BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Add Prior accesslocke-lunarg14 days WIP add debug printf from mesh shader testTony-LunarG14 days Fix image creation checks with DRM modifiersLionel Landwerlin14 days Add test for Arm perfdoc check 23Sam Walls14 days Update with some new detailsMark Lobodzinski14 days Fix sampler ycbcr conversion VUID changesShannon McPherson2 weeks Prevent null ptr access for GetSwapchainImagesMark Lobodzinski2 weeks Add more custom border color checksTony-LunarG2 weeks Handle destroyed pipeline layoutTony-LunarG2 weeks image buglocke-lunarg3 weeks Updated settings file for custom structure settingMark Lobodzinski3 weeks Check null current_renderpass_context_locke-lunarg3 weeks Add renderpass store sync validationJohn Zulauf3 weeks Add combined image sampler testJeremy Kniager3 weeks Init unused createInfo to zerosTony-LunarG3 weeks add default sType for safe_struct initialization.Yilong Li3 weeks Cleanup combined barrier VUIDsShannon McPherson3 weeks Add filters for Pixel 2XL test failuresMark Lobodzinski3 weeks Add tests for duplicate BeginQuery callsMark Lobodzinski4 weeks Add collection of info for layer settings fileMark Lobodzinski4 weeks ANDROID BP PLUS PROPS -- SQUASHEDMark Lobodzinski5 weeks Compile best practices tests for AndroidMark Lobodzinski5 weeks Add ability to write android propertiesMark Lobodzinski5 weeks Avoid null pApplicationInfo derefMark Lobodzinski5 weeks Fix faillocke-lunarg5 weeks Test push descriptor image layout validationTony-LunarG5 weeks Deal with MEMORY_READ/WRITE_BITlocke-lunarg6 weeks Added test for VUID-VkFBCreateInfo-pAttachments-00891Mark Lobodzinski6 weeks Record destroy of buffers and devicesTony-LunarG6 weeks Update known-good file for 1.2.141 SDKShannon McPherson6 weeks synchronization_validation_types.hlocke-lunarg6 weeks sync_val_gen.pylocke-lunarg6 weeks Update known-good files for 1.2.141 headerShannon McPherson6 weeks Temp removal of check for border color featureTony-LunarG6 weeks Add tests cases for CreateInstance status messagesMark Lobodzinski6 weeks More syval test in Cmdlocke-lunarg7 weeks Add resolve validations NextSubpass onlyJohn Zulauf7 weeks Deal with whole size and remaininglocke-lunarg7 weeks Re-enable gpu-av ray tracing testTony-LunarG7 weeks Test for query reset/begin in different cmdbufsTony-LunarG7 weeks weeks weeks Add test for validation featuresTony-LunarG8 weeks Update khronos validation layer doc for form and contentMark Lobodzinski8 weeks Add deprecated extension test casesMark Lobodzinski8 weeks around issue with cmake and hashesMark Lobodzinski8 weeks Fix custom border color checkTony-LunarG8 weeks Tests for custom border colorTony-LunarG8 weeks hack to get release builds on travisMark Lobodzinski9 weeks Remove devsim from validation cloud CIMike Schuchardt2 months Audit use of locks in ErrorMonitorMark Lobodzinski2 months Move logging into ValidateDescriptorSetBindingDataTony-LunarG2 months Avoid state updates if QueueSubmit doesn't succeedMark Lobodzinski2 months Test gpu-av abortsTony-LunarG2 months Install SPIRV-Headers for validation layers buildMark Lobodzinski2 months Update known-good files for 1.2.139 headerShannon McPherson2 months Syval vertex and indexlocke-lunarg2 months Make api checks consistentTony-LunarG2 months Add BP tests for non-success return code warningsMark Lobodzinski2 months Add test for Qfamilyindices in EXCLUSIVE sharing modeMark Lobodzinski2 months Move skip decision from blacklist to testTony-LunarG2 months update khronos_validation_layer.mdKarenGhavam-lunarG2 months Fix ValidateClearAttachmentExtentTony-LunarG2 months Add persitant storage for renderpass infoJohn Zulauf2 months Stop using deprecated spirv-tools varTony-LunarG2 months Don't validate swapchain memoryTony-LunarG2 months Fix fcn names and revamp manual fcn handlingMark Lobodzinski2 months Fix CreateFramebufferTony-LunarG2 months Fix promoted buffer device addressTony-LunarG2 months Fix renderpass2 trackingTony-LunarG3 months Split out gpu-av and printf into their own classesTony-LunarG3 months Merge rangelocke-lunarg3 months Pick up VUIDS in comment linesMark Lobodzinski3 months Fix access mask logic for SetLayoutJohn Zulauf3 months Weiblen3 months AndroidHardwareBufferFetchUnboundImageInfolocke-lunarg3 months WIP Sync Val Resource Hazard State Prototypelocke-lunarg3 months WIP Sync Val Resource Hazard State Prototypelocke-lunarg3 months months in github Linux cilocke-lunarg3 months "tests: Remove MockICD workarounds in instanceless"Mark Lobodzinski3 months Avoid VertexInputState checks when using mesh shdrsMark Lobodzinski3 months always pass -A on WindowsMike Schuchardt3 months Update known-good files for 1.2.137 headerShannon McPherson3 months Sort elementslocke-lunarg3 months vklayertests_buffer_image_memory_sampler.cpplocke-lunarg3 months - tests: Split out gpu-av and printf into their own classesTony-LunarG3 months WIP Sync Val Resource Hazard State PrototypeJohn Zulauf3 months Add multiple instance creation testPetr Kraus3 months Use complete version from headerMike Weiblen3 months Refactor Image encoder/generatorlocke-lunarg3 months Fix extraneous errorsTony-LunarG3 months Keep generate*.py identical across reposMike Weiblen3 months Use init funcs for device val obj setupMark Lobodzinski3 months months Misc cleanupTony-LunarG3 months Update glslang known-good for SDK 1.2.135Shannon McPherson3 months Remove Vulkan-Tools from known goodMark Lobodzinski3 months Fix debug printf to use new logging mechanismTony-LunarG3 months Add multi-object message output testMark Lobodzinski3 months WIP Sync Val Resource Hazard State PrototypeJohn Zulauf3 months Image ecoder/generatorlocke-lunarg3 months Avoid registry gen'ing dispatch tbl helperMark Lobodzinski3 months Avoid registry gen'ing dispatch tbl helperMark Lobodzinski3 months Update scripts to NOT build VToolsMark Lobodzinski4 months Update clang version to get warnings-as-errorsMark Lobodzinski4 months subresource_adapter.hlocke-lunarg4 months WIP Sync Val Resource Hazard State PrototypeJohn Zulauf4 months Add function name in Loglocke-lunarg4 months Range layout encoderlocke-lunarg4 months Update layer config and overview docMark Lobodzinski4 months Remove SetAll function for enablesMark Lobodzinski4 months Add function name in Loglocke-lunarg4 months Add test to track layouts in imageless framebufferTony-LunarG4 months Removed suboptimal swapchain performance warningMark Lobodzinski4 months Test layouts in UPDATE_AFTER_BIND casesTony-LunarG4 months Test copy buffer image and blit hazardslocke-lunarg4 months Added verification for subpass index OOB checksMark Lobodzinski4 months Rename debug report callback functionMark Lobodzinski4 months Test copy buffer image and blit hazardslocke-lunarg4 months Rename deprecated debug report callbackMark Lobodzinski4 months Add BP tests for Arm-specific checksAttilio Provenzano4 months Use core object types in place of deprecated onesMark Lobodzinski4 months Remove unneeded refs to debug report enumsMark Lobodzinski4 months Remove static extension deprecation infoMark Lobodzinski4 months Validate ShaderArrayDynamicIndexinglocke-lunarg5 months Separate deprecated extensions by api versionMark Lobodzinski5 months Added BP tests for deprecated extension warningsMark Lobodzinski5 months Delete standard_validation.json source fileMark Lobodzinski5 months Fix swapchain CreateInfo flagsTony-LunarG5 months Correct data typelocke-lunarg5 months Update known-good files for 1.2.133 headerShannon McPherson5 months Plumb API names throught to error messagesMark Lobodzinski5 months Touch up some incorrect errorMonitor callsMark Lobodzinski5 months Add blit offset 2D in RangeEncoderlocke-lunarg5 months Refactor global image layout map for perfJohn Zulauf5 months Fix false errors if query condition is unknownTony-LunarG5 months Fix string validation returned resultsMark Lobodzinski5 months Add deprecated extension warning to BPCamden Stocker5 months Added test for 00624 and 00625sfricke-samsung5 months Remove non-API range enumsMark Lobodzinski5 months Convert core val to use new logging funcsMark Lobodzinski5 months Add layout for middle subresource testJohn Zulauf5 months Limit GetPhysDevProcAddr to physical device funcsMark Lobodzinski5 months Use maxBoundDescriptorSets instead of hard codingTony-LunarG5 months Use correct VK version when validating spec constsTony-LunarG5 months Add logical stage extension to exec scopeJohn Zulauf5 months Move NOMINMAX definition from src to cmake fileMark Lobodzinski5 months Update known-good for 1.2.132 headerShannon McPherson5 months Add test for 02829 and 02830Tony-LunarG5 months format is not necessarylocke-lunarg5 months Optimize descriptor allocationJohn Zulauf5 months Update json files for 1.2Tony-LunarG6 months Rename debug logging mutexMark Lobodzinski6 months Better checking for 1.2Tony-LunarG6 months Bug fix for parallel iteratorJohn Zulauf6 months Plumb api names through renderpass validationMark Lobodzinski6 months Plumb api names through renderpass validationMark Lobodzinski6 months -- converted parameter-validation to use new funcsMark Lobodzinski6 months Added tests for ycbcr sampler validation checkMark Lobodzinski6 months Add destroy null handle tests to best practicesMark Lobodzinski6 months Optimize descriptor allocationJohn Zulauf6 months Add test for a write update to an immutable samplerMark Lobodzinski6 months Update copyrightlocke-lunarg6 months Added stub functions for instance exts and funcsMark Lobodzinski6 months Record initial layout on release barriersJohn Zulauf6 months New containerlocke-lunarg6 months Use new containerlocke-lunarg6 months Fill value when contructionlocke-lunarg6 months Plumb VtxIndex VUIDs through to helper funcMark Lobodzinski7 months Fetch shader float control propertiesMark Lobodzinski7 months packageJohn Zupin7 months Add CmdDrawIndirectByteCountEXT stride testMark Lobodzinski7 months Remove UnexpectedErrorlocke-lunarg7 months Initialize report_data for instanceTony-LunarG7 months Guard against ATTACHMENT_UNUSEDTony-LunarG7 months core_validation.hlocke-lunarg7 months Add tests for DescTemplates fixes and new VUIDsMark Lobodzinski7 months Add positive test for tooling ext queryMark Lobodzinski7 months Reduce bindingslocke-lunarg7 months Fix issue 1416Jeremy Kniager7 months Remove vuid mapping fileMark Lobodzinski7 months Add pos test for GetProcAddr with extensionsTony-LunarG7 months Reduce bindingslocke-lunarg7 months Remove VUID-VkBufferCreateInfo-usage-02606Shannon McPherson7 months Update VUIDs for 129 Vulkan headersShannon McPherson7 months Validate provoking vertexlocke-lunarg7 months Added tests for new vkAllocateMemory validationTobias Hector7 months Add imageless framebuffer positive testMark Lobodzinski7 months Reduce binding recordlocke-lunarg7 months Set not graphics & compute queuelocke-lunarg7 months Using wrong queuelocke-lunarg7 months Remove CALLSTATE everywhere except BPCamden Stocker8 months Reset querypool extlocke-lunarg8 months More stuff with safe structsMark Lobodzinski8 months Add tests for VK_KHR_performance_queryLionel Landwerlin8 months Add Subclass for BestPractices TestsCamden Stocker8 months Add mechanism to deal with duplicate errorsTony-LunarG8 months Add test file for BP and move 1 testCamden Stocker8 months Add support for VK_KHR_separate_depth -- SQUASHEDPiers Daniell8 months Restore creation of standard validation json fileMark Lobodzinski8 months Swapchain image layoutlocke-lunarg8 months Remove android limits workaroundMark Lobodzinski8 months Add more positive testsTony-LunarG8 months Update known-good commits for SDK 126Shannon McPherson8 months Exclude GetomInputOutputComps limit test from AndroidMark Lobodzinski8 months best_practices-Fix MemoryFree ExceptionCamden Stocker8 months Catch the error in QueueSubmitunknown9 months VK_USE_PLATFORM_XLIB_KHR for x11Tobin Ehlis9 months Update known-good for 1.1.125 headerShannon McPherson9 months Make PreCallValidate constJeff Bolz9 months More efficient cb_bindings to object_bindings linkingJeff Bolz9 months[WIP] Test changes for new VUIDsShannon McPherson9 months Wrong dstArrayElementunknown9 months Add check for writeback of driver PL feedback dataMark Lobodzinski9 months Avoid building unnecessary V-Tools componentsMark Lobodzinski9 months WIP Sync Val Resource Hazard State PrototypeJohn Zulauf9 months Add success expectation to timestamp testJohn Zulauf9 months Add test for pipeline layout compat VUJohn Zulauf9 months Fix incorrect AspectMask VUIDs, allow for DRM extMark Lobodzinski9 months Check layouts for matching binding flagsTony-LunarG9 months Remove all dependencies on Loader repositoryMark Lobodzinski9 months Remove all dependencies on Loader repositoryMark Lobodzinski9 months Handle large maxTexelBufferElementsTony-LunarG9 months Raise validation state to object levelTony-LunarG9 months Catch 422 errorunknown9 months PostCallRecordCmdPushConstants to StateTrackerTony-LunarG9 months Fixed pipeline creation state issueMark Lobodzinski10 months Remove staticlocke-lunarg10 months Cleanup VerifySetLayoutCompatibility errorsJohn Zulauf10 months Remove default for errorflags in log_msgMark Lobodzinski10 months Update GPU val doc. for accel struct valJason Macnak10 months Added tests for OT and PV anonymous objsMark Lobodzinski10 months Move script into scripts directoryMark Lobodzinski10 months Workaround compiler initialization bugJohn Zulauf10 months Remove run_all_tests win/lin scripts and refsMark Lobodzinski10 months Removed obsolete json-file templatesMark Lobodzinski10 months C-style stringlocke-lunarg10 months Fix out of range access for EventStageMaskJohn Zulauf10 months VST refactor final 3 entriesJohn Zulauf10 months Add buffer_device_address testTony-LunarG10 months Update glslang commit for 121 Vulkan SDKShannon McPherson10 months Test Alias imageunknown10 months Remove Count Warnings from CoreCamden Stocker10 months CoreChecks - Rem QueueBindSparse WarnsCamden Stocker10 months Add CmdCopyBuffer extent testsMark Lobodzinski10 months Add Count Checks to Best Practices ObjectCamden10 months Fix formattingCamden Stocker10 months Fix up instance/device undestroyed obj reportingMark Lobodzinski10 months Stop validation if features missingTony-LunarG10 months Add test for pnext-installed instance debug callbackMark Lobodzinski10 months ValStateTracker- add AllocateDescriptorSetCamden Stocker10 months Combine callback-create funcsMark Lobodzinski10 months Only QueueWaitIdle if buffers to processTony-LunarG10 months VST refactor Fence and Queue operationsJohn Zulauf10 months VST refactor various queriesJohn Zulauf11 months (std::min) to avoid Windows conflictTobin Ehlis11 months Add positive test for inline uniform blocksTony-LunarG11 months paddingTobin Ehlis11 months fixes for integrated ANGLE buildTobin Ehlis11 months Update known good for 1.1.120 vulkan headerShannon McPherson11 months Rm GetPDSurface* warnings from core_valCamden11 months Test subpass with read-only layoutunknown11 months Not pointsize geomunknown11 months Test sampler typeunknown11 months Copy stringlocke-lunarg11 months Update known good for 1.1.114 vulkan headerShannon McPherson11 months VST refactor, clean up const in CmdCopyJohn Zulauf11 months Add Best Practices to Enable listCamden11 months Add CGPL implict VU checksMark Lobodzinski11 months Add default safestruct pnext initMark Lobodzinski11 months Remove dispatch free-pnext-chain functionMark Lobodzinski11 months Test rasterizerDiscardEnableunknown11 months Ignore when rasterizerDiscardEnable is 1unknown11 months Remove dispatch free-pnext-chain functionMark Lobodzinski11 months Fix case where Features2 is in pNext chainTony-LunarG11 months Test rasterizerDiscardEnableunknown11 months Remove Windows loader build dependencyLenny Komow11 months msglocke-lunarg11 months Warning VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHRlocke-lunarg11 months Add tests for tessellation stageTony-LunarG11 months VST refactor Create/Destroy Accel structJohn Zulauf11 months Use new debug record format for errorsTony-LunarG11 months VST refactor several simple entrypointsJohn Zulauf11 months Update version of Vulkan-Tools used for CIMike Schuchardt12 months Test Alias imageunknown12 months VST refactor QueueSubmitJohn Zulauf12 months Update glslang commit for 114 SDKShannon McPherson12 months missing dependency to BUILD.gnTobin Ehlis12 months Add include of std string to gen'ed headerDavid Pinedo12 months Add tests for compute stageTony-LunarG12 months Use vtx bfr info ref for clarityMark Lobodzinski12 months Use vtx bfr info ref for clarityMark Lobodzinski12 months decoration collectionChris Forbes12 months Update known good for 1.1.114 vulkan headerShannon McPherson12 months VkExternalMemoryImageCreateInfo as aliasunknown12 months VST refactor Reset(Free)CommandBuffer/PoolJohn Zulauf12 months Clarify some promoted extension var namesMark Lobodzinski12 months Check VALIDATION_APK when add extensionunknown12 months Update cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10.2)Mike Weiblen12 months Sync generated source with scriptsMike Schuchardt12 months Me: Fix redundant interface id query.Jeremy Hayes12 months Fix busted tests WIPMark Lobodzinski12 months Move handle comparisons into commonMike Schuchardt12 months VST Recfactor Allocate/Free memoryJohn Zulauf12 months[test] VUID change testShannon McPherson12 months VST refactor Copy, Resolve, and Blit ImageJohn Zulauf12 months Make khronos layer a dependency for LVTsMark Lobodzinski12 months Add buffer descriptors to gpu-avTony-LunarG12 months Move more descriptorset tracking to VSTJohn Zulauf12 months Check extension support before feature testJohn Zulauf12 months Get pluarl flags stringunknown12 months Support ACTION_BREAK for debug utilsMark Lobodzinski12 months Update spirvtools/headers known goodMark Lobodzinski12 months[test] VUID change testShannon McPherson12 months Skip Android testLocke12 months Add test for cmdclearattachments VU 01934Mark Lobodzinski12 months Fix two platform specific test issuesJohn Zulauf12 months Linux surfacelocke-lunarg12 months XOpenDisplaylocke-lunarg12 months Two commands don't run in one queueunknown12 months Update known good for 1.1.112 vulkan headerShannon McPherson12 months Update doc for minimum Android SDK versionMark Lobodzinski12 months Call GPDSurfaceFormats if app didn'tMark Lobodzinski12 months Test layout of swapchain imagelocke-lunarg12 months Add more descriptive VU for ImageViewMark Lobodzinski12 months Add correct VUID for DS aspectbits checkMark Lobodzinski12 months Remove obsolete image layout warningMark Lobodzinski12 months Bind image with swapchainunknown12 months Update log_msg handle output in desc_setsMark Lobodzinski13 months Add GetDeviceProcAddr testMark Lobodzinski13 months Make chassis report device extensionsLenny Komow13 months descriptor update error messageTobin Ehlis13 months Change desired failurelocke-lunarg13 months Remove unsubmitted fence warningMark Lobodzinski13 months Initial refactor of record logic to VSTJohn Zulauf13 months Change too terse nameslocke-lunarg13 months Add tests for BufferImageCopy extentsMark Lobodzinski13 months Modify val stats script for helper fxnsShannon McPherson13 months Modify val stats script for helper fxnsShannon McPherson13 months Centralize decoration collectionChris Forbes13 months Begin standarized state declarations/getJohn Zulauf13 months Remove ValidateDrawstate from DescriptorSetJohn Zulauf13 months Update glslang known good for SDK 108Shannon McPherson13 months Update glslang known good for SDK 1.1.108Shannon McPherson13 months Fix ValidateStride in PixelC林昆毅 Kunyi(Locke) Lin13 months Fix test MeshShaderNVLocke13 months Fix calldown logic in device extensionsLenny Komow13 months Test invalid strideunknown13 months Refactor IsCompatible out of DSJohn Zulauf13 months Add subgroup validation testsNeil Henning13 months Remove maxComputeWorkGroupInvocations testnyorain13 months Extract common codeunknown13 months Update known good for 1.1.108 vulkan headerShannon McPherson13 months Fix dst layout in CopyImageOutTony-LunarG13 months Avoid using xcopy for devprof file copiesMark Lobodzinski13 months Use common codeunknown13 months Rename dispatchers desctemplate mapMark Lobodzinski13 months -- steps to making stand-alone VO, but big issuesMark Lobodzinski13 months portability validation layer (for review only)Mike Weiblen13 months Renamed filesMark Lobodzinski14 months Use SetDeviceLoaderData on command bufferTony-LunarG14 months Check tiling/format/usage combosTony-LunarG14 months in desc update trackingMark Lobodzinski14 months Remove VK_OBJECT alias for VulkanTypedHandleJohn Zulauf14 months Remove tests and common codeslocke-luanrg14 months commented out dead code, fixed a couple things.Mark Lobodzinski14 months Return error if >1 plane in maskTony-LunarG14 months months Avoid invalid pNextLocke14 months Update known good for 1.1.107 vulkan headerShannon McPherson14 months Fix various clang compilation errorsMark Lobodzinski14 months Avoid crash when pNext is invalidLocke14 months Convert eventMap to use smartptrsMark Lobodzinski14 months Free resources at command buffer resetTony-LunarG14 months Convert CB -> pool lookups from hashesJohn Zulauf14 months Add missing initial image layout state trackingJohn Zulauf14 months Add QueryIndexedEXT validationJohn Zulauf14 months Refactor CreateDevice physical props fetchJohn Zulauf14 months Fix shaders in compute pipelinesTony-LunarG14 months Move surface_map to use smartptrsMark Lobodzinski14 months Test if descriptor uses a wrong indexLocke14 months tests: add regression test for wrong descriptor indexJohn Zulauf14 months android on OOBTony-LunarG14 months Specify ABI in test_APKCody Northrop14 months Automate CMD_TYPE and must be recording genJohn Zulauf14 months Fix AndroidHardwareBufferImportBufferLocke14 months Renamed GetSemaphoreNode funcMark Lobodzinski14 months Test exceed limitsLocke14 months Print allocate buffer infoLocke14 months Null checks for thread safety array paramsJohn Zulauf14 months Further refine relaxed layout matchingJohn Zulauf15 months validation error messagesShannon McPherson15 months Look for khronos_validation in settingsTony-LunarG15 months Make settings consistent using old configsMark Lobodzinski15 months bind pipeline to avoid crashLocke15 months Replace GenericHeaderLocke15 months Print the second samplerLocke15 months Updated Appveyor to use VS2015Mark Lobodzinski15 months pr875Tobin Ehlis15 months Be more careful cleaning up resourcesTony-LunarG15 months Undo the test changeLocke15 months Revert assertion for DebugUtils supportJohn Zulauf15 months Disable spirv-val for optimizer passMark Lobodzinski15 months Fix cut-paste error in VADC logmsgMark Lobodzinski15 months Update design doc for descriptor arrayTony-LunarG15 months Replace shaders if layout unmodifiedTony-LunarG15 months Avoid building lots of VTools stuffMark Lobodzinski15 months Add relax matching rules testJohn Zulauf15 months add VK_KHR_surface_protected_capabilitiesPiers Daniell15 months Update known good for 1.1.106 headerMike Schuchardt15 months Integrate upstream script changesMike Schuchardt15 months Test invaild texel buffer at draw timeLocke15 months Test invalid ycrcb conversion settingLocke15 months Simplified CastFromHandle argument deductionJohn Zulauf15 months Make topology error msg clearLocke15 months Workaround for missing platform guardMike Schuchardt15 months Validate topologyLocke15 months Checked VALIDATION_APK for create surfaceLocke15 months Fixed log msgLocke15 months Tested binding index error msgLocke15 months Remove bounds check ifdef'd codeJohn Zulauf15 months Add query disable local flag and checksMark Lobodzinski15 months Test where crash happensLocke15 months Setup VkPhysicalDeviceGroupProperties.sTypeLocke15 months Setup VkPhysicalDeviceGroupProperties.sTypeLocke15 months Use VMA for device memory managementTony-LunarG15 months Scrub some dubious internal CV disablesMark Lobodzinski15 months Add `ggp` to platform dictionaryShannon McPherson15 months Added Linux export symbolsLocke15 months Test invalid deviceMaskLocke15 months Make unexpected errors safe on native AndroidMark Lobodzinski15 months Fix scoping issue with debugutils obj nameMark Lobodzinski15 months Removed unnecessary casesLocke15 months Update vk_layer_settings.txt for enablesMark Lobodzinski16 months dev_data requirement from Dispatch*Tony-LunarG16 months Add default config entries for khronos layerMark Lobodzinski16 months Test invalid deviceMaskLocke16 months Switch standard_val to load khronos layerMark Lobodzinski16 months Make khronos layer default for LVTsMark Lobodzinski16 months Updated doc for khronos layerMark Lobodzinski16 months Update commit msg checkMark Lobodzinski16 months Fail LVTs encountering unexpected errorsMark Lobodzinski16 months Separate GPUval data from CV dataMark Lobodzinski16 months Add test for disabling stateless validationMark Lobodzinski16 months Fix tests dependent multi-layer artifactsMark Lobodzinski16 months Set TessellationDomainOriginStateCreateInfoLocke16 months Show device instead of pipelineLocke16 months Fix QueryPreciseBit unexpected errorsMark Lobodzinski16 months Kill shader_validation layer_data refsMark Lobodzinski16 months Add VK_EXT_ycbcr_image_arrays validationPiers Daniell16 months Remove redundant layer_data referencesMark Lobodzinski16 months Update known-good for 1.1.102 headerShannon McPherson16 months Updated GetReportData helper funcMark Lobodzinski16 months memobj crudMark Lobodzinski16 months Remove validationstats script whitespaceMark Lobodzinski16 months Replaced HandleToUint64 with FormatHandleLocke16 months Fixed NumSamplesMismatch unexpectedLocke16 months Remove validationstats script whitespaceMark Lobodzinski16 months Chassis custom AllocDescriptorSets FuncMark Lobodzinski16 months Move cleanup out of destructorsTony-LunarG16 months Print correct uint64Locke16 months Avoid pipeline creation for val failuresMark Lobodzinski16 months Update api version in layer json filesShannon McPherson16 months Update known-good for 1.1.101 headerShannon McPherson16 months Make copyright internal to fileJohn Zulauf16 months Fix error codes to match implementationTony-LunarG16 months Use parsing instead of regexTony-LunarG17 months Add SetDebugUtilsObjectName case from OTMark Lobodzinski17 months Update known-good for 1.1.100 headerShannon McPherson17 months Added submitInfo null array ptr testMark Lobodzinski17 months Add ext stages to ordered stage lookupJohn Zulauf17 months Fix resolve attachment layout error messageJohn Zulauf17 months Make layer logging thread-safeMark Lobodzinski17 months "layers: Add support for SPIR-V group decorations"Mark Lobodzinski17 months Fix resolve attach message and val testJohn Zulauf17 months Exaggerate out-of-bounds for attachmentJohn Zulauf17 months Update known-good for 1.1.99 headerShannon McPherson17 months add test for secondary CB w/ null framebufJohn Zulauf17 months Update shaderc known-goodShannon McPherson17 months Pass QFI validation strings as const char*Mark Lobodzinski17 months Update documentationTony-LunarG17 months Avoid locking for stateless_validation callsMark Lobodzinski17 months Untangle CmdExecCmds validation/recordingMark Lobodzinski17 months Descriptor layout test for sampled imagesJohn Zulauf17 months cleanup debug stuffDavid Pinedo17 months DRY/clean dynamic offset validationJohn Zulauf17 months guard missing AHB symbols on old NDKsDave Houlton17 months Remove unused parameterMark Lobodzinski17 months Account for SUBPASS_EXTERNAL in RecordRPDAGMark Lobodzinski17 months Remove in-out ValidateCmdDrawType parameterMark Lobodzinski17 months Normalize remainder of GetPhysDev* funcsMark Lobodzinski17 months Normalize remainder of GetPhysDev* funcsMark Lobodzinski17 months Normalize Get* function signaturesMark Lobodzinski17 months "build: Fix test build to use loader as imported target"Mike Weiblen17 months Normalize Get* function signaturesMark Lobodzinski17 months Fix test failures on maxPushDescriptors 0John Zulauf17 months Normalize pre-post function signaturesMark Lobodzinski17 months Android "env var" supportMark Young17 months Normalize vkDestroy* pre-post func sigsMark Lobodzinski17 months Normalize vkDestroy* pre-post func sigsMark Lobodzinski17 months validate texel buffer descriptor typeChris Forbes17 months Refactor barrier functionKarl Schultz17 months - fixup LOGCONSOLE messagesMark Lobodzinski17 months Normalize mem-mapping pre-post func sigsMark Lobodzinski18 months Fix GCC 8 warnings from current buildMark Young18 months Normalize *queue* pre/post function sigsMark Lobodzinski18 months Add disjoint image binding positive testDave Houlton18 months Update format utils for multi-planeDave Houlton18 months Update with correct filenamesMark Lobodzinski18 months #590 Validate debug namingMark Young18 months Normalize Create-Destroy Buffer view sigsMark Lobodzinski18 months Temp disable GPU test on AndroidKarl Schultz18 months Add in gpu-val config setupMark Lobodzinski18 months Narrow down use of layer-interdependenciesMark Lobodzinski18 months Consolidate ifdef'd funcs in core_val.hMark Lobodzinski18 months Update known good glslang revisionLenny Komow18 months more cmake additions to get single-generation of chassis filesMark Lobodzinski18 months Pass debug arg through to shadercKarl Schultz18 months add tests for vtx_attrib_divisor extDave Houlton18 months Consolidate ifdef'd funcs in core_val.hMark Lobodzinski18 months Add missing stride decorationKarl Schultz18 months Set apiversion before createinstance callMark Lobodzinski18 months Normalize Create-Destroy Buffer view sigsMark Lobodzinski18 months Allow threading to tolerate VK_NOT_READYMark Lobodzinski18 months Normalize clear-fill-blt img bfr sigsMark Lobodzinski18 months Update known-good for 1.1.97 headerShannon McPherson18 months Added check and test for scalar block layoutTobias Hector18 months bind but not updated warningTony-LunarG18 months Update copyright dates for pnext filesMark Lobodzinski18 months Final batch of core funcs moved to dispatchMark Lobodzinski18 months Fix copyright check for no-copyright filesMark Lobodzinski18 months Fix copyright check for no-copyright filesMark Lobodzinski18 months the allowed pipeline stage for ray tracing accessPiers Daniell18 months Add test for image/sampler conversionTony-LunarG18 months enhance debug output of scriptDave Houlton18 months adjust extents for multiplane imagesDave Houlton18 months Add copyright checking to check_code_formatMark Lobodzinski18 months Clang-format new parameter validation filesMark Lobodzinski18 months 817Dave Houlton18 months Move parameter validation to layer chassisMark Lobodzinski18 months Don't record unvalidated descriptorsTony-LunarG19 months -- pv.h (noncodegen) removing layer/dev_data, fixing typosMark Lobodzinski19 months Add explanation of version tagging schemeShannon McPherson19 months Update known-good for 1.1.96 headerShannon McPherson19 months Use extension helper in chassis CreateDeviceMark Lobodzinski19 months Fix layout tracking of multiplane imagesTony-LunarG19 months Clean up validation objects in chassisMark Lobodzinski19 months Remove warnings from present mode get callJohn Zulauf19 months Fix a couple of function name typosMark Lobodzinski19 months Added check and test for scalar block layoutTobias Hector19 months Add Android output to default debug callbacksMark Lobodzinski19 months Set string logical length correctly in string_sprintfJohn Zulauf19 months Update known-good for 1.1.95 headerShannon McPherson19 months Test Travis on XenialKarl Schultz19 months try without ccacheKarl Schultz19 months Add unit test for push descriptor validationJohn Zulauf19 months Add offset modulo test in DispatchIndirectJohn Zulauf19 months Move chassis to data-in-the-object modelMark Lobodzinski19 months Use vulkan generic header in dispatchMark Lobodzinski19 months Add mutex for each validation objectMark Lobodzinski19 months Add coverage for swapchain creation valid usage clause 01778aqnuep20 months Fix layer setting loading from registriesLenny Komow20 months update AHB validation to v1.1.92 definitionsDave Houlton20 months Add debug_report_actions deprecation commentMark Lobodzinski20 months Use vulkan generic header in UL-dispatchMark Lobodzinski20 months Correct typo in Core Validation docShannon McPherson20 months Rename dispatch table generator scriptMark Lobodzinski20 months Add layertests for query cntrl precise bitMark Lobodzinski20 months Update known-good for 1.1.92 headerShannon McPherson20 months Use vulkan generic header in UL-dispatchMark Lobodzinski20 months Update DSL def hash and equalityJohn Zulauf20 months Remove last reference to MIRShannon McPherson20 months Add template update tests for buffersJohn Zulauf20 months Remove SpirvGroupDecorationsTony-LunarG20 months Dont validate non-const pNextsTony-LunarG20 months Update known-good for 1.1.91 headerShannon McPherson20 months Propogate `` changes from 1.1.91Shannon McPherson20 months Fix false error: push descriptor not setJohn Zulauf20 months bump ndk and platform versionsDave Houlton20 months Add SPIR-V group decoration positive testMark Lobodzinski20 months some missing entries to AccessMaskToPipeStage[]Piers Daniell20 months Bump glslang known-goodShannon McPherson20 months Tolerate return code of INCOMPLETETony-LunarG20 months Update known-good for 1.1.90 headerShannon McPherson20 months Remove unused variablesKarl Schultz20 months Tolerate return code of INCOMPLETE in Display routinesTony-LunarG20 months Refine descriptor reqd layout trackingJohn Zulauf20 months Extend scope of LaTeX handlingShannon McPherson20 months "layers: Audited renderpass validation, added CRP2"John Zulauf20 months Added tests for all the new VUID checksTobias Hector20 months Clarify image-layout-related messagesShannon McPherson20 months add syncrhoniztion around map initDave Houlton20 months Kill false thread errors re: command poolJohn Zulauf20 months Specify VkPipelineColorBlendStateCI pNextShannon McPherson20 months Update parameter validation for 1.1.89Shannon McPherson21 months Remove MIR specific codeTony-LunarG21 months Narrow down descset image layout checksMark Lobodzinski21 months commit containing code-generated filesMark Lobodzinski21 months Move OT to data-in-the-object modelMark Lobodzinski21 months with cmake_format v0.4.1Mike Weiblen21 months ahb 01868Dave Houlton21 months Update validation err msgs for 87 headerShannon McPherson21 months Guard against missing swapchain imagesTony-LunarG21 months checks for VK_QUERY_CONTROL_PRECISE_BITChris Forbes21 months Add fuchsia to platform dictionaryShannon McPherson21 months Remove MoltenVK from known_good.jsonJeremy Kniager21 months member-level nonwritable decorationsChris Forbes21 months Add stub function for promoted entrypointsJohn Zulauf21 months Move VS layer json targets into helper folderMark Lobodzinski21 months Fix multiplane layout trackingTony-LunarG21 months to get working on top of masterMark Lobodzinski21 months Handle multiplanar format size comparesTony-LunarG21 months Fixed portablity issue in new ext supportJohn Zulauf21 months Prevent layer calls with null dispatches.John Zulauf21 months Fixed portablity issue in new ext supportJohn Zulauf21 months Update shaderc revisionCody Northrop21 months Update MoltenVK in known_good.jsonJeremy Kniager21 months -- have CV *ALMOST* adapted to call OT pre/post routinesMark Lobodzinski21 months Update VulkanTools known good for 1.1.85Lenny Komow21 months Update android shader revisionsLenny Komow21 months Fix VUID typosMike Schuchardt21 months Test BeginRenderpass w/ deleted attachmentJohn Zulauf21 months and-hw-buf ext VU adds/changesDave Houlton22 months Update CmdExecuteCommands() to pre/postShannon McPherson22 months Clarify semaphore error messageJohn Zulauf22 months Remove overvalidation GetQueryPoolResultsJohn Zulauf22 months Add test for VU 00950, 2D_array_compat flagMark Lobodzinski22 months Convert OT manual funcs to pre-post fmtMark Lobodzinski22 months Add test to duplicate error messageShannon McPherson22 months Add basic support for AcquireNextImage2KHRChris Forbes22 months Update known-good for 1.1.84 HeadersShannon McPherson22 months Fix false positive in pointsize write checkMark Lobodzinski22 months Cleanup build warningsShannon McPherson22 months Cleanup unexpected in ExtensionNotEnabledJohn Zulauf22 months Add CreateRenderPass2KHR to unique objectsTony-LunarG22 months Fix DescSet Image Layout null derefMark Lobodzinski22 months Update cmake to specify correct lib pathShannon McPherson22 months Ignore external queue familiesShannon McPherson22 months Update cmake to install json filesShannon McPherson22 months Add a new mechanism for finding settingsLenny Komow22 months Convert format tables to unordered mapsJohn Zulauf22 months Disable test when needed format not availJohn Zulauf22 months clean up obsolete commentDave Houlton22 months Add feature check for TessAndGeomPointSizeMark Lobodzinski22 months test case for component type mismatchChris Forbes22 months Automate layer/ICD JSONShannon McPherson22 months Add MoltenVK to known_goodJeremy Kniager22 months Expand PointSize shader validation testsMark Lobodzinski22 months Add constructor overload for spirv-asmMark Lobodzinski23 months Modify cmake for layer/ICD JSON automationShannon McPherson23 months Update known-good for 1.1.83 headersShannon McPherson23 months Revised test case for relaxed block layoutKarl Schultz23 months various gaps in OpRuntimeArray support in SCChris Forbes23 months Remove code gen for unsupported enumsShannon McPherson23 months Fix white_list string comparison dataMark Lobodzinski23 months update error_messages headerDave Houlton23 months Rework layers to employ cmake generatorsShannon McPherson23 months Update recently modified VUIDsShannon McPherson23 months Fix object create tracking for VkGet...John Zulauf23 months decorations normalized -- helper routine working.Mark Lobodzinski23 months Eliminate crash for unknown fenceJohn Zulauf23 months Update LG-VT known-good and build scriptsShannon McPherson23 months Added a CI test run that uses dev_profileWilliam Henning23 months Clean up broken ExtensionNotEnabled testWilliam Henning23 months Update known-good for 1.1.82 headersShannon McPherson23 months error messages for pipeline/descriptor mismatchesChris Forbes23 months Update known-good for 1.1.81 headersShannon McPherson23 months bump known_good to get reqd glslangDave Houlton23 months Use in appveyorTony-LunarG23 months Use pointer-to-member in shader caps tableMike Schuchardt24 months Fix script typoMark Lobodzinski24 months Activate ccache for glslang in Travis-CIKarl Schultz24 months Update known-good shadercMark Lobodzinski24 months Fix new unused variable warningShannon McPherson24 months Update more core functions to pre/postcallShannon McPherson24 months*layers: Validation of VK_WHOLE_SIZE in descriptor sets - fixesPeter Kohaut24 months Validation of VK_WHOLE_SIZE in descriptor sets - fixesPeter Kohaut24 months Update more Reset() to pre/postcall formatShannon McPherson24 months Update more functions to pre/post formatShannon McPherson24 months Clean up macOS install targetMike Schuchardt24 months Update QueuePresent() to pre/post formatShannon McPherson2 years Update DebugUtils() to pre/postcall formatShannon McPherson2 years Convert Destroy*() to pre/postcall formatShannon McPherson2 years Rework include dependenciesLenny Komow2 years Update known-good for 1.1.79 headerMark Lobodzinski2 years Verify dev extension APIs enabled for GDPAMark Lobodzinski2 years add pipeline bound validation to DrawsDave Houlton2 years Beautify cmake filesMike Weiblen2 years Add dependent repo fetch script [skip ci]Karl Schultz2 years Core Validation function name cleanupShannon McPherson2 years special case to wrap abstract typesCourtney Goeltzenleuchter2 years Update existing tests to pass new checksShannon McPherson2 years fix clang-format omissionDave Houlton2 years validation stats script improvementsDave Houlton2 years inspect generic errors for VUIDSDave Houlton2 years Add new device dispach table call to UOMark Lobodzinski2 years Move layer_utils definition to root cmakeMark Lobodzinski2 years Update shader toolchain revisionsCody Northrop2 years Improve googletest handlingKarl Schultz2 years Format dev_profile_api layer sourceMark Lobodzinski2 years unique_objects to use callbacksTobin Ehlis2 years remove/update deprecated VUIDsDave Houlton2 years GPA for GPDF2 functionTobin Ehlis2 years void* in PostCallRecordGetPhysicalDeviceDisplayPlanePropertiesKHRPiers Daniell2 years Remove deprecated scriptsMark Lobodzinski2 years validation/state calls separateTobin Ehlis2 years Update const correctnessShannon McPherson2 years Update MacOS json files to 1.1.77 headerJeremy Kniager2 years Some local variable name fixupsMark Lobodzinski2 years Remove outstanding message countShannon McPherson2 years Update [skip ci]Karl Schultz2 years ALL_GRAPHICS_BIT correctly in combination with other bitsChris Forbes2 years Update travis VulkanTools cmake optionsJohn Zulauf2 years Update tests for self-dependency barrierJohn Zulauf2 years Prevent redefinition of uninstall targetKarl Schultz2 years Allow for duplicate failure messagesShannon McPherson2 years Copy loader dll to bin dir for LVTsMark Lobodzinski2 years Add option to install testsTony-LunarG2 years Validate duplicate image barrier checksJohn Zulauf2 years Add test for secondary CB initial layoutJohn Zulauf2 years Allow env var for glslang, remove REPO_ROOTMark Lobodzinski2 years Remove layerdoctest refs from BUILD.mdMark Lobodzinski2 years layer tests depend on layer buildsCort Stratton2 years Update linksMark Young2 years Update for LOADER_INSTALL_DIR usageMark Lobodzinski2 years Fix location of vulkan headers includeCody Northrop2 years Update Android required packagesCody Northrop2 years Less Intrusive warning fixJohn Zulauf2 years kill warnings with structs/methodsJohn Zulauf2 years Modify travis/appveyor CI for googletest fetchMark Lobodzinski2 years test for VK_KHR_shared_presentable_imageCort Stratton2 years #146-Fix message type conversionMark Young2 years fix typo in function nameCort Stratton2 years validate subresource levels/layers consistentlyCort Stratton2 years Set CI to fail on errors or skipsWilliam Henning2 years Enable install target on WindowsKarl Schultz2 years object tracker const refsDave Houlton2 years parameter validation const refsDave Houlton2 years object_tracker - Prevent nullptr accessMark Young2 years Export negotiate functions on WindowsLenny Komow2 years roll back non-const refs to pointersDave Houlton2 years Update macOS Build DocumentationJeremy Kniager2 years Make validation error maps non-staticJohn Zulauf2 years Update to 1.1.75Mike Schuchardt2 years Fix typo in comparison operator lhs == lhsJohn Zulauf2 years Use vulkan_wrapper from Vulkan-ToolsCody Northrop2 years ICD scriptTobin Ehlis2 years incorrect VUIDsTobin Ehlis2 years Build instructionsTobin Ehlis2 years