BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Skia from 49f9437cc85f to ec60ef9ab4ab (1 revision) (#19300)skia-flutter-autoroll14 days README.mdnturgut2 weeks "Add `GetBoundingRectAfterMutations` to EmbeddedViewParams to calculat...Brian Osman2 weeks an engine branch with SkShaper/SkParagraph enabled by defaultJason Simmons3 weeks "Remove pipeline in favor of layer tree holder (#18901)" (#19066) (#19...renyou3 weeks buildroot to 79b4ffcdf4dc0e41b9b60098ca7e672f22f13165Dan Field4 weeks firefox.dartnturgut4 weeks event tracing templates in release mode (#18855)Jason Simmons4 weeks 1.19.0-4.1.pre engine hash to Dart 2.9.0-14.1.beta (#18930)Patrick Sosinski4 weeks Fuchsia Mac SDK from Xqev9... to uCq3V... (#18881)skia-flutter-autoroll4 weeks Skia from 59f31b143ccd to 288ecf60bde8 (14 revisions) (#18847)skia-flutter-autoroll5 weeks 1.17 engine hash to Dart 2.8.4 (#18783)Patrick Sosinski5 weeks "null-annotate SemanticsUpdateBuilder.updateNode (#18552)"stuartmorgan5 weeks missing standard codec alignment bytesRobert Ancell5 weeks tests for FlBinaryMessenger, FlBasicMessageChannel, FlMethodChannel (#18638)Robert Ancell5 weeks Skia from 7a34aff3e6a2 to 25a8404bd150 (1 revision) (#18677)skia-flutter-autoroll6 weeks "check the branch flags (#18649)"nturgut6 weeks FlTextInputPluginRobert Ancell6 weeks "fuchsia: Implement CreateViewWithViewProvider (#18280)"David Worsham6 weeks missing backtick in FlutterViewController docsTim Sneath7 weeks "Re-enable Fuchsia tests (#18392)"godofredoc8 weeks "Revert "Re-enable Fuchsia tests (#18342)" (#18345)"godofredoc8 weeks 1.18 engine hash to Dart 2.9.0-8.2.beta (#18317)Patrick Sosinski8 weeks new FlutterEngineAOTData argument to FlutterProjectArgs (#18146)Marcus Tomlinson8 weeks "Remove the global engine entry timestamp (#18182)"Mehmet Fidanboylu9 weeks src/third_party/skia 18db52f2ee56..88d04cb51acf (13 commits) (#18183)skia-flutter-autoroll2 months main part (#17986)Nurhan Turgut2 months src/third_party/dart 01820c20a540..9c94f0841078 (17 commits) (#18143)skia-flutter-autoroll2 months src/third_party/dart 01820c20a540..9c94f0841078 (17 commits) (#18143)skia-flutter-autoroll2 months again "Remove layer integral offset snapping" (#18132) (#18138)Mehmet Fidanboylu2 months "Remove Samsung workarounds (#17612)"Gary Qian2 months $CIRRUS_BASE_BRANCH for the branch nameNurhan Turgut2 months "[tracing] SceneDisplayLag is a synchronous event (#17878)"liyuqian2 months fuchsia/sdk/core/linux-amd64 from kEtiu... to kpECk... (#17913)skia-flutter-autoroll2 months src/third_party/dart 64b8ded48b0d..b0d35855d88c (24 commits) (#17895)skia-flutter-autoroll3 months "Remove layer integral offset snapping (#17712)"liyuqian3 months franciscojma86 from autoassignFrancisco Magdaleno3 months editing state in InputConnectionAdaptor.setSelection (#17652)Jason Simmons3 months src/third_party/skia 04513752fd6e..3ef77ddf9ec4 (3 commits) (#17530)skia-flutter-autoroll3 months all history tests in edgeMouad Debbar3 months src/third_party/dart a8251f820b09..1210d27678a0 (5 commits) (#17528)skia-flutter-autoroll3 months src/third_party/dart a8251f820b09..1210d27678a0 (5 commits) (#17528)skia-flutter-autoroll3 months clearing out the parent of orphaned semantic objects. (#17499)gaaclarke3 months updates to objcdocs (#17151)xster3 months fuchsia/sdk/core/mac-amd64 from QgqO4... to 6V5BR... (#17481)skia-flutter-autoroll3 months "Reland Clang 11, roll buildroot to 1bc40a5f916adb93d87e2a2230a0ec43db...Dan Field3 months removing deprecated SkCanvas virtuals (#17445)Brian Osman3 months src/third_party/dart 11d6bc605512..e8c4aed700f5 (20 commits) (#17421)skia-flutter-autoroll3 months[web] Fix canvas z-index leaking across repaints when element is reused. (#17...Ferhat3 months for 1.12.13+hotfix.9 (#17306)Patrick Sosinski3 months "Add a Linux Shell that uses GTK for rendering. (#16977)"liyuqian3 months "Fix bounds of image_filter_layer (#16960)"Jim Graham4 months Konyi4 months src/third_party/dart 5829fc7829d..ce5fb94014d (35 commits)Samir Jindel4 months deps for package config to fix the tree breakageNurhan Turgut5 months buildroot.Samir Jindel5 months private constructors for wrapped classesBen Konyi5 months web_ui and formattingSamir Jindel5 months Contreras5 months<wip> Use ExternalViewEmbedder on FuchsiaDavid Worsham5 months fuchsia app's ViewRef; minor cleanupsDavid Worsham5 months subprocess error in Windows buildDavid Worsham6 months Worsham6 months formattingDavid Worsham6 months branch 'master' into revert-15330-skia-flutter-autorollGary Qian6 months OpenVmo.Samir Jindel6 months OpenVmo.Samir Jindel6 months "[web] Calculate align offset for each paragraph line (LineMetrics.lef...Lau Ching Jun7 months reviewer comments.Nurhan Turgut7 months "Fix off-by-one fromRGBO alpha value calculation (#13777)"Lau Ching Jun7 months up OpacityLayer to ScenicDavid Worsham7 months "Fallback to Roboto if no suitable font is found (#14061)"Zachary Anderson7 months licenses_flutterDavid Worsham7 months "Do not default to downstream affinity on iOS insertText (#13852)"Gary Qian7 months "RendererContextSwitch guard flutter's gl context rework. (#13812)"Todd Volkert8 months "Roll src/third_party/dart dc35290111..dc808f3fcb (5 commits) (#13859)"Jim Graham8 months version of dart/language_model distributed with flutter engine to latestG. Ari Aye8 months macTong Mu8 months dart/language_model to 9fJQZ0TrnAGQKrEtuL3-AXbUfPzYxqpN_OBHr9P4hE4CG. Ari Aye8 months against updated ELF loader API.Samir Jindel9 months "Adding Link SemanticsFlag (#12453)"Kate Lovett9 months SIGPROF on flutter_tester startBen Konyi9 months parameter naming in docsJiahao9 months branch 'master' into eve_commentAmir Hardon10 months license hashAlexander Aprelev10 months "Manage iOS contexts separately (#12078)"Jim Graham10 months for 1.9.1 (#12011)Todd Volkert10 months style guide and formatting informationstuartmorgan10 months "Fix to be GN-friendly (#11309)"Dan Field11 months engine hash from the output artifactEmmanuel Garcia11 months "Track detailed LibTxt metrics with LineMetrics(#10127)"Dan Field11 months "Revert "Remove flutter_kernel_sdk dart script (#10808)" (#10811)"Jonah Williams11 months src/third_party/dart 622ec5099f..6d13a6df94 (11 commits)Ben Konyi11 months licenses for realSamir Jindel11 months FFI from sky_engine.Samir Jindel11 months src/third_party/dart 0ca1582afd..1e43d65d4a (50 commits)Ben Konyi11 months src/third_party/dart 0ca1582afd..75c2c7faf0 (17 commits)Ben Konyi11 months backspace crash on Chinese devices (#9734) (#9935)Todd Volkert12 months src/third_party/dart 63120303a7..3a7101e16b (2 commits)Ben Konyi12 months " Started adding the engine hash to frameworks' Info.plist. (#9847)"Chinmay Garde12 months src/third_party/dart 09fc76bc51..449b799c21 (3 commits)Ben Konyi12 months "Roll src/third_party/dart b5aeaa6796...966038ef58 (#9708)"Siva12 months src/third_party/dart b5aeaa6796..f0da490328 (20 commits)Ben Konyi12 months "Avoid a full screen overlay within virtual displays (#9343)"Amir Hardon12 months "Roll fuchsia/sdk/core/mac-amd64 from Cx51FRV5TCoqQ9nfs4E2QMfYkJ1JWt7a...liyuqian13 months "Roll fuchsia/sdk/core/linux-amd64 from udf6w2VmM5E8PyQm5ggugW_jjiEdWs...liyuqian13 months "Roll fuchsia/sdk/core/mac-amd64 from Cx51FRV5TCoqQ9nfs4E2QMfYkJ1JWt7a...liyuqian13 months "Reland Update harfbuzz to 2.5.2 (#9406)"Gary Qian13 months "Revert "Update harfbuzz to 2.5.2 (#9406)" (#9429)"Gary Qian13 months "Load AOT compiled Dart assets only from ELF libraries (#9260)"Gary Qian13 months "Roll src/third_party/dart 445a23a9bc..0e6b74543c (29 commits) (#9159)"Gary Qian13 months for whitelisted flags to be passed to the Dart VMBen Konyi13 months src/third_party/dart ec4d48e241..70a0c86a4a (12 commits)Ben Konyi14 months src/third_party/dart ec4d48e241..b316210d94 (5 commits)Ben Konyi14 months src/third_party/dart b11308657c..fde6a5917e (8 commits)Ben Konyi14 months src/third_party/dart ea9b0cd0f5..57c970d87a (5 commits)Ben Konyi14 months "Roll src/third_party/dart a0290f823c..6d5f763952 (70 commits)"Dan Field14 months src/third_party/dart 678f4bb926..a0290f823c (1 commits)Ben Konyi14 months src/third_party/dart dbe80f3397..8bc1b2b41c (7 commits)Ben Konyi14 months to branched dart sdk with two more hotfixes for flutter 1.5.4. (#8790)Alexander Aprelev14 months src/third_party/dart c46deebfb6..f3e1480b52 (40 commits)Ben Konyi14 months "Increase the memory usage estimate for EngineLayer (#8700)"Dan Field14 months "RTL handling for ghost runs, NotoNaskhArabic test font (#8638)"liyuqian15 months Konyi15 months VM service authentication codes by defaultBen Konyi15 months missing <memory> include to text_input_model.hDiego Ballesteros Villamizar15 months README.mdMichael Thomsen15 months OpacityLayer's matrix to identity (#8467) (#8548)Lau Ching Jun15 months[Docs] Correcting link to contributing guide.Will Larche15 months buildroot and gnBen Konyi15 months unnecessary params from DartCreateAndStartServiceIsolateBen Konyi16 months src/third_party/dart 8b8a8f7b4e..fa74184b7a (1 commits)Ben Konyi16 months src/third_party/dart cabaa78cc5..61e71e785f (9 commits)Ben Konyi16 months src/third_party/dart 7418238239..70e3e67dd7 (108 commits)Ben Konyi16 months PointerDeviceKindSignal from FlutterView.javaStuart Morgan16 months commentGary Qian16 months "Buffer lifecycle in WindowData (#7999)"Gary Qian16 months dart:* sources into engine for debugger source supportBen Konyi17 months "Remove unnecessary entry-point closurization. (#7827)" (#7876)Dan Field17 months for android eglCreateContext failKyleWong17 months flow events connecting pointer events to framesNathan Rogers17 months't call OnAnimatorNotifyIdle if a frame is scheduledNathan Rogers17 months "Lower the threshold to raster cache pictures (#7687)"liyuqian17 months src/third_party/dart 2e5453ddb4..3533da6d58 (63 commits)Ben Konyi17 months Dart SDK rolls made since 2019/01/08Ben Konyi18 months GetCallbackHandle to use Dart_IsTearOff instead of a stringBen Konyi18 months src/third_party/skia a0160896f339..dbfd7664f265 (1 commits) (#7153)skia-flutter-autoroll19 months licenses fileMatt Carroll19 months to make license happyMatt Carroll19 months instructions to download the full license log diff.Gary Qian20 months "Pass null instead of 'none' locale (#6613)"Gary Qian21 months src/third_party/skia c9092eb46754..f831b64ed40e (14 commits) (#6561)skia-flutter-autoroll21 months "Allow raster caching any layer subtree (#6442)"liyuqian21 months indentationjonahwilliams21 months branch 'master' into trace-notify-idle-amountnathanrogersgoogle21 months "Share engine layers with the framework (#6406)"liyuqian21 months SDK roll for 2018-09-28Ben Konyi21 months "Fix a compilation problem when using iPhoneOS12.0sdk(Xcode10) && clan...Amir Hardon22 months LibTxt/minikin text shifiting when breaking into multiple runs (originall...Ian Hickson22 months Konyi22 months signatureBen Konyi22 months "Use Skia normalize again after Skia precision fix. (#6121)"Gary Qian22 months acquire+release thread annotation with excludes (#5944) (#5990)Zachary Anderson23 months callback for HeadlessDartRunnerBen Konyi23 months a delay to Animator::BeginFrame's NotifyIdle callNathan Rogers23 months "Temporarily add travis/ back for Chrome bot (#5961)"liyuqian23 months "Roll Dart to 17b54c76ce9b945c6f013ad08c19268409c0694a (#5955)"Alexander Markov23 months cache isn't moved off disk in iOS + FormattingBen Konyi23 months "Updated background execution implementation for Android" w/ fixesBen Konyi23 months "Updated background execution implementation for Android"Alexander Markov23 months branch 'master' into headless_pluginBen Konyi23 months licensesBen Konyi23 months SDK roll for 2018-07-27Ben Konyi23 months license script READMEliyuqian23 months third_party licensesBen Konyi23 months check_roll limitliyuqian24 months that running git clone isn't necessaryIan Hickson24 months "Roll src/third_party/skia 9e0d7e4072e4..297c3c8e85bd (62 commits) (#5...Brian Osman24 months "Add assistiveTechnologyEnabled flag to window (#5740)"Jonah Williams24 months CONTRIBUTING.mdmatthew-carroll2 years "Added IsolateNameServer functionality (#5410)"Ben Konyi2 years for Android NDK not having Clang thread safety annotationsBen Konyi2 years execution implementation for iOSBen Konyi2 years comments.Ben Konyi2 years src/third_party/skia 137b874..588f879 (6 commits) (#5418)skia-flutter-autoroll2 years "Added application callback (#5369)"Brandon Parrish2 years sync_async flag from engine which was causing snapshot errors.Ben Konyi2 years documentation mistake in painting.dartMatan Lurey2 years handleEventsForBackgroundURLSession andBen Konyi2 years "Roll src/third_party/skia/ 9874bf1bc..52e16d984 (135 commits) (#4958)"Brian Osman2 years "Add support for measuring, combining, and getting bounds of Path obje...Alexander Markov2 years "Roll Dart to ef926f98f525b085e1488be8c42b1c3f0a24c50d (#4951)"Alexander Markov2 years "Roll Dart for FIDL2 (#4906)"Alexander Aprelev2 years third party licenses.Ben Konyi2 years status tone to reflect beta availabilityTim Sneath2 years comment for non-string argAbhishek Amit2 years Dart to 93d8c9fe2a2c22dc95ec85866af108cfab71ad06.Siva Chandra2 years "include portable_unistd.h in directory_asset_bundle (#4542)"Sarah Zakarias2 years "Delete the SkPath/SkRRect code duplication in for physical model laye...amirh2 years formatting issue.Siva Annamalai3 years mention of update-packages now that we pin themIan Hickson3 years CONTRIBUTING.mdIan Hickson3 years depot_tools linkIan Hickson3 years unwrap to JSONUtilMehmet Fidanboylu3 years "libtxt: fixes to text style inheritance (#4466)"Mikkel Nygaard Ravn3 years travis/licenses_golden/licenses_third_partySiva Chandra3 years "Map iOS touches to Flutter view coordinate system (#4425)"Siva Chandra3 years " Add parameters to SemanticActions; implement extend selection for a1...Michael Goderbauer3 years to use a macro instead of #ifdefBen Konyi3 years forward buildroot to fix Windows build issues.Ben Konyi3 years additional errors causing linux build failures.Ben Konyi3 years third-party licenses.Ben Konyi3 years branch 'master' into abfrs_windowsBen Konyi3 years extra line from licenses file.Ben Konyi3 years formatting fix.Ben Konyi3 years "Move texture registry ownership to platform view (#4348)"Sigurd Meldgaard3 years internal texture API to ask for help, not infoMikkel Ravn3 years "[GN] Don't set dart_host_toolchain (#4308)"Mikkel Nygaard Ravn3 years "Move channel and codec related files to common (#4225)"amirh3 years suggest skipping introYegor3 years "Roll dart dependency to 24ad1035147b65dd42e765b566f5002e87caafa7 (#41...Ian Hickson3 years "Tell Android which SemanticsNodes are focusable (#4067)"Michael Goderbauer3 years "Add per platform default font family detection. (#4053)"Michael Goderbauer3 years "Switch to new encode API on SkPixelSerializer (#3892)"Brian Osman3 years google benchmark as a dependency.Gary Qian3 years "Reland "Initial integration of libtxt with Flutter alongside Blink." ...Ian Hickson3 years "Initial integration of libtxt with Flutter alongside Blink." (#3791)Chinmay Garde3 years "Initial integration of libtxt with Flutter alongside Blink. (#3771)"Ian McKellar3 years "Forward frame construction time to the compositor context. (#3765)"Todd Volkert3 years to lldb page in tipxster3 years "Distinguish between null platform message and one with zero-byte payl...Mikkel Nygaard Ravn3 years dead references to //base.Ryan Macnak3 years Dart VM to 141b6351baacaedf23e740b5b7354970f2ac0979.Ryan Macnak3 years "Flutter channel API cleanup (#3532)"Mikkel Nygaard Ravn3 years "Remove uses of //base from all //flutter projects and replace them wi...Chinmay Garde3 years invocation of (#3427)Ryan Macnak3 years a tip for webkit lldb formatterxster3 years the need to sync the engine repo to avoid #8005xster3 years "Stop processing multiline text after maxLines."Matt Perry3 years boringssl forward to match standalone Dart VMZachary Anderson4 years typo in README regarding --unopt builds on host.Chinmay Garde4 years dart instead of dart_no_observatoyZachary Anderson4 years buildrootAdam Barth4 years custom radii for each corner of RRect.Dragos Tiselice4 years "Roll Dart forward to c373aa760af720ec095b9a4293b74ef991d93bc8"Ian Hickson4 years "Roll Dart to 136c3ddf47fd5c000b7ab536250276783e1422e1"Ian Hickson4 years inside the main bundle for the service definitions manifest.Chinmay Garde4 years links to instructions for building for iOSYegor4 years jni.dartDevon Carew4 years pub packagesAdam Barth4 years
fitness_apk_4commit 909671106e...Eric Seidel5 years
demo_apk_24commit 909671106e...Eric Seidel5 years
demo_apk_23commit 28ed6e686a...Eric Seidel5 years
fitness_apk_3commit f3814a8c60...Eric Seidel5 years
fitness_apk_2commit 8e99a3a0d9...Eric Seidel5 years
demo_apk_22commit fed00af7a2...Eric Seidel5 years