BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Address VUID inconsistencies for 1.2.147Shannon McPherson33 hours Address VUID inconsistencies for 1.2.147Shannon McPherson33 hours Add ShieldTV rev b to skiplistTony-LunarG41 hours fix update_deps retry cloneBob Ellison42 hours Report errors when shader instrumentation failsTony-LunarG45 hours tets: CTS issueslocke-lunarg3 days Add synchronization design docJohn Zulauf5 days Add synchronization design docJohn Zulauf5 days update copyright notice for update_depsBob Ellison6 days Add copyright to gpu testsTony-LunarG6 days
v1.2.147commit 80ce32a220...Shannon McPherson33 hours
v1.2.146commit 8d0d1f9c68...Shannon McPherson7 days
v1.2.145commit 45c73d999e...Shannon McPherson3 weeks
sdk- df79eff135...Mark Lobodzinski6 weeks
v1.2.141commit afe55126be...Shannon McPherson7 weeks
v1.2.140commit b08eb99305...Shannon McPherson2 months
sdkcommit 1533266eac...Lionel Landwerlin3 months
v1.2.137commit 57bbca0864...Shannon McPherson3 months
sdk- 72347cb6e9...Mark Lobodzinski3 months
v1.2.135commit 443c2caa17...Jeff Bolz4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-01-07Fix the allowed pipeline stage for ray tracing Daniell1-2/+2
2019-01-07scripts: Add copyright checking to check_code_formatMark Lobodzinski1-9/+33
2019-01-07tests: Add test for image/sampler conversionTony-LunarG1-0/+119
2019-01-07tests: Add ability to pass CreateDevice pNextTony-LunarG4-17/+19
2019-01-07layers: Validate sampler+imageview conversionsTony-LunarG2-2/+30
2019-01-04tests: enhance debug output of scriptDave Houlton1-10/+49
2019-01-04tests: add AHB extension testsDave Houlton7-143/+1118
2019-01-04layers: adjust extents for multiplane imagesDave Houlton4-16/+36
2019-01-03layers: Clang-format new parameter validation filesMark Lobodzinski2-305/+301