BranchCommit messageAuthorAge for next development iterationJohn Rodriguez4 weeks dependenciesJohn Rodriguez5 weeks sources and javadocs tasks for java library projectsJohn Rodriguez5 weeks of conceptJohn Rodriguez2 months new checkstyle failuresJohn Rodriguez2 months long for summing bitmap retained size.Jake Wharton4 months INPUT_METHOD_MANAGER__SERVED_VIEW exclusion upper bound to API 25John Rodriguez6 months HahaHelper for O PreviewJohn Rodriguez6 months leak canary UI into leak process.Jake Wharton7 months minSdk to 14. Gradle to 3.3. Android plugin to 2.3.Jake Wharton7 months
v1.5.4commit 74837f019f...John Rodriguez4 weeks
v1.5.3commit 901c4f90ef...John Rodriguez4 weeks
v1.5.2commit be6b774f6e...John Rodriguez2 months
v1.5.1commit 1be44b3309...John Rodriguez6 months
v1.5commit 00f37f552e...Pierre-Yves Ricau13 months
v1.4commit 6b04880cce...John Rodriguez13 months
release_1.4-beta2commit 431ed78f88...John Rodriguez19 months
release_1.4-beta1commit 02804f3c5d...Pierre-Yves Ricau21 months
v1.3commit 6895737ee3...Pierre-Yves Ricau2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-01-06PR nits for Ricau5-36/+63
2016-01-05Add special case to ignore Binder leaksAdam Koski8-28/+177
2016-01-05Merge pull request #369 from square/py/storage_239Pierre-Yves Ricau9-140/+236
2016-01-05Improve storage of leaksPierre-Yves Ricau9-140/+236
2016-01-05Merge pull request #308 from dlew/dlew/proguardPierre-Yves Ricau1-0/+3
2016-01-05Merge pull request #301 from JordyLangen/pr/add_exclusion_appwidgethost_callb...Pierre-Yves Ricau1-0/+9
2016-01-05Merge pull request #366 from square/py/318_follow_upPierre-Yves Ricau4-7/+12
2016-01-05Add link to bintrayPierre-Yves Ricau1-0/+2
2016-01-05Follow up to Ricau4-7/+12
2016-01-05Merge pull request #318 from Serchinastico/masterPierre-Yves Ricau4-8/+22