BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Set booter RAM size to 2KBFurquan Shaikh3 weeks add LID as wake-from-hibernate sourceCaveh Jalali3 weeks set correct version in the manifestVadim Bendebury3 weeks Configure USB_C0_PD_RST_ODL as GPIO_ODR_HIGHDaisuke Nojiri3 weeks Exit DP mode before shutdownDaisuke Nojiri3 weeks Fix DMA mappingsNick Sanders3 weeks "bd9995x: Leave USB data switches closed on PD power swap"Duncan Laurie3 weeks Remove CONFIG_SYSTEM_UNLOCKED.Aseda Aboagye4 weeks Exit DP mode before shutdownDaisuke Nojiri4 weeks Fix the trace number accessing for width/hight propertyKT Liao4 weeks
cr50_v4.5commit e914e3d0ea...Vadim Bendebury5 months
cr50_v3.4commit a9768e0086...Vadim Bendebury5 months
cr50_v4.4commit 78f874ba74...Vadim Bendebury5 months
v1.9308_87_mpcommit bb19ebf1df...Vadim Bendebury7 months
v1.11.0commit b40f2474d2...Vincent Palatin12 months
v1.9308_24_B.0commit 43ec46b4ee...Vadim Bendebury12 months
v1.9308_B.0commit 1210ff1b9c...Vadim Bendebury12 months
v1.9308_25_B.0commit 51aefff7c0...Vadim Bendebury12 months
v1.10.0commit 127969e83c...Vincent Palatin2 years
v1.9.0commit fab5e070d7...Vincent Palatin3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-10-27Merge "Add mailbox interface definition." Yung-Chieh Lo1-7/+61
2011-10-27Add mailbox interface definition.Louis Yung-Chieh Lo1-7/+61
2011-10-26Add ec_keyboard_test.cLouis Yung-Chieh Lo17-70/+265
2011-10-25Merge "The keyboard interface between EC core and EC lib."Louis Yung-Chieh Lo1-0/+35
2011-10-25Merge "Convert EC command table into ec_command.h."Louis Yung-Chieh Lo2-0/+115
2011-10-25Add EcUartPutsPolled(), for polled output from fault handlers.Randall Spangler1-0/+10
2011-10-25Convert EC command table into ec_command.h.Louis Yung-Chieh Lo2-0/+115
2011-10-25The keyboard interface between EC core and EC lib.Louis Yung-Chieh Lo1-0/+35
2011-10-24Move chip interface headers, add GPIO and system headers.Randall Spangler4-3/+97
2011-10-24Add top-level makefileRandall Spangler10-25/+206