BranchCommit messageAuthorAge libm feupdateenv namespace (bug 17748).Joseph Myers6 years vismain with -fPIC and link with -pieH.J. Lu6 years to NPTL building.Roland McGrath6 years -Wno-error=trampolinesRichard Henderson6 years infinite loop in nss_dns getnetbyname [BZ #17630]Florian Weimer6 years conf.list to generate spec arraySiddhesh Poyarekar6 years DTV if the current DTV isn't big enoughH.J. Lu6 years Use __gen_tempname in sem_open.Roland McGrath6 years drop EABI checkMike Frysinger6 years[AArch64] End frame record chain correctly.Renlin Li6 years
glibc-2.16.90commit e84eabb387...Florian Weimer3 years
glibc-2.17.90commit 2c8bfe7d6f...Florian Weimer3 years
glibc-2.18.90commit 6c1fd79571...Florian Weimer3 years
glibc-2.19.90commit d5b396c1c8...Florian Weimer3 years
glibc-2.20.90commit 21c83793a2...Florian Weimer3 years
glibc-2.16-ports-before-mergecommit e64ac02c24...Florian Weimer3 years
glibc-2.20commit b8079dd0d3...Allan McRae6 years
glibc-2.19commit 9a869d8220...Allan McRae6 years
glibc-2.18commit eefa3be8e4...David S. Miller7 years
glibc-2.17commit c758a68615...David S. Miller8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2009-08-242.10.90-15fedora/glibc-2.10.90-15Andreas Schwab1-3/+10
2009-08-24Merge commit 'origin/master' into fedora/masterAndreas Schwab19-117/+386
2009-08-23Fix td_ta_map_lwp2thr logging and early sanity check.Roland McGrath2-7/+14
2009-08-23Add test case for last fixed regex bug.Ulrich Drepper3-0/+18
2009-08-23Recognize ill-formed { } expressions in regcomp.Ulrich Drepper2-1/+4
2009-08-23Also correct _POSIX2_* constants in case older standards are selected.Ulrich Drepper2-7/+21
2009-08-23More namespace cleanups.Ulrich Drepper2-4/+10
2009-08-23Define _POSIX_VERSION correctly when older POSIX versions are selected.Ulrich Drepper2-1/+18
2009-08-23Print sign of NaN values.Ulrich Drepper4-23/+127
2009-08-23Thread-local locale handling part of XPG7.Ulrich Drepper2-1/+6