BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Better support for Annotation Processors.Andrew Grieve20 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
20 hoursAndroid: Better support for Annotation Grieve2-382/+318
21 hoursAndroid: Fix race condition in apkbuilderPeter Wen1-0/+1
3 daysAdjust jumbo_file_merge_limit for gomaBruce Dawson1-3/+20
4 days[jumbo] Ignore some more file types people put in sources listsDaniel Bratell1-0/+2
4 daysAndroid: Clean up process_resources post processing.Eric Stevenson2-34/+18
5 daysRevert "Migrate to -fsanitize=fuzzer-no-link when use_fuzzing_engine=true."Max Moroz2-20/+16
5 daysMigrate to -fsanitize=fuzzer-no-link when use_fuzzing_engine=true.Max Moroz2-16/+20
5 daysAndroid: Modify package resources post processing.Eric Stevenson2-3/+30
5 daysMove unguarded-availability to default_warnings for iOS.Justin Cohen1-8/+1
6 daysAndroid: Refactor GN templates to unify prebuilt & non-prebuilt logicAndrew Grieve2-510/+281