AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-01-07Fix libm feupdateenv namespace (bug 17748) Myers21-19/+87
2015-01-07mips: Fix __libc_pread prototypeAdhemerval Zanella2-1/+6
2015-01-07posix/regcomp: initialize union structure tag to avoid warningChris Metcalf2-0/+8
2015-01-07AArch64: Optimized implementations of strcpy and stpcpy.Richard Earnshaw4-2/+354
2015-01-07AArch64 optimized implementation of strrchr.Richard Earnshaw3-2/+173
2015-01-07Fix typo in ChangeLogSiddhesh Poyarekar1-1/+1
2015-01-07setenv fix memory leak when setting large, duplicate string (BZ #17658)Eric Biggers3-4/+17
2015-01-06Fix incorrect mount table entry parsing in __getmntent_rVladimir A. Nazarenko4-9/+41
2015-01-07Fix libm fesetround namespace (bug 17748).Joseph Myers22-39/+112
2015-01-06Fix libm fesetenv namespace (bug 17748).Joseph Myers32-30/+102
2015-01-06Revert "Suppress warning in string/tester.c for gcc 4.9"Ondřej Bílka2-4/+3
2015-01-06Mention bug fix for BZ #17806H.J. Lu2-1/+3
2015-01-06resolv: fix rotate optionAurelien Jarno2-1/+7
2015-01-06resolv: improve comments about nserv and nservallAurelien Jarno2-2/+7
2015-01-06Suppress warning in string/tester.c for gcc 4.9Ondřej Bílka2-3/+4
2015-01-06Add changelogOndřej Bílka1-0/+5
2015-01-06Clean up check_pf allocation pattern. addressesOndřej Bílka1-84/+39
2015-01-06Function declaration cleanupAdhemerval Zanella43-194/+102
2015-01-06Remove duplicated -frounding-mathAndrew Senkevich2-8/+17
2015-01-06Define CLOCKS_PER_SEC type to the type clock_tH.J. Lu6-15/+24
2015-01-05ARM: Consolidate with generic unwinder wrapper codeRoland McGrath11-293/+181
2015-01-05Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Ellcey19-34/+95
2015-01-052015-01-05 Steve Ellcey <>Steve Ellcey2-0/+63
2015-01-05Fix libm feholdexcept namespace (bug 17748).Joseph Myers19-34/+95
2015-01-052015-01-05 Steve Ellcey <>Steve Ellcey2-13/+168
2015-01-05Fix MIPS n64 posix_fadvise namespace (bug 17796).Joseph Myers3-2/+9
2015-01-052015-01-05 Steve Ellcey <>Steve Ellcey2-3/+22
2015-01-05tile: check error properly for vDSO callsChris Metcalf4-6/+27
2015-01-05lround: provide cast for wordsize-64 version if neededChris Metcalf4-6/+39
2015-01-05Fix ARM posix_fadvise64 namespace (bug 17793).Joseph Myers3-2/+6
2015-01-05Fix isblank / isascii / toascii namespace (bug 17635).Joseph Myers7-26/+73
2015-01-05Fix wordsize-64 posix_fadvise64, posix_fallocate64 namespace (bug 17777).Joseph Myers5-9/+18
2015-01-05Fix MIPS variable PAGE_SIZE bug (16191)Matthew Fortune3-16/+16
2015-01-02Fix libm fegetround namespace (bug 17748).Joseph Myers20-36/+103
2015-01-02Fix MIPS TIOCSER_TEMT namespace (bug 17782).Joseph Myers3-2/+8
2015-01-02Fix MIPS sa_flags type (bug 17781).Joseph Myers3-2/+6
2015-01-02Fix MIPS bits/fcntl.h namespace (bug 17780).Joseph Myers3-2/+7
2015-01-02Use single year in copyright notice in banner in ntpl/version.c.Joseph Myers2-1/+3
2015-01-02Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers28-27/+57
2015-01-02ARM: Remove configure check for binutils 2.21 for ARMv7Will Newton3-84/+5
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers8380-8377/+8395
2015-01-02Remove uses of sprintf in gen-posix-conf-vars.awkSiddhesh Poyarekar2-5/+6
2014-12-31Fix libm fegetenv namespace (bug 17748).Joseph Myers20-18/+77
2014-12-31Add support for MIPS O32 FPXX and .MIPS.abiflagsMatthew Fortune19-4/+2062
2014-12-31powerpc: POWER7 strcpy optimization for unaligned stringsRajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan3-82/+268
2014-12-31Clean up powerpc fegetround / __fegetround inlines.Joseph Myers10-56/+38
2014-12-31Use one-dimension arrays in gen-posix-conf-vars.awkSiddhesh Poyarekar2-23/+28
2014-12-30Don't check PI_STATIC_AND_HIDDEN in i386 dl-machine.hH.J. Lu3-34/+9
2014-12-30i386: Fix build by GCC 5.0Andrew Senkevich3-4/+16
2014-12-30Fix some warnings in the absence of FP round/exception supportChris Metcalf7-11/+32