BranchCommit messageAuthorAge stripping of binaries, and fix --dry-run.Wez22 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
22 hoursDisable stripping of binaries, and fix
23 hoursinstall-build-deps: Check for newer packages firstTom Anderson1-9/+11
26 hoursbuild: Add Garuda TTF fonts to build depsConley Owens1-0/+1
27 hoursAndroid: Better support for Annotation Processors.Andrew Grieve7-549/+515
28 hoursAndroid: Fix race condition in apkbuilderPeter Wen2-4/+1
3 daysAdjust jumbo_file_merge_limit for gomaBruce Dawson1-3/+20
4 daysClean up OWNERS files.Yaron Friedman2-2/+0
4 days[android] Fix minor bugs in --trace-all.John Budorick2-1/+13
4 daysReland r522393, "Set $UBSAN_OPTIONS during executable tests and disable UBSan...Peter Collingbourne2-4/+23
5 days[jumbo] Ignore some more file types people put in sources listsDaniel Bratell1-0/+2