BranchCommit messageAuthorAge director comparison operator fix to changes fileWilliam S Fulton7 weeks memory leaks in SWIGTYPE typemapsOlly Betts3 years unused cvsignore targetWilliam S Fulton3 years tips for using and testing the COM moduleWilliam S Fulton4 years passing test casesng4204 years pull request #548 from dmigous/547_objc_bool_always_trueWilliam S Fulton5 years style fixes in parserWilliam S Fulton5 years branch 'master' into coverity-scanWilliam S Fulton6 years go int size automaticallyxantares6 years GDB pretty printers for SWIG types.Oliver Buchtala6 years
rel-4.0.2commit efe5f181cf...William S Fulton8 weeks
rel-4.0.1commit 1e36f51346...William S Fulton11 months
rel-4.0.0commit 9c3faeb0ee...William S Fulton15 months
rel-4.0.0-beta1commit 31b3b782a1...William S Fulton16 months
rel-3.0.12commit fbeb566014...William S Fulton4 years
rel-3.0.11commit 7c8cb62271...William S Fulton4 years
rel-3.0.10commit d9875c6579...William S Fulton4 years
rel-3.0.9commit bab5139805...William S Fulton4 years
rel-3.0.8commit ec91de75b7...William S Fulton5 years
rel-3.0.7commit 9d509ba92b...William S Fulton5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2010-03-06Add new GPL license headers to all source files in this S Fulton1-3/+7
2010-03-06merge revisions 11872:11876 from trunk to yziquel-ocaml branch - license changesWilliam S Fulton423-12531/+1409
2009-07-26Working towards templatised typemaps.Guillaume Yziquel7-14/+46
2009-07-25Better support for methods.Guillaume Yziquel1-8/+14
2009-07-25Added some meager support for methods.Guillaume Yziquel3-3/+56
2009-07-24Now using class types. Generated .ml file compiles against .mli file.Guillaume Yziquel1-11/+16
2009-07-23Class types, object types and constructing classes added to .mli interface file.Guillaume Yziquel1-10/+28
2009-07-23Generating dummy OCaml .mli interface description file.Guillaume Yziquel2-12/+25
2009-07-23Generated code for constructors now statisfies OCaml type-checker.Guillaume Yziquel1-26/+46
2009-07-23Disabling OCaml syntax extension for writing C++-like code in Ocaml.Guillaume Yziquel1-1/+0