BranchCommit messageAuthorAge[FrontendTests] Try again to make test not write an output fileBenjamin Kramer7 months r373275:Tom Stellard8 months r354633:Tom Stellard11 months branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2019-05-14 from r360103Jordan Rupprecht13 months r345839:Tom Stellard18 months r322030:Tom Stellard2 years 325651::Simon Dardis2 years branches/google/testing and tags/google/testing/2017-11-14 from r317716David L. Jones3 years "Driver: Don't mix system tools with devtoolset tools on RHEL"Tom Stellard3 years r280120:Tom Stellard4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-05-14Creating branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2019-05-14 from Rupprecht3283-44896/+114293
2019-05-06[Clang][NewPM] Don't bail out if the target machine is emptyPetr Hosek3-6/+11
2019-05-06[Sema] Fix for P41774 where `ExpectNoDerefChunk` is assigned twiceLeonard Chan1-5/+2
2019-05-06Revert "Re-commit r357452: SimplifyCFG SinkCommonCodeFromPredecessors: Also s...Jordan Rupprecht3-2/+3
2019-05-06PR41183: Don't emit strict-prototypes warning for an implicit functionJames Y Knight2-2/+11
2019-05-06[AArch64] Add __builtin_sponentry, for calling setjmp in MinGWMartin Storsjo3-0/+16
2019-05-06[MinGW] Use SEH by default on AArch64Martin Storsjo2-4/+5
2019-05-06[OPENMP]Fix PR41767: diagnose DSA for variables in clauses withAlexey Bataev8-15/+112
2019-05-06[OpenMP][Clang] Support for target math functionsGheorghe-Teodor Bercea17-431/+675
2019-05-06[OPENMP]Fix PR41768: check DSA for globals with `default(none)` clauses.Alexey Bataev39-66/+78