AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-03-29Make ld --version output matching grok gold's McGrath3-2/+7
2014-03-29Fix scalb spurious "invalid" exceptions (bug 16770).Joseph Myers6-4/+30
2014-03-29Detailed benchmark outputs for functionsSiddhesh Poyarekar4-2/+44
2014-03-29Make bench.out in json formatSiddhesh Poyarekar6-18/+78
2014-03-29[benchtests] Use inputs file for modfSiddhesh Poyarekar3-44/+9
2014-03-28Fix clog10 (-0 +/- 0i) (bug 16362).Joseph Myers6-10/+34
2014-03-272014-03-27 Paul Pluzhnikov <>Paul Pluzhnikov2-10/+13
2014-03-27Fix x86/x86_64 expl/exp10l spurious underflows (bug 16348).Joseph Myers6-9/+715
2014-03-27Return NULL for wildcard values in getnetgrent from nscd (BZ #16759)Siddhesh Poyarekar3-4/+17
2014-03-27Avoid overlapping addresses to stpcpy calls in nscd (BZ #16760)Siddhesh Poyarekar3-7/+17
2014-03-26Fix dwarf2 unwinding through futex functions.Andi Kleen3-336/+53
2014-03-27Fix nscd lookup for innetgr when netgroup has wildcards (BZ #16758)Siddhesh Poyarekar3-4/+14
2014-03-262014-03-26 Paul Pluzhnikov <>Paul Pluzhnikov2-40/+40
2014-03-26Make x86_64 fegetenv preserve exception mask (bug 16198).Joseph Myers5-5/+69
2014-03-26benchtests/bench-strtod.c: Increase timeout valueWill Newton2-0/+7
2014-03-25Kludge fix for Versions.def regressionRoland McGrath2-5/+38
2014-03-25Add empty GLIBC_2.2.5 version to elf/Versions.Joseph Myers2-0/+8
2014-03-25Fix localplt check for GNU_IFUNCAdhemerval Zanella2-2/+13
2014-03-25PowerPC: Revert __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION changeAdhemerval Zanella2-3/+6
2014-03-25Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.Adhemerval Zanella2-1/+879
2014-03-25Fix use of uninitialized variableAndreas Schwab2-5/+11
2014-03-25PowerPC: Fix -Wundef warning for __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION.Adhemerval Zanella2-0/+7
2014-03-25Relax gen-auto-libm-tests may-underflow rules, test log1p in all rounding modes.Joseph Myers8-299/+367
2014-03-25Setup LOCPATH for tst-ftell-active-handler and tst-ftell-partial-wide in libioAndreas Schwab2-0/+7
2014-03-25NEWS: Add 16712, 16713, 16714 to fixed bug list.Stefan Liebler2-1/+5
2014-03-24Address post-commit patch comments.Paul Pluzhnikov2-3/+12
2014-03-24Fix implicit __isinf declarations in exp.Joseph Myers3-0/+8
2014-03-24Fix BZ #16634.Paul Pluzhnikov5-16/+101
2014-03-24S390: Fix namespace violation in struct stat (BZ #16714).Stefan Liebler2-2/+8
2014-03-24S390: Define SIZE_MAX as unsigned long (BZ #16712).Stefan Liebler4-1/+17
2014-03-24S390: Correct type of sa_flags in struct sigaction for POSIX conformanceStefan Liebler2-1/+9
2014-03-24Use += before-compile instead of a :=.Stefan Liebler2-1/+6
2014-03-24S390: Fix -Wundef warning for __PTHREAD_MUTEX_HAVE_ELISION.Stefan Liebler2-0/+7
2014-03-24Fix use of half-initialized result in getaddrinfo when using nscd (bug 16743)Andreas Schwab3-1/+16
2014-03-24benchtests: Move to benchtests/scripts/Siddhesh Poyarekar3-1/+7
2014-03-24Account for alloca use when collecting interface addresses (bug 16002)Andreas Schwab3-7/+37
2014-03-24Fix dbl-64 exp overflow/underflow in non-default rounding modes (bug 16284).Joseph Myers8-557/+954
2014-03-21Fix -Wundef warnings for _ABI* on MIPS.Joseph Myers4-0/+9
2014-03-21Fix log (1) in round-downward mode (bug 16731).Joseph Myers12-9/+88
2014-03-21ChangeLog formatting fixSiddhesh Poyarekar1-2/+2
2014-03-21Implement benchmarking script in pythonSiddhesh Poyarekar7-207/+589
2014-03-21Fix -Wundef warnins for __FP_FAST_FMA*Siddhesh Poyarekar5-12/+22
2014-03-20PowerPC: optimized strpbrk for POWER7Adhemerval Zanella8-11/+282
2014-03-21Test most libm functions in all rounding modes.Joseph Myers4-74/+1222
2014-03-20PowerPC: optimized strcspn for PPC64/POWER7Adhemerval Zanella8-16/+271
2014-03-20Make libm-test support ALL_RM_TEST with AUTO_TESTS_*.Joseph Myers3-1035/+361
2014-03-19Use ALL_RM_TEST for more libm tests.Joseph Myers2-32/+17
2014-03-19nscd: also invalidate netgroup cache on reloadAndreas Schwab2-0/+5
2014-03-19Fix __ASSUME_PREADV and __ASSUME_PWRITEV for Alpha and MicroBlaze (bug 16649).Joseph Myers4-3/+22
2014-03-18Add comments about non-Linux use of bits/mman-linux.h.Roland McGrath3-1/+15