build)Alex Brainman1-1/+1
2014-05-13dashboard: database updater for performance dashboard (server part)Dmitriy Vyukov1-0/+116
2014-05-13dashboard: server app UI changes for performance dashboardDmitriy Vyukov13-73/+1640
2014-05-13dashboard: database updater for performance dashboardDmitriy Vyukov1-0/+128
2014-05-13dashboard: server app changes for performance dashboardDmitriy Vyukov9-58/+1429
2014-05-13dashboard: builder changes for performance dashboardDmitriy Vyukov7-58/+681 update docs after moveAndrew Gerrand1-6/+2