BranchCommit messageAuthorAge 10 (not 6) bits in source version fields B-E.Steve Nygard15 months pull request #47 from OleksiyA/seg-fault-fixSteve Nygard6 years branch.Steve Nygard11 years branch.Steve Nygard11 years branch.Steve Nygard11 years
3.5commit 77fb7f0a29...Steve Nygard7 years
3.4commit 7399ef89db...Steve Nygard8 years
3.3.4commit 906f259e0a...Steve Nygard9 years
3.3.3commit 7b0f127174...Steve Nygard10 years
3.3.2commit 093dcce3a1...Steve Nygard10 years
3.3.1commit a570bf026a...Steve Nygard11 years
3.3commit 448e448b98...Steve Nygard11 years
3.2commit 71d534ed2a...Steve Nygard11 years
3.1.2commit 32346d060a...Steve Nygard13 years
3.1.1commit 5f815021f3...Steve Nygard14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2009-09-08Closing Nygard0-0/+0
2000-06-23This is basically version 2.1.3 that James McIlree released for OSXSteve Nygard2-25/+61
2000-06-23This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'class-dump-2-1-2-br...Steve Nygard22-337/+78
2000-06-23Added changes from James McIlree that make this compile and mostlySteve Nygard2-6/+651
2000-06-23Updated to include some DP4 information.Steve Nygard1-9/+17
1999-08-09Updated email address.Steve Nygard23-45/+45
1999-08-09Added notes about the changes to this version.Steve Nygard1-0/+13
1999-08-09Don't show (null) for the filename of an app, because the adjustedSteve Nygard3-19/+62
1999-08-09Changed preprocessor conditions so that the correct headers get includedSteve Nygard14-47/+317
1999-07-31Initial revision.2.1.2Steve Nygard36-0/+4639