BranchCommit messageAuthorAge[PowerPC] Use helper functions to check sign-/zero-extended valueHiroshi Inoue6 hours r314898:Dylan McKay4 days branches/google/stable to r313876Daniel Jasper3 weeks r300267:Tom Stellard4 months branches/google/testing to r297704Eric Christopher7 months r288433:Tom Stellard10 months r257663:Tom Stellard16 months r247435:Tom Stellard23 months the VS2012 build after r240285.Hans Wennborg2 years r214336:Tom Stellard3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hours[PowerPC] Use helper functions to check sign-/zero-extended Inoue2-23/+32
7 hoursImprove lookThroughCast function.Nikolai Bozhenov2-1/+95
8 hoursFixing bug issue Zuckerman1-0/+2
10 hoursFix the incorrect detection of ICONV_LIBRARY_PATHSerguei Katkov1-1/+1
10 hoursupdate_mir_test_checks: Support '-' in function namesJustin Bogner1-2/+2
11 hoursupdate_mir_test_checks: Fix a typo I made while preparing for commitJustin Bogner1-1/+1
12 hoursStatically link llvm-cfi-verify's libraries.Vlad Tsyrklevich2-4/+7
14 hoursAdd a utility to update MIR checks, similar to update_llc_test_checksJustin Bogner1-0/+404
15 hours[ScalarEvolution] Handling for ICmp occuring in the evolution chain.Jatin Bhateja4-5/+69
15 hoursVerifier: Ignore CUs pulled in by ODR-uniqued types.Adrian Prantl3-0/+205