BranchCommit messageAuthorAge[ELF][MIPS] Set EI_ABIVERSION flag accordingly to MIPS ABIs requirementSimon Atanasyan17 hours more items to lld 6.0 release noteHans Wennborg20 hours r323288:Reid Kleckner3 weeks r293630:Tom Stellard9 months r284444:Tom Stellard15 months r270550:Daniel Sanders21 months r242885:Hans Wennborg3 years release_36 branch off revision 225991Hans Wennborg3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
17 hours[ELF][MIPS] Set EI_ABIVERSION flag accordingly to MIPS ABIs Atanasyan4-3/+37
17 hours[ELF] - Do not remove empty output sections that are explicitly assigned to p...George Rimar5-37/+25
17 hoursRecommit "[ELF] - Do not crash with --emit-relocs and --icf=all together."George Rimar2-9/+39
18 hours[ELF] - Revert r325877 "[ELF] - Do not crash with --emit-relocs and --icf=all...George Rimar2-35/+0
18 hours[ELF] - Do not crash with --emit-relocs and --icf=all together.George Rimar2-0/+35
18 hours[ELF] - Report error if removed empty output section declaration used undefin...George Rimar2-0/+22
18 hours[ELF] - Added testcase for testing visibility of weak_odr symbols.George Rimar2-0/+46
18 hours[ELF] - Add testcase documenting flags assigned when empty synthetic section ...George Rimar1-0/+28
20 hoursReleaseNotes: user lower-case for lld in the textHans Wennborg1-3/+3
23 hours[WebAssembly] Add explicit symbol tableSam Clegg26-853/+1897