BranchCommit messageAuthorAge number properly the USB interfacesVincent Palatin22 hours ensure AP is off during EC flashJett Rink28 hours CEC: Send CEC message in mkbp event (ectool only)Stefan Adolfsson34 hours CEC: Change input back to GPIO when disabling CECStefan Adolfsson34 hours Add new battery configurationDannyChou3 days configure GPIOC2 as PWM1Caveh Jalali9 days Only disable keyscanning when not in S0.Aseda Aboagye9 days add support for CCD infoVadim Bendebury3 weeks add support for CCD infoVadim Bendebury3 weeks move mp version to 0.3.7Vadim Bendebury3 weeks
cr50_v4.5commit e914e3d0ea...Vadim Bendebury7 weeks
cr50_v3.4commit a9768e0086...Vadim Bendebury2 months
cr50_v4.4commit 78f874ba74...Vadim Bendebury2 months
v1.9308_87_mpcommit bb19ebf1df...Vadim Bendebury4 months
v1.11.0commit b40f2474d2...Vincent Palatin9 months
v1.9308_24_B.0commit 43ec46b4ee...Vadim Bendebury9 months
v1.9308_B.0commit 1210ff1b9c...Vadim Bendebury9 months
v1.9308_25_B.0commit 51aefff7c0...Vadim Bendebury9 months
v1.10.0commit 127969e83c...Vincent Palatin21 months
v1.9.0commit fab5e070d7...Vincent Palatin2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-10-27Merge "Add mailbox interface definition." Yung-Chieh Lo1-7/+61
2011-10-27Add mailbox interface definition.Louis Yung-Chieh Lo1-7/+61
2011-10-26Add ec_keyboard_test.cLouis Yung-Chieh Lo17-70/+265
2011-10-25Merge "The keyboard interface between EC core and EC lib."Louis Yung-Chieh Lo1-0/+35
2011-10-25Merge "Convert EC command table into ec_command.h."Louis Yung-Chieh Lo2-0/+115
2011-10-25Add EcUartPutsPolled(), for polled output from fault handlers.Randall Spangler1-0/+10
2011-10-25Convert EC command table into ec_command.h.Louis Yung-Chieh Lo2-0/+115
2011-10-25The keyboard interface between EC core and EC lib.Louis Yung-Chieh Lo1-0/+35
2011-10-24Move chip interface headers, add GPIO and system headers.Randall Spangler4-3/+97
2011-10-24Add top-level makefileRandall Spangler10-25/+206