AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-07-25shill: cellular: Mark some network providers to disambiguate duplicate Prabhu1-0/+4
2014-07-25shill: cellular: Add a flag to choose from duplicate provider entries.Prathmesh Prabhu5-13/+110
2014-07-16shill: Reset service's state to idle when pending connection timed outPeter Qiu2-1/+8
2014-07-09shill: always register for SuspendDone eventsmukesh agrawal5-29/+35
2014-07-09shill: cellular: Special case operator matching for CUBIC.Prathmesh Prabhu1-0/+16
2014-07-01shill: Service: Remove DHCP minimal config codePaul Stewart10-655/+3
2014-07-01shill: cellular: Use "Plugin" property to determine Altair specific behavior.Thieu Le5-26/+37
2014-06-21shill: Treat more modemmanager errors as wrong APN errors.Prathmesh Prabhu1-2/+7
2014-06-21shill: Create a standalone ebuild for system_apiBertrand SIMONNET1-3/+4
2014-06-21shill: De-duplicate MTS entry in mobile operator database.Prathmesh Prabhu2-21/+1
2014-06-19shill: test-scripts: Ignore InProgress error for EnableTechnology.Ben Chan1-1/+2
2014-06-19drop unused libmnl depMike Frysinger1-2/+0
2014-06-18shill: Fix a 'sign-compare' warning from clang.Ben Chan1-1/+1
2014-06-18shill: Migrate libchromeos to its own ebuildBertrand SIMONNET1-3/+14
2014-06-18shill: replace rand() with std::default_random_engineAlex Vakulenko4-6/+12
2014-06-18shill: Fix most of warnings from cpplintAlex Vakulenko215-508/+699
2014-06-15shill: Service: Use ServicePropertyChangeNotifierPaul Stewart4-15/+46
2014-06-15shill: PropertyChangeNotifier: Initial commitPaul Stewart6-0/+394
2014-06-13shill: Fix variable declaration order in Daemon.Ben Chan2-12/+7
2014-06-13shill: Fix a crash when terminating daemon in presence of cellular deviceBen Chan2-5/+33
2014-06-11shill: Clean up HookTable implementation.Ben Chan5-126/+121
2014-06-05shill: cellular: Remove OEM ID from VZW Le2-7/+2
2014-06-04shill: Fix a remove-while-iterating issue in HookTable.Ben Chan2-13/+45
2014-06-03shill: Update gyp files to use libchromeos from src/platform2Bertrand SIMONNET1-1/+1
2014-06-01shill: WiFiService / WiMaxService: Emit Visibility updatesPaul Stewart8-0/+77
2014-05-31shill: Service: Make "Visible" property available in RPCPaul Stewart3-1/+12
2014-05-31shill: Manager: Emit property-change messages for ServiceCompleteListPaul Stewart3-6/+14
2014-05-31shill: WiFi: Disable gateway ARP for static IPPaul Stewart7-6/+45
2014-05-31shill: Update gyp file to use src/platform2/common-mkBertrand SIMONNET1-7/+7
2014-05-30fix printf of time fieldsMike Frysinger1-1/+3
2014-05-28shill: cellular: Update mobile_provider_db for HP DataPass.AU_CHROME_BASE_LNX.LC.1.0_TARGET_ALL.01.00.003cros-caf/ Prabhu2-0/+46
2014-05-27Update FallbackDNSTestResult metric.Peter Qiu6-20/+28
2014-05-23shill: Update to build against libchrome-271506.Ben Chan30-55/+54
2014-05-23shill: cellular: Obtain |actvation_code| from serving operator.Prathmesh Prabhu6-14/+31
2014-05-23shill: cellular: Remove mobile_provider.h includes.Prathmesh Prabhu9-11/+0
2014-05-23shill: cellular: Removed unsed variables.Prathmesh Prabhu4-18/+0
2014-05-23shill: cellular: Remove dependence on provider_db.Prathmesh Prabhu13-74/+1
2014-05-23shill: cellular: Delete MobileOperator.Prathmesh Prabhu3-1120/+0
2014-05-23shill: cellular: Delete CellularOperatorInfo.Prathmesh Prabhu17-1630/+5
2014-05-22shill: cellular: Migrate |ParseScanResult| to use MobileOperatorInfo.Prathmesh Prabhu5-21/+39
2014-05-22shill: cellular: Remove a runaway update to Cellular::home_provider.Prathmesh Prabhu2-8/+0
2014-05-22shill: cellular: Disable out-of-credits hacks for E362Thieu Le2-5/+0
2014-05-22shill: cellular: Migrate activation paths to use MobileOperatorInfo.Prathmesh Prabhu5-29/+83
2014-05-22shill: cellular: Optimize events raised by MobileOperatorInfo.Prathmesh Prabhu4-195/+297
2014-05-21UMA Metric for reporting network problem while Qiu15-56/+294
2014-05-20shill: Manager: Clear all explicit disconnectionsPaul Stewart6-5/+46
2014-05-19shill: cellular: Add a friendly name to MobileOperatorInfoMiao-chen Chou12-79/+107
2014-05-15Add metric for broken DNS configuration.Peter Qiu7-1/+227
2014-05-15use IGNORE_EINTR w/closeMike Frysinger2-2/+2
2014-05-14shill: Keep registered suspend delay after termination action completesBen Chan4-20/+17