BranchCommit messageAuthorAge vda: Delete owned objects on worker thread in Cleanup()Miguel Casas11 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hoursvaapi vda: Delete owned objects on worker thread in Cleanup() Casas4-9/+55
12 hoursvaapi_vea: Increase the output buffer size.Owen Lin1-1/+2
15 hoursUpdate state expection for AudioOutputStream::Stop().Sergey Ulanov2-1/+22
16 hoursConvert base::UInt64ToString to base::NumberToStringDaniel Cheng1-7/+7
17 hoursReduce latency in MojoDataPipeReader/Writer.Xiangjun Zhang2-26/+16
19 hoursAdd additional owners to media/gpu/vaapi/OWNERSPawel Osciak1-0/+2
20 hoursmedia: Reduce latency in MojoDecoderBufferConverterXiaohan Wang6-102/+271
21 hoursInclude bitstream converters to fix UBSan vptr errorChris Cunningham1-2/+2
24 hoursAdd //media/gpu/vaapi/OWNERS fileMiguel Casas-Sanchez2-3/+1
24 hoursStop posting video stats for every Render(); optimize storage.Dale Curtis4-61/+48