AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-05-27scripts: Memory read/writelocke-lunarg2-81/+821
2020-05-22layers: Add resolve validations NextSubpass onlyJohn Zulauf2-2/+139
2020-05-22layers: Add hazard detection with ordering checksJohn Zulauf2-50/+118
2020-05-22layers: Add loadOp validation to renderpassJohn Zulauf5-17/+206
2020-05-22layers: Synch Val bugfixes from design reviewJohn Zulauf2-5/+18
2020-05-22layers: Deal with whole size and remaininglocke-lunarg2-9/+31
2020-05-22tests: Add begin renderpass hazard testJohn Zulauf1-0/+69
2020-05-22layers: Convert all sync tagging to new styleJohn Zulauf2-1/+6
2020-05-22layers: Add renderpass image layout sync checksJohn Zulauf2-229/+673
2020-05-22layers: Add additional attachment infoJohn Zulauf3-10/+76
2020-05-22layers: Add hinted invalidation to parallel iterJohn Zulauf1-0/+22
2020-05-22tests: Fix access mask logic for SetLayoutJohn Zulauf1-25/+29
2020-05-22layers: Merge rangelocke-lunarg2-14/+56
2020-05-22layers: Fix texel sizelocke-lunarg4-14/+15
2020-05-22layers: Treat linear image as optimal image in MockICD modelocke-lunarg3-22/+27
2020-05-22layers: Move inital image encoder into BindMemorylocke-lunarg6-13/+17
2020-05-22layers: Add FreeCommandBuffer callback supportJohn Zulauf4-4/+29
2020-05-22scripts: Sort elementslocke-lunarg2-224/+229
2020-05-22layers: Remove per-handle maps for AccessStateJohn Zulauf2-267/+244
2020-05-22layers: Add support for fake device memory addressJohn Zulauf3-3/+26
2020-05-22layers: Refactor Image encoder/generatorlocke-lunarg5-83/+76
2020-05-22layers: Cleanup/Refactor AccessContextJohn Zulauf2-180/+181
2020-05-22layer: Sketch in encoder storage in IMAGE_STATEJohn Zulauf6-10/+19
2020-05-22layers: Add range operator + and copy constructorJohn Zulauf1-0/+2
2020-05-22layers: Add subpass transition info to RP stateJohn Zulauf2-14/+52
2020-05-22layers: Clean up and bugfix Access state resolveJohn Zulauf3-17/+53
2020-05-22tests: Test linear & multi-planar imagelocke-lunarg1-9/+370
2020-05-22layers: Change offset generator to image generatorlocke-lunarg4-454/+223
2020-05-22layers: Add defaultlocke-lunarg1-2/+3
2020-05-22layers: Clean attachment first/last for RP creationJohn Zulauf1-42/+36
2020-05-22layers: Add end renderpass access context resolveJohn Zulauf2-16/+92
2020-05-22layers: Change hazard check to use resolved map.John Zulauf2-128/+210
2020-05-22layers: Add function name in Loglocke-lunarg1-18/+29
2020-05-22tests: Test copy buffer image and blit hazardslocke-lunarg1-2/+209
2020-05-22layers: Add copy buffer image and blit entry pointslocke-lunarg4-38/+280
2020-05-22layers: Use new generator in synchronizationlocke-lunarg1-13/+33
2020-05-22tests: Fix test faillocke-lunarg1-0/+11
2020-05-22tests: Fix hazard errorlocke-lunarg1-0/+87
2020-05-21layers: Adjust dest image extentlocke-lunarg3-59/+63
2020-05-21layers: Add new RangeGeneratorlocke-lunarg2-0/+267
2020-05-21layers: Add new RangeEncoderlocke-lunarg2-0/+298
2020-05-21layers: Set const auto &locke-lunarg1-1/+1
2020-05-21layers: Unused variablelocke-lunarg1-2/+0
2020-05-21layers: Add context interface for detect/updateJohn Zulauf2-186/+689
2020-05-21layers: Enhance Subpass DAG tree informationJohn Zulauf2-4/+142
2020-05-21layers: Adding race hazard supportJohn Zulauf2-2/+47
2020-05-21layers: Add logical stage extension to exec scopeJohn Zulauf1-53/+86
2020-05-21layers: Add earlier/later stage maps to codegenJohn Zulauf2-1/+635
2020-05-21layers: add image layout transition hazard checksJohn Zulauf5-54/+350