BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Resolve VUID inconsistencies for 1.2.167Shannon McPherson43 hours Pos test for comp pipeline w fragment shading rateTony-LunarG45 hours Add test for VUIDs 01546 & 01547Tony-LunarG3 days Hack layers using minimal dispatch vectorsMark Lobodzinski4 days Prototype always on validation cacheTony-LunarG4 days Fix Github actions CINathaniel Cesario6 days Switch to fork of actions scriptMark Lobodzinski6 days Encapsulating Events into replayable objectsJohn Zulauf6 days Collect count data for api calls an VO function missesMark Lobodzinski9 days Change vo count to 2Mark Lobodzinski10 days Collect count data for api calls an VO function missesMark Lobodzinski10 days DO NOT Add 10 default device objects to object_dispatchMark Lobodzinski11 days Add 10 default device objects to object_dispatchMark Lobodzinski11 days Update to correct SyncVal Guide URLJohn Zulauf12 days Update documentation link to point ot v1.0John Zulauf12 days Add 3D image view subresource range testsDavid McFarland7 weeks Check DevWaitIdle ext sync on all device queuesMark Lobodzinski9 weeks Forced QueueSubmit api id consistencyMark Lobodzinski2 months Test protected, instance index, filter cubiclocke-lunarg2 months New commit of garbage for code formatterMark Lobodzinski2 months Make commit message format a must-pass checkMark Lobodzinski3 months Don't check aspectMask for non-input attachment refsRicardo Garcia3 months Add VK_EXT_4444_formats supportsfricke-samsung3 months Add table for buffer image copy VUssfricke-samsung3 months STUFF for retest.Mark Lobodzinski3 months Check depth & stencil aspectlocke-lunarg3 months Add invalid stride test for GetQueryPoolResultsMark Lobodzinski3 months Verify layout of array texturelocke-lunarg3 months Update Android known-good for 1.2.154 SDKShannon McPherson4 months Fix typo in usage docJohn Zulauf6 months Some issues happen in CTSlocke-lunarg6 months Avoid null pApplicationInfo derefMark Lobodzinski8 months update khronos_validation_layer.mdKarenGhavam-lunarG9 months Weiblen9 months Use complete version from headerMike Weiblen10 months Add deprecated extension warning to BPCamden Stocker11 months Limit GetPhysDevProcAddr to physical device funcsMark Lobodzinski12 months packageJohn Zupin13 months Guard against ATTACHMENT_UNUSEDTony-LunarG13 months Validate provoking vertexlocke-lunarg14 months Added tests for new vkAllocateMemory validationTobias Hector14 months More stuff with safe structsMark Lobodzinski14 months Restore creation of standard validation json fileMark Lobodzinski15 months Fixed pipeline creation state issueMark Lobodzinski16 months Update version of Vulkan-Tools used for CIMike Schuchardt18 months Add include of std string to gen'ed headerDavid Pinedo18 months Sync generated source with scriptsMike Schuchardt18 months Me: Fix redundant interface id query.Jeremy Hayes18 months Modify val stats script for helper fxnsShannon McPherson19 months add VK_KHR_surface_protected_capabilitiesPiers Daniell22 months Update api version in layer json filesShannon McPherson23 months Android "env var" supportMark Young2 years Fix GCC 8 warnings from current buildMark Young2 years #590 Validate debug namingMark Young2 years Added check and test for scalar block layoutTobias Hector2 years Add coverage for swapchain creation valid usage clause 01778aqnuep2 years Fixed portablity issue in new ext supportJohn Zulauf2 years Update MoltenVK in known_good.jsonJeremy Kniager2 years Added a CI test run that uses dev_profileWilliam Henning2 years Clean up broken ExtensionNotEnabled testWilliam Henning2 years Update known-good for 1.1.82 headersShannon McPherson2 years Update MacOS json files to 1.1.77 headerJeremy Kniager3 years Prevent redefinition of uninstall targetKarl Schultz3 years test for VK_KHR_shared_presentable_imageCort Stratton3 years Set CI to fail on errors or skipsWilliam Henning3 years
sdk- 17d8e59366...John Zulauf12 days
v1.2.165commit 57255a663e...Shannon McPherson3 weeks
sdk- 7cf6e361ee...Karl Schultz7 weeks
v1.2.162commit 54e1f892b8...Shannon McPherson8 weeks
v1.2.161commit a6c06cee31...Shannon McPherson2 months
v1.2.160commit 169d0c7f8a...Shannon McPherson2 months
v1.2.159commit 66f7c9fc23...Shannon McPherson3 months
v1.2.158commit f673b4e6eb...Shannon McPherson3 months
v1.2.157commit 7d11021098...Shannon McPherson3 months
v1.2.156commit 561cdb2263...Shannon McPherson4 months
sdk- 7f2d422021...Shannon McPherson4 months
v1.2.154commit ae8b33cdea...Shannon McPherson4 months
v1.2.153commit fcb7ecbe49...Shannon McPherson4 months
v1.2.152commit 74b341cad9...Shannon McPherson5 months
v1.2.151commit 1fd8381d77...Shannon McPherson5 months
sdk- 91cb71f2fa...John Zulauf6 months
v1.2.148commit 07cf3f224c...Shannon McPherson6 months
v1.2.147commit 80ce32a220...Shannon McPherson6 months
v1.2.146commit 8d0d1f9c68...Shannon McPherson7 months
v1.2.145commit 45c73d999e...Shannon McPherson7 months
sdk- df79eff135...Mark Lobodzinski8 months
v1.2.141commit afe55126be...Shannon McPherson8 months
v1.2.140commit b08eb99305...Shannon McPherson9 months
sdkcommit 1533266eac...Lionel Landwerlin9 months
v1.2.137commit 57bbca0864...Shannon McPherson9 months
sdk- 72347cb6e9...Mark Lobodzinski10 months
v1.2.135commit 443c2caa17...Jeff Bolz10 months
v1.2.133.1-alpha-AndroidBinariescommit 38f68cce44...Mike Schuchardt11 months
v1.2.133commit 9615fdba08...Shannon McPherson11 months
sdk- 9ae421a902...Mark Lobodzinski12 months
v1.2.132commit 5042160afd...Shannon McPherson12 months
sdk- 7703247044...John Zupin12 months
v1.2.131commit ac02c61ffc...Mark Lobodzinski12 months
sdk- b0b2b31c3d...Tony-LunarG13 months
v1.1.130commit 92ef5ada80...Mark Lobodzinski14 months
v1.1.129commit 4984e64e20...Shannon McPherson14 months
v1.1.128commit 80d04239c2...Shannon McPherson14 months
v1.1.127commit 5f4e56ed2b...Shannon McPherson15 months
sdk- 5db6e0af00...Mark Lobodzinski15 months
v1.1.126commit fdea060791...Shannon McPherson15 months
v1.1.125commit 237d818e81...Shannon McPherson15 months
v1.1.124commit 74e08508ad...Shannon McPherson15 months
v1.1.123commit df19412c8a...Shannon McPherson16 months
sdk- 88fcbab512...Jeremy Kniager16 months
v1.1.121commit 389f0cff96...Shannon McPherson17 months
v1.1.120commit 8568fb00e8...Shannon McPherson17 months
v1.1.119commit 3cc90bcf8c...Shannon McPherson17 months
sdk- 20b52a923c...Mike Schuchardt18 months
v1.1.114commit 0e65e191c4...Shannon McPherson18 months
v1.1.112commit f7d9cf6ffa...Shannon McPherson19 months
sdk- 6ba13e86b4...Shannon McPherson19 months
v1.1.108commit 5a0de260ee...Shannon McPherson20 months
v1.1.107commit de3eeba92b...Shannon McPherson21 months
sdk- e866aff349...Piers Daniell22 months
v1.1.106commit 21638dfbe1...Mike Schuchardt22 months
v1.1.102commit ff80a937c8...Shannon McPherson23 months
sdk- 6471d151f6...Shannon McPherson23 months
v1.1.101commit f06d731b7c...Shannon McPherson23 months
v1.1.100commit 23d972149c...Shannon McPherson23 months
sdk- 35d091dad7...Mark Young2 years
v1.1.97commit 9a4ae980ab...Shannon McPherson2 years
v1.1.96commit ebef1f33fe...Shannon McPherson2 years
sdk- 6e6da6ccab...Lenny Komow2 years
sdk- bdd65da74e...John Zulauf2 years
sdk- 89bbac4977...Shannon McPherson2 years
sdk- 0ec7ce985f...Jeremy Kniager3 years