AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-11-11[AArch64] End frame record chain Li3-2/+7
2014-09-05CVE-2014-6040: Crashes on invalid input in IBM gconv modules [BZ #17325]Florian Weimer11-10/+54
2014-09-05__gconv_translit_find: Disable function [BZ #17187]Florian Weimer3-174/+19
2014-09-05NEWS: Explain the s390 jmp_buf / ucontext_t ABI change reversal.Stefan Liebler2-0/+16
2014-09-05S/390: Revert the jmp_buf/ucontext_t ABI changeStefan Liebler36-795/+260
2014-09-05manual: Update the locale documentationFlorian Weimer2-32/+127
2014-09-05_nl_find_locale: Improve handling of crafted locale names [BZ #17137]Florian Weimer6-16/+292
2014-09-05setlocale: Use the heap for the copy of the locale argumentFlorian Weimer2-2/+17
2014-09-05Use NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN to indicate insufficient buffer (BZ #16878)Siddhesh Poyarekar4-9/+19
2014-09-05Provide correct buffer length to netgroup queries in nscd (BZ #16695)Siddhesh Poyarekar3-3/+9
2014-09-05[BZ #16046] dl_iterate_phdr static executable testMaciej W. Rozycki3-1/+54
2014-09-05Fix another memory leak in regexp compiler (BZ #17069)Andreas Schwab4-4/+15
2014-09-05Fix memory leak in regexp compiler (BZ #17069)Andreas Schwab4-5/+59
2014-09-05Fix invalid file descriptor reuse while sending DNS query (BZ #15946)Andreas Schwab3-1/+9
2014-09-05Properly fix memory leak in _nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r with big DNS answerAndreas Schwab8-49/+95
2014-09-05Deduplicate resolv/nss_dns/dns-host.cOndřej Bílka1-10/+7
2014-09-05Fix memory leak in _nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r with big DNS answerAndreas Schwab3-3/+17
2014-09-05Fix unbound stack use in NIS NSS moduleAndreas Schwab6-1/+54
2014-09-05Mention CVE-2014-4043 in NEWSAllan McRae2-0/+10
2014-09-05posix_spawn_faction_addopen: Add missing string.h include directiveStefan Liebler2-0/+5
2014-06-22posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen needs to copy the path argument (BZ 17048)Florian Weimer6-9/+54
2014-06-03Fixed pthread_spin_lock on sparc32/64 (bug 16882)Guo Yixuan6-6/+126
2014-05-21aarch64: Merge __local_multiple_threads offset with memory referenceRichard Henderson2-5/+10
2014-05-17Fix sparc memcpy data corruption when using niagara2 optimized routines.Jose E. Marchesi3-1/+8
2014-05-16tzselect: use zonedir instead of current working directorySami Kerola2-1/+6
2014-05-16Update Swedish translationsAllan McRae2-6/+10
2014-05-16SPARC: add prlimit and prlimit64 in <bits/resource.h> (BZ #16943)Aurelien Jarno3-1/+35
2014-05-07SPARC: add EFD_SEMAPHORE in <bits/eventfd.h> (BZ #16916)Aurelien Jarno3-1/+9
2014-05-04misc/sys/xattr.h: guard against linux uapi header inclusionSerge Hallyn1-0/+2
2014-05-04Update Esperanto translationsAllan McRae2-11/+15
2014-05-01NEWS: Add 16885 to fixed bug list.David S. Miller1-1/+1
2014-05-01Fix v9/64-bit strcmp when string ends in multiple zero bytes.David S. Miller3-0/+69
2014-02-27Fix sign of input to bsloww1 (BZ #16623)Siddhesh Poyarekar3-7/+18
2014-02-20Update x86_64 libm-test-ulps on AMD family 21h model 1 (bug 16545).Dylan Alex Simon3-16/+75
2014-02-07Update version.h and include/features.h for 2.19 releaseglibc-2.19Allan McRae2-3/+3
2014-02-07Bug 15968 was fixed by commit 0748546f660d27a2ad29fa6174d456e2f6490758.Joseph Myers2-8/+9
2014-02-07Bug 6981 was fixed by commit 1484e65736f4cab27e5051e0f06be8470e69af82.Joseph Myers2-18/+19
2014-02-06BZ #16529: Fix pedantic warning with netinet/in.h.Carlos O'Donell3-2/+7
2014-02-06Update contrib.texiSiddhesh Poyarekar2-7/+17
2014-02-05Add missing ChangeLog from yesterday's sparc ULPs update.David S. Miller1-0/+5
2014-02-06Revert "microblaze BZ #15705: Define MMAP2_PAGE_SHIFT"David Holsgrove3-21/+12
2014-02-06Revert "BZ 16133 has been fixed (async signal safe TLS)."Allan McRae1-6/+6
2014-02-06Revert "Patch [1/4] async-signal safe TLS."Allan McRae5-73/+0
2014-02-06Revert "Patch 3/4 of the effort to make TLS access async-signal-safe."Allan McRae5-26/+5
2014-02-06Revert "Patch 2/4 of the effort to make TLS access async-signal-safe."Allan McRae4-185/+16
2014-02-06Revert "Async-signal safe TLS."Allan McRae9-333/+46
2014-02-05Fix comment in kernel-features.h.Carlos O'Donell2-1/+3
2014-02-05Fix tst-setgetname for Linux kernels < 2.6.33.Carlos O'Donell4-0/+32
2014-02-05microblaze: Update libm-test-ulpsDavid Holsgrove3-3390/+4095
2014-02-05microblaze BZ #15705: Define MMAP2_PAGE_SHIFTDavid Holsgrove3-12/+21