BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Avoid using erased iteratorGreg Kaiser3 days "Don't start the authentication when peer device already started it"Jakub Pawlowski12 days "GATT: Fix GATT error response for execute write"Jakub Pawlowski3 weeks for 4794708 from f74cecf93e648e861363aa312bef08327f19a26a to sdk-releaseandroid-build-prod (mdb)4 weeks cherrypicks of [4027705, 4027707, 4027735, 4027736, 4026840, 4025434, Robot6 weeks cherrypicks of [4027695, 4027696, 4025411, 4025412, 4026839, 4025429, Robot6 weeks cherrypicks of [4025658, 4025975, 4025659, 4025537, 4025557, 4025976, Robot6 weeks for 4726689 from cf98916401833f40c3aa5bf42dee577153ed4816 to (mdb)2 months Offload: Fix the default LDAC bitrateSunny Kapdi2 months for 4711598 from cf98916401833f40c3aa5bf42dee577153ed4816 to (mdb)2 months
android-cts-8.1_r6commit 2e5d1856cc...The Android Open Source Project6 days
android-cts-8.0_r10commit 8d1a72a634...The Android Open Source Project6 days
android-cts-7.1_r18commit b90b669eb4...The Android Open Source Project6 days
android-cts-7.0_r22commit 08337175a3...The Android Open Source Project6 days
android-cts-6.0_r29commit 9d624855c0...The Android Open Source Project6 days
android-p-preview-3tag b632bb2961...The Android Open Source Project6 days
android-n-iot-release-polk-at1commit 5b8bc9874e...The Android Open Source Project12 days
android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.1commit 4be97504a8...The Android Open Source Project14 days
android-8.1.0_r32commit d8882e48fd...The Android Open Source Project2 weeks
android-8.1.0_r31commit 9e89b23e2c...The Android Open Source Project2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-02-19Clean up dump Panicker1-1/+2
2016-02-18Removed unused defines from bt_target.hPavlin Radoslavov1-71/+2
2016-02-18Replace usage of HCI_GET_CMD_BUF() with osi_malloc()Pavlin Radoslavov3-784/+222
2016-02-18Instrument and fix calls to strncmp()Andre Eisenbach2-8/+10
2016-02-18Write Protobuf in Base64Ajay Panicker3-6/+11
2016-02-17Fix ParcelHelpersTest.ScanResult unit testPavlin Radoslavov1-2/+1
2016-02-17Add support for collecting A2DP Protobuf metricsPavlin Radoslavov5-6/+140
2016-02-17Merge "Additional logging for bond information"Pavlin Radoslavov3-2/+160
2016-02-17Suspend properly when receiving events without responseJaganath Kanakkassery1-0/+5
2016-02-17Additional logging for bond informationAjay Panicker3-2/+160