BranchCommit messageAuthorAge for swift fix of relase 1.14.0.Yan Zhang2 weeks "update version number in docs and plist for 1.13.1"Aditya Atul Tirodkar3 weeks beta from supported lists.Sundeep3 months type test timeouts on iPadSundeep4 months unit test failures on TravisSundeep4 months error and update sim runtime for Xcode 9.2 runsSundeep5 months't show keyboard tutorial for iPadSundeep7 months 1.12.1 to versions.mdSundeep10 months API docs for 1.12.0 releaseSundeep Khandpur10 months CHANGELOG.mdSundeep11 months
1.14.0commit 91c27bb8a1...Yan Zhang2 weeks
1.13.0commit 1d507003e3...ynzhang05093 months
1.12.1commit fa109ac51e...Sundeep Khandpur10 months
1.12.0commit 4ca3db21a2...Sundeep Khandpur10 months
1.11.0commit b8f1ed850b...Aditya Atul Tirodkar11 months
1.10.1commit f456370981...Hao Wu11 months
1.10.0commit 8dfd661d4a...Aditya Atul Tirodkar12 months
1.9.4commit f51a5cfc7c...sid-github12 months
1.9.3commit 6bb32e996e...Aditya Atul Tirodkar13 months
1.9.2commit 47a727081f...Hao Wu14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-11-07[CI SKIP]updated changelog for
2016-11-07Update CHANGELOG.mdsid-github1-0/+3
2016-11-07Update CHANGELOG.mdsid-github1-6/+3
2016-11-04[CI SKIP] Updated CHANGELOG and podspec for 1.5.1 release. (#334)1.5.1sid-github3-4/+28
2016-11-04Minor refactor and added synchronization for NSURLConnection::sendSynchronous...sid-github8-65/+133
2016-11-03Updated touch injector to use a low tolerance timer instead of display link t...sid-github9-49/+242
2016-11-02Merge pull request #329 from tirodkar/clearTextsid-github8-20/+495
2016-11-02Added synchronization support for data URLssid-github4-12/+35
2016-11-02Merge pull request #330 from tirodkar/fix-rubyphsong-google1-0/+1
2016-11-02Fix broken Ruby test for CarthageAditya Atul Tirodkar1-0/+1