BranchCommit messageAuthorAge fix tests for 386 (#283)alandonovan14 days improve performance by avoiding allocationalandonovan2 weeks load statements may not be nested in any other statementalandonovan3 weeks a standard JSON module for StarlarkAlan A. Donovan4 months permit trailing commas in all function defs and callsalandonovan4 months add benchmarks for scanning and parsingalandonovan10 months add some scanner test casesalandonovan10 months move resolver types to resolver packageAlan Donovan13 months -disassemble flag causes compiler to print disassemblyAlan A. Donovan13 months make ParseExpr accept unparenthesized tuplesAlan A. Donovan13 months drop legacy (0644) octal literalsAlan A. Donovan13 months record column information for each PC offsetAlan A. Donovan13 months opt: emit a combined tuple for defaults + freevarsAlan A. Donovan13 months allow only strings, and use same algorithm as Starlark-in-JavaAlan A. Donovan14 months improve error message from UnpackArgsAlan A. Donovan14 months remove deprecated Frame typeAlan A. Donovan14 months new CallStack API (and Frame deprecation)Alan A. Donovan15 months include name of built-in function in errors it returnsAlan A. Donovan15 months add example of embeddingAlan A. Donovan15 months use real time (not monotonic) clock for Profile.timeAlan A. Donovan15 months a simple pprof-compatible execution-time profilerAlan A. Donovan15 months load statements now create local bindingsAlan A. Donovan15 months add aliases for Binding and ScopeAlan A. Donovan16 months comment tweaksAlan A. Donovan16 months fix broken benchmark (needed -nesteddef)Alan A. Donovan17 months keyword-only function parametersAlan Donovan17 months apply review suggestions from #141Alan Donovan17 months make built-ins require {True,False,0,1} for bool paramsAlan Donovan17 months report likely identifier misspellingsAlan Donovan17 months dict(None) and dict.update(None) are errorsAlan Donovan17 months check for trailing junk in ParseCompoundStmtAlan Donovan17 months permit list.pop(i) for -n <= i < 0Alan Donovan17 months enable bitwise (& | ~ ^ << >>) operators alwaysAlan Donovan17 months disallow augmented assignments at toplevelAlan Donovan17 months document call argument evaluation orderAlan Donovan17 months treat {+1} in format string as key not numberAlan Donovan18 months fix bug scanning ~=Alan Donovan18 months minor cleanup in (*Function).CallInternalAlan Donovan18 months prototype of dynamically loaded vet checksAlan Donovan18 months fix outdent bug in scannerAlan Donovan18 months allow if/for/while statements at toplevelAlan Donovan18 months add support for addressingAlan Donovan18 months add IterableMapping, abstraction of *DictAlan Donovan18 months add 'module' type, and use it for assert moduleAlan Donovan18 months add test case documenting a limitation of -recursion=0Alan Donovan18 months improve REPL parsingAlan Donovan18 months permit if/for/while at toplevel if -globalreassignAlan Donovan19 months print newline before file:line:col errorsAlan Donovan19 months improve error message for unmatched close parenAlan Donovan19 months improve function parameter validation errorsAlan Donovan19 months keyword-only function parametersAlan Donovan19 months optimize the encodingAlan Donovan19 months fix overflow in repeat operatorAlan Donovan19 months reject duplicate keyword args in call to function with **kwargs paramAlan Donovan19 months if AllowGlobalReassignAlan Donovan19 months fix flaky Example of parallel loadingAlan Donovan20 months nits found by various static toolsAlan Donovan20 months add missing opcodeName[EXCH]Alan Donovan20 months disallow list element update during iteration over listAlan Donovan20 months a sketch of a time packageAlan Donovan21 months document use of Skylark in an HTTP server, like gothamgo talkAlan Donovan22 months