BranchCommit messageAuthorAge use df's -l argumentmaruel13 months UI for botlist to only display Machine Provider botskjlubick16 months Update to be more helpful.Marc-Antoine Ruel20 months cleanup of documentation.Ryan Martens2 years Bot.mdtAndrii2 years deployment documentation and generally improve the doc.Marc-Antoine Ruel2 years leasing of static numbers of machines from Machine Providersmut3 years up chrome-infra services for luci-py.Andrii Shyshkalov3 years isolate doc from wiki to source code.Marc-Antoine Ruel3 years //appengine/appengine/auth_service/doc/ from the wiki.Marc-Antoine Ruel3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-01-13swarming: Update to be more Ruel1-63/+234
2017-01-10Redo the bot documentation.maruel3-490/+514
2017-01-10Add more gpus to gpu.pykjlubick1-6/+23
2017-01-10swarming: Tweaks to the bot documentation.maruel2-30/+30
2017-01-09auth_service: Use CSP nonces for all inline javascript.vadimsh7-29/+98
2017-01-09CSP header must always be 'str', not 'unicode'.vadimsh1-2/+2
2017-01-09Tighten default Content-Security-Policy.vadimsh2-12/+83
2017-01-06auth_service: Teach auth_service to ingest tarballs with group bundles.vadimsh6-171/+700
2017-01-06swarming: Roll py-adb to 75477ebf4fb8b906707f35e5fb385a9203256befbpastene3-16/+33
2017-01-06Add more GPU Aliaseskjlubick2-1/+4