BranchCommit messageAuthorAge 0.12.5 (#53)Jacob MacDonald22 months analyzer warningsJacob MacDonald3 years support for code-transformers 0.4.xJacob MacDonald3 years periods in package namesJacob MacDonald3 years e2e testJacob MacDonald3 years transform error on invalid package namesJacob MacDonald3 years pub serve hang on reload with the web_components transformerJacob MacDonald3 years to 0.7.3 js version and add all polyfills as well as lite versionJacob MacDonald3 years't inline type='css' importsJacob MacDonald3 years webcomponents.js in release modeJacob MacDonald3 years
v0.12.5commit 8f57dac273...Jacob MacDonald22 months
v0.12.4commit 7b7306f415...Jacob MacDonald22 months
v0.12.3commit 6349e09f91...Jacob MacDonald3 years
v0.12.2+3commit dc3855bd57...Jacob MacDonald3 years
v0.11.1+1commit 609daa2dde...John Messerly3 years
v0.11.1commit cdee5a24bb...Jacob MacDonald4 years
v0.10.5+3commit f6041b770f...Jacob MacDonald4 years
v0.10.4+1commit adeea0c73a...Jacob MacDonald4 years
v0.10.4commit 4245916c52...Jacob MacDonald4 years
v0.10.1commit 5127f10ade...Jacob MacDonald4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-12-10update e2e MacDonald3-17/+12
2015-12-10update analyzer to 0.27.0 and update to the test packageJacob MacDonald22-953/+921
2015-11-23Merge pull request #37 from dart-lang/support-hyphens-in-package-namesJacob MacDonald5-810/+919
2015-11-23throw transform error on invalid package MacDonald3-14/+34
2015-11-20support hyphens in package names, closes MacDonald5-808/+897
2015-09-02update analyzer and fix some testsJacob MacDonald6-14/+34
2015-06-15don't create a new resolver each time the transormer runs on a fileJacob MacDonald3-4/+6
2015-06-15Merge pull request #29 from dart-lang/release-resolverJacob MacDonald3-2/+6
2015-06-15fix pub serve hang on reload with the web_components MacDonald3-2/+6
2015-06-15Merge pull request #28 from kasperpeulen/patch-2Jacob MacDonald1-2/+3