BranchCommit messageAuthorAge media UKM to include audio and video encryption schemeJohn Rummell11 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hoursUpdate media UKM to include audio and video encryption Rummell1-0/+12
12 hoursDisable Surface Synchronization for DualBrowserStorySet's WebViewEric Karl2-2/+9
13 hours[AdMetrics] Measure if top-frame navigations are coming from ad framesJosh Karlin1-4/+13
13 hoursMeasure mojo::DataPipe creation time on the ServiceWorker thread.Ben Kelly1-0/+9
14 hours[SuperSize] Milestone report generation: Generate reports for single milestones.Samuel Huang1-31/+54
15 hoursAdd histogram to time loading of independent metrics.Brian White1-0/+9
15 hours[Supersize] Milestone report generation: Fix feature to skip existing reports.Samuel Huang1-8/+31
16 hoursAdd load_accessibility:media:wikipedia:2018 storyJames Wallace-Lee3-0/+9
16 hoursBring back gn.el for the Emacs GN modeDaniel Bratell1-0/+194
16 hours[AdMetrics] Remove unnecessary metric, PageLoad.Clients.Ads.All.ParentExistsF...Josh Karlin1-0/+4