BranchCommit messageAuthorAge decode on client NativePixmapsMiguel Casas12 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 hoursvaapi: decode on client Casas7-60/+141
26 hoursVaapiPictureFactory: correct DCHECKMiguel Casas1-1/+3
28 hoursCheck crypto session key exchange methods in D3D11CdmProxyRintaro Kuroiwa2-2/+133
28 hoursAllow multiple overlays/underlays for protected video.Maggie Chen1-1/+3
33 hoursMove content::ScopedWebCallbacks to blink platform.Krzysztof Olczyk1-19/+14
35 hoursAutoplay: do not take audio focus until media element plays unmuted.Mounir Lamouri2-30/+35
39 hourspulse: Only filter ported input devices with no available portsOskar Sundbom1-7/+10
2 daysmedia: Add kHardwareSecureDecryption featureXiaohan Wang2-0/+8
2 daysmedia: Refactor KeySystemSupportXiaohan Wang1-12/+27
2 daysRevert "Increase memory size for media_vpx_video_decoder_fuzzer"Max Moroz1-4/+1