BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Javascript Node 10 testingWilliam S Fulton7 days memory leaks in SWIGTYPE typemapsOlly Betts13 months unused cvsignore targetWilliam S Fulton20 months tips for using and testing the COM moduleWilliam S Fulton22 months passing test casesng4202 years pull request #548 from dmigous/547_objc_bool_always_trueWilliam S Fulton3 years style fixes in parserWilliam S Fulton3 years branch 'master' into coverity-scanWilliam S Fulton4 years go int size automaticallyxantares4 years GDB pretty printers for SWIG types.Oliver Buchtala5 years scripts to release from any branchWilliam Fulton5 years perl5 examplesRobert Stone5 years Travis test C# on monotouch branchWilliam S Fulton5 years updated according to fix for the link tag'Marko Klopcic5 years enum definitions for Rjoequant6 years docs about known shortcomings of C++ wrapping.Leif Middelschulte6 years fortran branch. merge of 12160:12460Derrick8 years new GPL license headers to all source files in this branchWilliam S Fulton9 years String_or_char_ptr to const_String_or_char_ptr in DOH2Haoyu Bai10 years