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2014-05-05[release-branch.go1.2] require origin to set up Gerrand1-3/+26
2014-04-02[release-branch.go1.2] godoc/static: update site policies linkAndrew Gerrand2-2/+2
2013-11-08[release-branch.go1.2] strip prefix when serving static contentAndrew Gerrand1-1/+1
2013-11-08[release-branch.go1.2] blog: Fix atom feed's `updated' time when there's only...Andrew Gerrand1-1/+1
2013-11-08[release-branch.go1.2] blog: Make the atom feed title configurable.Andrew Gerrand1-3/+4
2013-10-23[release-branch.go1.2] create branchAndrew Gerrand1-0/+1 search before $GOROOT/cmdAndrew Gerrand1-6/+6 return invalid type (rather than nil) for (*Label).Type()Robert Griesemer1-1/+1 more reflection.Alan Donovan10-139/+420 fix StdSizes.Sizeof computationRobert Griesemer1-1/+1 use new Sizes interface (fix build)Robert Griesemer2-2/+4 provide Sizes interface instead of individual sizing funct...Robert Griesemer5-119/+128 add support for non Go code executionFrancesc Campoy1-1/+38 implement correct control flow for recovered panic.Alan Donovan18-106/+328 build a separate Function for each init() func.Alan Donovan8-108/+79 use assignable not identical type predicate in reflect.{Sen...Alan Donovan6-42/+109 unexport Register.Alan Donovan1-39/+37 fix & escape in codewalksShenghou Ma2-2/+2 fix recorded type for append(s, "foo"...)Robert Griesemer2-11/+9 more reflection operators.Alan Donovan4-94/+505 delete BuiltinCallSignatureRobert Griesemer2-118/+1 crude fix for race condition.Alan Donovan1-2/+38 for range loops might contain function literalsRob Pike2-7/+32 record call-site specific types of built-in functionsRobert Griesemer8-28/+355 search for command docsAndrew Gerrand1-2/+7 move docs to separate doc.goAndrew Gerrand2-14/+21 preserve comments, as other build tools may need "// +bui...Alan Donovan1-2/+44 more robust handling of ... errors with built-insRobert Griesemer3-16/+20 check invalid use of ... with built-insRobert Griesemer2-1/+72 honor the client's TypeChecker.{Import,Error} values.Alan Donovan1-10/+20 change type of print{,ln} built-ins.Alan Donovan3-14/+13 expose CreatePackage method.Alan Donovan8-33/+21 more missing assigment checks implementedRobert Griesemer7-24/+56 nil is not a constant + misc. cleanupsRobert Griesemer24-109/+213 support reflect.Method{,ByName}.Alan Donovan2-2/+136 update to make truthfulRob Pike1-2/+5 doc tweaks + a sanity check.Alan Donovan4-5/+13 make sole callsite available to intrinsics in non-shared co...Alan Donovan6-67/+83 capture stdout/err of target programs and check for "BUG".Alan Donovan5-25/+60 s/Ret/Return/gAlan Donovan12-27/+27 clear DeclarationErrors flag; it's redundant w.r.t go/types checking.Alan Donovan8-11/+9 replace "\\" with "/" in path string to be compatible with win...Tw1-0/+1 range iteration variables are typed (not untyped)Robert Griesemer2-6/+26 Update canonical method check for new xml.Marshaler/Unmarsh...Dominik Honnef1-12/+13 clone main repo from local path if it already exists loca...Chris Manghane1-1/+6 enable tests of builtin(f()) where f has multiple results.Alan Donovan1-8/+6 built-in calls of the form builtin(f())Robert Griesemer4-304/+579 allow compilation with go 1.0Matt Reiferson1-0/+1 remove redundant redirect rulesAndrew Gerrand1-9/+6
2013-10-04undo CL 14368043 / 7750fc1a6bd2Andrew Gerrand1-4/+4