BranchCommit messageAuthorAge[InstCombine] Signed saturation patternsDavid Green8 months r372020 and r372182:Tom Stellard9 months r369210 which got committed to the branch by mistakeHans Wennborg11 months branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2019-05-14 from r360103Jordan Rupprecht14 months Use 7.1.0 for shared object version instead of 71.0Tom Stellard17 months r326394:Tom Stellard2 years version to 5.0.2Tom Stellard2 years branches/google/testing and tags/google/testing/2017-11-14 from r317716David L. Jones3 years r300267:Tom Stellard3 years r288433:Tom Stellard4 years r257663:Tom Stellard4 years r247435:Tom Stellard5 years the VS2012 build after r240285.Hans Wennborg5 years r214336:Tom Stellard5 years to coincide with updated tagging system.Bill Wendling6 years Release NotesTom Stellard6 years -dot flag to test-release.shTom Stellard7 years PTX back to sync with release tarballAnton Korobeynikov7 years in 156319 156837 156838.Bill Wendling8 years merge mainline release notes onto the release branch.Chandler Carruth9 years the release notes.Bill Wendling9 years 2.8rc to 2.8.Bill Wendling10 years 2.7 release notes.Tanya Lattner10 years 80596 from mainline.Tanya Lattner11 years test for new branch commit mailing list.Tanya Lattner11 years for 2.4 release.Tanya Lattner12 years broken makefile.Tanya Lattner12 years bugs section.Tanya Lattner12 years release notes from mainline.Tanya Lattner13 years Release docsTanya Lattner13 years that a work-around is available.John Criswell15 years an answer about running the tests.John Criswell17 years