BranchCommit messageAuthorAge pull request #2585 from thaJeztah/better_worker_selectionUlysses Souza6 weeks pull request #2580 from ulyssessouza/4.2.1-releaseUlysses Souza6 weeks 4.1.0Christopher Crone9 months to include release stageJoffrey F13 months devDjordje Lukic13 months 4.0.2Djordje Lukic13 months versionJoffrey F14 months branch 'release' into 4.0.0-releaseJoffrey F14 months't add superfluous argumentsJoffrey F14 months branch 'release'Joffrey F15 months supporting EOL Python 3.4Joffrey F15 months importsJoffrey F15 months Jenkinsfile build instructionsJoffrey F15 months support for Python 3.3 (EOL in 2018)Joffrey F16 months registry auth header to inspect_distribution requestsJoffrey F18 months 3.7.0Ulysses Souza18 months use_config_proxy from exec. Add use_config_proxy docs to DockerClientJoffrey F18 months fixes and removed some unused codeJoffrey F18 months test dependencies to latest version, fix some flake8 errorsJoffrey F18 months swarm.init() return value match documentationJoffrey F19 months Jenkinsfile version mapJoffrey F19 months retrieve version information for generated docsJoffrey F19 months untracked files in releasesJoffrey F19 months for modern pypi / setuptoolsJoffrey F20 months empty authconfig detectionJoffrey F20 months some credHelpers testsJoffrey F20 months 3.6.0Joffrey F20 months DockerClient.images.pull to always stream responseJoffrey F20 months handle longpath prefix in process_dockerfile when joining pathsJoffrey F20 months F20 months prematurely committed fileJoffrey F20 months named parameter to to identify which repository name to use in...Joffrey F20 months utils.parse_host to detect more invalid addresses.Joffrey F20 months requests dependency in requirements.txt (CVE-2018-18074)Joffrey F21 months 3.5.1Joffrey F21 months pyopenssl to prevent installation of vulnerable versionJoffrey F21 months docs for Service objectsJoffrey F22 months releaseJoffrey F23 months support for RollbackConfigJoffrey F23 months placement handling in F23 months credHelpers support to set_auth_headers in buildJoffrey F24 months deps for 3.3 & 3.7 supportJoffrey F24 months 3.4.1Joffrey F2 years detach assert function to account for new behavior in engine 18.06Joffrey F2 years walk method to utils.buildJoffrey F2 years support for legacy .dockercfg auth config formatJoffrey F2 years 3.4.0Joffrey F2 years 3.4.0Joffrey F2 years passing of env overrides to credstore through APIClient ctorJoffrey F2 years socket reading function for TCP (non-HTTPS) connections on WindowsJoffrey F2 years several integration tests on WindowsJoffrey F2 years 3.3.0Joffrey F2 years ignore_removed param to containers.list() to control whether toJoffrey F2 years session timeout = None caseJoffrey F2 years docker-pycreds dependencyJoffrey F2 years absolute paths for in-context DockerfilesJoffrey F2 years 3.2.1Joffrey F2 years handle relative Dockerfile paths and Dockerfile on different drivesJoffrey F2 years 3.2.0Joffrey F2 years extra_files override checkJoffrey F2 years methods for /distribution/<name>/json endpointJoffrey F2 years isolation param to buildJoffrey F2 years test engines list dynamicallyJoffrey F2 years 3.1.4Joffrey F2 years't descend into symlinks when building context tarJoffrey F2 years 3.1.3Joffrey F2 years test engine versionsJoffrey F2 years redundant single-socket select callJoffrey F2 years networks instead of legacy links for test setupJoffrey F2 years same split rules for Dockerfile as other include/exclude patternsJoffrey F2 years test engine versionsJoffrey F2 years 3.1.1Joffrey F2 years 3.1.0Joffrey F2 years DockerClient pull bug when pulling image by digestJoffrey F2 years chunk_size parameter to data downloading methods (export, get_archive, save)Joffrey F2 years docker-pycreds to 0.2.2 (pass support)Joffrey F2 years authconfig resolution when credStore is used combined with login()Joffrey F2 years support for device_cgroup_rules parameter in host configJoffrey F2 years support absolute paths in .dockerignoreJoffrey F2 years 3.0.1Joffrey F2 years access check in create_archive with EAFPJoffrey F2 years workaround for bpo-32713Joffrey F2 years login data to the right subdict in auth_configsJoffrey F2 years fixesJoffrey F2 years wait to always return a dictJoffrey F2 years `name` parameter in `pull` method to `repository`Joffrey F2 years parse volumes with Windows pathsJoffrey F2 years API version < 1.21 ; Remove associated code pathsJoffrey F2 years support for publish mode for endpointspec portsJoffrey F2 years detach tests to work with AF_INET as wellJoffrey F2 years pytest assertsJoffrey F2 years not break when archiving broken symlinksJoffrey F2 years save / export methods to return data generatorsJoffrey F2 years now also returns build logs along with the built image ...Joffrey F2 years handling in ImageCollection.loadJoffrey F2 years default API version to 1.35Joffrey F2 years't use PROTOCOL_TLSv1_2 directly to avoid ImportErrorsJoffrey F2 years test matrix forwardJoffrey F2 years support for experimental platform flag in build and pullJoffrey F2 years Python 3.6 testingJoffrey F2 years dockerignore lines that contain only whitespaceJoffrey F3 years't attempt to retrieve container's stderr if `auto_remove` was setJoffrey F3 years't attempt to retrieve container's stderr if `auto_remove` was setJoffrey F3 years container logs before container exits / is removedJoffrey F3 years URL-quoting for resource names containing spacesJoffrey F3 years common issues with build context creation: inaccessible files and fifosJoffrey F3 years releaseJoffrey F3 years broken unbuffered streaming with Py3Joffrey F3 years unlock methods to Swarm modelJoffrey F3 years test engine versions in JenkinsfileJoffrey F3 years support for insert_defaults in inspect_serviceJoffrey F3 years SwarmSpec to include new parametersJoffrey F3 years support for scope filter in inspect_networkJoffrey F3 years fixesJoffrey F3 years buffering based on presence of Connection Upgrade headersJoffrey F3 years ContainerSpec testsJoffrey F3 years test engine versions in JenkinsfileJoffrey F3 years support for extra_hosts option in buildJoffrey F3 years flake8 versionJoffrey F3 years superfluous version validationJoffrey F3 years not interrupt streaming when encountering 0-length framesJoffrey F3 years unambiguous advertise-addr when initializing a swarmJoffrey F3 years 2.5.1Joffrey F3 years send attach request as streamingJoffrey F3 years 2.5.0Joffrey F3 years handling of non-multiplexed (TTY) streams over upgraded socketsJoffrey F3 years frames_iter buffering/streaming logicJoffrey F3 years untyped ContainerSpec dict in _check_api_featuresJoffrey F3 years expects full URL of hub in auth config dict in build payloadJoffrey F3 years slash in .dockerignore should be ignoredJoffrey F3 years 2.4.2Joffrey F3 years 2.4.1Joffrey F3 years test matrix forwardJoffrey F3 years 2.4.0Joffrey F3 years credHelpers section in config.jsonJoffrey F3 years sure data is written in prune test so space can be reclaimedJoffrey F3 years network_mode support to Client.buildJoffrey F3 years support for start_period in Healthcheck specJoffrey F3 years should be a @propertyJoffrey F3 years type checking for nano_cpusAlexey Rokhin3 years support for ingress in create_networkJoffrey F3 years support for placement preferences and platforms in TaskTemplateJoffrey F3 years 2.3.0Joffrey F3 years erroneous networks argument in with singularJoffrey F3 years tests and add newest engine version to JenkinsfileJoffrey F3 years removed in Engine 17.05Joffrey F3 years test issuesJoffrey F3 years reload() in docs for Container and Secret classesJoffrey F3 years unsupported --experimental flag from JenkinsfileJoffrey F3 years version 2.1.0Joffrey F3 years prune_volumes methodJoffrey F3 years pull request #1418 from dokipen/patch-1Joffrey F3 years 'force' parameter in remove_volumeJoffrey F3 years integration test for methodJoffrey F3 years configuring API version for integration test with env varJoffrey F3 years support for auto_remove in HostConfigJoffrey F3 years Swarm model init to correctly pass arguments through to init_swarmJoffrey F3 years ImageNotFound detectionJoffrey F3 years dockerVersionsJoffrey F3 years mode argument to valid structure in create_serviceJoffrey F3 years issues when installing docker and docker-py in the same environmentJoffrey F3 years a number of docs formatting issuesJoffrey F3 years json_stream function in decoded _stream_helperJoffrey F4 years 2.0.1Joffrey F4 years mount type in parse_mount_stringJoffrey F4 years InvalidArgument exception when invalid arguments are providedJoffrey F4 years / as a path separator in dockerignore patterns on all platformsJoffrey F4 years version number to next devJoffrey F4 years non-URL occurrences of docker-py to "Docker SDK for Python"Joffrey F4 years non-URL occurrences of docker-py to "Docker SDK for Python"Joffrey F4 years Swarm address conflictsJoffrey F4 years code and tests for Engine 1.13 compatibilityJoffrey F4 years swarm node removalJoffrey F4 years options to IPAMConfigJoffrey F4 years branch 'patch-1' of into manics-pat...Joffrey F4 years fill out auth headers in when usingJoffrey F4 years requests==2.12.2 from dependenciesJoffrey F4 years pid_mode checks for API < 1.24Joffrey F4 years endpoint spec and networks params in update_serviceJoffrey F4 years version to 1.10.6 - Updated changelogJoffrey F4 years NpipeSocket.settimeout to match expected behaviorJoffrey F4 years support for isolation param in host configJoffrey F4 years DockerException when encountering non-JSON chunk in stream_helperJoffrey F4 years for dind container to be ready to accept inbound connectionsJoffrey F4 years put_archive and get_archive. Add deprecation warning for copy in API...Joffrey F5 years test directoriesJoffrey F5 years branch 'lukemarsden-volume_driver' into 1.3.0-devJoffrey F5 years first passshin-7 years