BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Rename Media.EME.NeedKey UMA to Media.EME.EncryptedEventXiaohan Wang34 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
34 hoursmedia: Rename Media.EME.NeedKey UMA to Wang2-0/+19
36 hours[tab_under] Simplify visibility metrics and add a new oneCharles Harrison1-1/+13
36 hoursDispatch custom tab intents sent to .Main activity alias.Dmitry Skiba2-0/+25
37 hoursfuchsia: put fyi name back to plain FuchsiaScott Graham1-0/+1
38 hoursDisables DataReductionProxyDecidesTransfrom by default for DesktopDoug Arnett1-0/+36
38 hoursfuchsia: Renaming src side of fuchsia bots, part 5Scott Graham1-3/+2
39 hoursAdd MB, test configs for new CrOS builders.Dirk Pranke1-0/+15
39 hoursCSS: Use counter for negative brightness filterEric Willigers1-0/+1
40 hoursAdd docs link for GooglePlayErrorCode.Xi Han2-2/+28
42 hoursDNR: Introduce RulesetMatcher to hold an extension ruleset.Karan Bhatia1-0/+22