BranchCommit messageAuthorAge a few more dependency overridesKevin Moore9 days to publish (#70)Nate Bosch4 weeks newly surface errors after cleanupNate Bosch6 weeks dartfmt --fixNate Bosch6 weeks comments to 80 charactersNate Bosch7 weeks up pubspecNate Bosch7 weeks on oldest supported SDKNate Bosch7 weeks travis to only use dev.Lasse Reichstein Holst Nielsen2 months the expectations in a test caseNatalie Weizenbaum24 months runtime cast failure in chainForTrace().Bob Nystrom2 years
1.9.3commit 4e2c2a34b5...Kevin Moore22 months
1.9.2commit 859015f865...Bob Nystrom2 years
1.9.1commit e24e50c786...Natalie Weizenbaum3 years
1.9.0commit e016d0bee8...Natalie Weizenbaum3 years
1.8.3commit d1da3a3703...Natalie Weizenbaum3 years
1.8.2commit c9e050ad7d...Kevin Moore3 years
1.8.1commit 96fdde5e91...Kevin Moore3 years
1.8.0commit 993c81eb73...Natalie Weizenbaum3 years
1.7.4commit 15224e8169...Natalie Weizenbaum3 years
1.7.3commit 5b6a7a895d...Natalie Weizenbaum3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-02-13Fix runtime cast failure in chainForTrace() Nystrom3-5/+8
2017-11-08Avoid overwriting chain for trace if one exists (#37)1.9.1vsmenon3-2/+9
2017-11-01Add an option to Chain.capture() not to create an error zone (#36)1.9.0Natalie Weizenbaum5-26/+75
2017-10-24Merge pull request #35 from dart-lang/trim-vm-chains1.8.3Natalie Weizenbaum5-50/+104
2017-10-24Chain.forTrace() trims the innermost trace's VM chainNatalie Weizenbaum4-29/+47
2017-10-23Chain.forTrace() falls back on VM stack chainsNatalie Weizenbaum4-7/+30
2017-10-23Return full stack chains for unregistered tracesNatalie Weizenbaum4-22/+35
2017-09-21Merge branch 'good_hist' into gmasterWilliam Hesse0-0/+0
2017-09-20Update to use strong-mode clean Zone API.1.8.2Kevin Moore4-14/+21
2017-09-19Merge pull request #33 from dart-lang/zone.strongKeerti Parthasarathy4-14/+21