BranchCommit messageAuthorAge fix symbol names in comments on public importsDamien Neil44 hours Don't set the json tag on extension fields.Damien Neil48 hours generate imports consistent with previous protoc-gen-goDamien Neil5 days put imports in a single import() blockDamien Neil5 days stop generating package "// import" commentDamien Neil6 days add blank lines between various enum functionsDamien Neil9 days fix handling of required fields after multiple violationsJoe Tsai5 weeks deprecate Stats data structureJoe Tsai6 weeks make invalid UTF-8 errors non-fatalJoe Tsai8 weeks revert strict erroring of deterministic and custom marshalersJoe Tsai8 weeks
v1.2.0commit aa810b61a9...Joe Tsai5 weeks
v1.1.0commit b4deda0973...Joe Tsai5 months
v1.0.0commit 925541529c...Joe Tsai8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysprotoc-gen-go: generate imports consistent with previous Neil31-11/+1068
5 dayscmd/protoc-gen-go: register messages and map field typesDamien Neil8-87/+171
6 daysreflect/prototype: simplify Format testJoe Tsai1-16/+26
6 daysreflect/prototype: add NewGoEnum and NewGoMessage constructorsJoe Tsai1-0/+93
6 dayscmd/protoc-gen-go: add support for map fieldsDamien Neil6-221/+339
6 dayscmd/protoc-gen-go: generate gettersDamien Neil6-31/+899
6 daysinternal/impl: initial commitJoe Tsai5-0/+720
6 daysreflect/prototype: fix build due to protoreflect.Value method changeJoe Tsai2-3/+3
6 daysreflect/protoreflect: add Has and Clear to KnownFields and MapJoe Tsai6-58/+56
6 dayscmd/protoc-gen-go: generate def= protobuf field tag, default constantsDamien Neil3-71/+256