AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-09-18refactor/importgraph: add test of Donovan1-1/+15 don't ignore field mismatch errorsAndrew Gerrand1-12/+0
2014-09-16godoc/analysis: log one error per error package.Alan Donovan1-2/+14 documentation follow-upRobert Griesemer2-1/+6 fix a race condition in needMethodsOf.Alan Donovan3-16/+21
2014-09-15godoc: run again.Alan Donovan1-2/+1
2014-09-15godoc: fix bug in "internal call graph" tree widget.Alan Donovan2-1/+2
2014-09-15go/loader: clarify the nocgo check.Alan Donovan1-2/+4 disable test case to fix buildRobert Griesemer1-1/+5 fix importer test for 32bit platformsRobert Griesemer1-18/+21 use shorter notification template for cl updatesAndrew Gerrand2-4/+14 fix test (src/pkg -> src)Robert Griesemer1-2/+12
2014-09-11go/ssa: fix bug causing (manual) go/pointer stdlib test to crash.Alan Donovan2-3/+7
2014-09-11go/buildutil: rename AllPackages{,List} -> {ForEachPackage,AllPackages}.Alan Donovan6-10/+10 eliminate three copies of the allPackages utility.Alan Donovan4-93/+26
2014-09-11go/ssa/interp: exclude "runtime" from the list of initial packages in the testAlan Donovan1-0/+3 deal with fallout from $GOROOT/src/pkg -> $GOROOT/src renaming.Alan Donovan15-66/+74
2014-09-09refactor/importgraph: a utility for computing the import graph.Alan Donovan2-0/+206 AllPackages: enumerate all packages in a Go workspace.Alan Donovan2-0/+140 fix docs: stringer is not a "go tool"Rob Pike1-3/+2
2014-09-09dashboard/env: install dejagnu for gccgo's testsuiteChris Manghane1-0/+3
2014-09-09coordinator: add support for different build dashboardsChris Manghane1-13/+38
2014-09-08dashboard: optimize linux docker image sizeJohan Euphrosine8-69/+91 src/pkg -> srcAlan Donovan1-1/+1 better error messagesRobert Griesemer2-4/+29*: replace $GOROOT/src/pkg with $GOROOT/src where appropriate.Alan Donovan13-26/+26 update CL threads with perf notificationsAndrew Gerrand1-11/+18 add .exe suffix to executable name in TestEndToEndAlex Brainman1-1/+1 remove Google+ buttonsAndrew Gerrand3-80/+57 delete needless subtraction of zero in generated codeRob Pike2-2/+3 add end-to-end test that compiles, runs, and verifies ...Rob Pike9-59/+418
2014-09-05dashboard/builder: finish the previous -report=false changeBrad Fitzpatrick2-1/+14
2014-09-05dashboard/builder: add -report=false flag for testing Docker imagesBrad Fitzpatrick1-4/+21
2014-09-05goimports: print \n at end of errorsRuss Cox1-2/+2
2014-09-05dashboard/env: add gccgo amd64 builderChris Manghane3-0/+38
2014-09-04dashboard/coordinator: set USER for the -nocgo builderBrad Fitzpatrick1-1/+1
2014-09-04dashboard/env: add a cgo-disabled Linux builderBrad Fitzpatrick1-0/+1 fix generated map codeRob Pike2-14/+14 use const for names, slice for map stringsRob Pike2-89/+130
2014-09-04dashboard/builder: set correct path to gccBrad Fitzpatrick1-0/+8 add testsRob Pike3-24/+395
2014-09-04dashboard/builder: fallback to finding build keys from GCE metadataBrad Fitzpatrick1-0/+35 Fix build on 32bit OSs.Yasuhiro Matsumoto1-3/+2 simplify LookupFieldOrMethodRobert Griesemer2-32/+14
2014-09-04dashboard/coordinator: support reusing VM disk between bootsBrad Fitzpatrick1-19/+53
2014-09-04dashboard/env: restore the periods after docker buildBrad Fitzpatrick2-2/+2
2014-09-03dashboard: add Cloud Storage upload support to create.goBrad Fitzpatrick5-18/+52 new toolRob Pike1-0/+593
2014-09-03dashboard: find static IP automatically, update imagesBrad Fitzpatrick6-14/+45
2014-09-03cmd/vet: simplify file-reading code per griRob Pike1-8/+2