BranchCommit messageAuthorAge[gpu] Rename url-chunk in //gpu to avoid collision with //contentTobias Sargeant31 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
31 hours[gpu] Rename url-chunk in //gpu to avoid collision with // Sargeant1-1/+1
32 hoursSkiaRenderer/macOS: Update ImageTransportSurfaceOverlayMacChristopher Cameron2-5/+60
38 hoursAdd LUID to GPUInfo and about:gpu in WindowsPatrick To8-2/+118
40 hoursSkiaRenderer/macOS: Update IOSurface shared image factoryChristopher Cameron1-10/+51
2 daysDon't use GpuFence or SurfaceControl on SwiftShaderKlaus Weidner1-0/+8
2 daysgpu: Use ANGLE texture offset extension for dcomp surface draw offsetSunny Sachanandani5-232/+10
2 days[XProto] Move items from ::x11::XProto to ::x11Tom Anderson1-3/+2
2 daysReland "Fix SurfaceTexture DecomposeTransformMatrix"Vasiliy Telezhnikov3-25/+117
2 daysRemove all uses of SkSurface::MakeFromBackendTextureAsRenderTarget.Brian Salomon5-9/+6
2 daysEnforce same BytesPerPixel for src/dst in RasterDecoder::WritePixelsNathan Zabriskie1-0/+9