BranchCommit messageAuthorAge UMA_HISTOGRAM_COUNTS with UMA_HISTOGRAM_COUNTS_1M.Steven Holte5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysReplace UMA_HISTOGRAM_COUNTS with Holte7-20/+21
5 daysRemove Drive app support.Sam McNally10-817/+1
5 daysSwitch file manager and gallery to always use browser-based drive share.Sam McNally1-4/+0
6 daysRemove Zel from OWNERS files.Avi Drissman1-1/+0
6 daysUpdate google_apis/(test/data/)drive/OWNERS to match components/drive.Sam McNally2-7/+2
7 daysRemove GaiaAuthFetcher::DeprecatedStartCookieForOAuthLoginTokenExchangeMihai Sardarescu6-452/+35
8 daysUpdate advanced protection status upon Chrome OS online sign-inJialiu Lin2-0/+5
8 daysSwitched the Google Drive API to use SimpleURLLoader.Chris Mumford13-552/+727
13 days[signin] Metrics for ListAccounts success rateDavid Roger2-6/+51
14 daysUse base::MakeRefCounted instead of new to alloc net::IOBuffer instances.Victor Costan1-1/+2