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2012-09-25Merge "Revert "msm7627a: Modifying egl.cfg replacing adreno200 with adreno.""M8960AAAAANLYA2220M8960AAAAANLYA2207M8960AAAAANLYA2021M8930AAAAANLYA2214013A8064AAAAANLYA1330AA8064AAAAANLYA1330jb_2.2_rb2.2Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1
2012-09-25Revert "msm7627a: Modifying egl.cfg replacing adreno200 with adreno."Ram Kumar Chakravarthy Chebathini1-1/+1
This reverts commit 5bbc6d5d55d2c3007ebdd00b4f2aeef86c32ff9a. Change-Id: I77a43324020b96e20345182d97c2135a76f621e3
2012-09-14Merge "Add camera gestures SDK property"M8960AAAAANLYA2214006M8960AAAAANLYA2020Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1
2012-09-12Merge "build: Cleanup Usage of QC_PROP"M8064AAAAANLYA1065Linux Build Service Account1-64/+3
2012-09-12build: Cleanup Usage of QC_PROPSatya Durga Srinivasu Prabhala1-64/+3
QC_PROP is an extra variable used for identifying QC products and features. As part of deprecating QC_PROP, deprecating features/variables defined inside QC_PROP conditional check. Change-Id: I2ac2088194df3a01952d461a07e5644828b0632b
2012-09-11Merge "Device/qcom : Add ro.sf.lcd_density property in system.prop"Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1
2012-09-11Merge "msm7627a: register qosmgrd service on boot" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-0/+5
2012-09-11Device/qcom : Add ro.sf.lcd_density property in system.propRamakant Singh1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iff3e50f4b8db0f0e9aec37b64e9773f8351334da CRs-fixed: 383011 CRs-fixed: 383012
2012-09-10Add camera gestures SDK propertySunid Wilson1-1/+1
CRs-Fixed: 380717 Change-Id: I20dc749d347d89c3ffe06610c81dc6fac852db10
2012-09-10Merge "Camera: Add WQVGA to media profiles for msm7627a" into jbA8064AAAAANLYA1322AA8064AAAAANLYA1322jb_rb3.3Linux Build Service Account1-0/+26
2012-09-08Merge "msm7627a: Modifying egl.cfg replacing adreno200 with adreno." into jbM8974AAAAANLYA0003013jb_rb1.6Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1
2012-09-08Merge "msm7627a: Change PRODUCT_PACKAGE_OVERLAYS to DEVICE_PACKAGE_OVERLAYS" ↵Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1
into jb
To include device/qcom/common/overlay. This is required to set Telephony related properties. Change-Id: I396072a32491c25be3c65dc707bf518a77e57802 CRs-Fixed: 397148
2012-09-07msm7627a: register qosmgrd service on bootKrishna Vanka1-0/+5
Change-Id: I06c670515a5af1761fc6c2559b7ed520c87ad4d3
2012-09-06msm7627a: Modifying egl.cfg replacing adreno200 with adreno.Vishrut Shah1-1/+1
Related patch is under graphics/adreno200. Change-Id: I6cd7006123406a271f28bfe6f6479bddbb1946cc
2012-09-06Merge "msm7627a: Enable QCOM optimized LLVM and libbcc for Renderscript" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-1/+1
2012-09-06Merge "msm7627a: start gpu_dcvsd service on boot" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-0/+1
2012-09-06Merge "msm7627a: Added entry for FLAC encoder" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-0/+1
2012-09-06Camera: Add WQVGA to media profiles for msm7627aKatta Santhisindhu1-0/+26
Change-Id: Ib7e77558c528ce3dab2ae148a83e56adf427f738
2012-09-05msm7627a: Enable QCOM optimized LLVM and libbcc for RenderscriptWeiming Zhao1-1/+1
2012-09-05msm7627a: start gpu_dcvsd service on bootChannagoud Kadabi1-0/+1
Change-Id: I497be49f0d52c4ba5ec2488a3eb1021737260a83
2012-09-04Merge "msm7672a: Fix recovery fstab file." into jbLinux Build Service Account1-8/+8
2012-09-03Merge "7627a: Renaming every adreno200 to adreno." into jbLinux Build Service Account1-4/+4
2012-09-03Merge "msm7627a: Add Dynamic detection of 8x25 version" into jbLinux Build Service Account3-0/+67
2012-09-02Add camera gestures SDK property.M8064AAAAANLYA1061jb_rb2.2Sunid Wilson1-0/+3
CRs-Fixed: 380717 Change-Id: I2388d1e9dde22821cf6a07eb3155209125070051
2012-09-01msm7627a: Enable tiled rendering and dirty region renderingBalamurugan Thanikachalam1-9/+0
Enable tiled rendering and dirty region rendering for GLRenderer on msm7627a to improve the performance of hw-accelerated UX apps like contacts, sms and email. On JB, both tiled rendering and dirty region rendering properties default to true - so not setting the properties would enable the features Change-Id: I07895442b1116a4437f82c343a20dd026e89864a
2012-08-31Merge "system.prop : Define new variable to set DYN composition threshold" ↵Linux Build Service Account1-0/+1
into jb
2012-08-31Merge "Camera: Add FWVGA to media profiles for msm7627a" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-0/+26
2012-08-31Merge "msm7627a : Enable LPA based on support in DSP" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-4/+28
2012-08-31msm7672a: Fix recovery fstab file.Channagoud Kadabi1-8/+8
recovery fstab provides partition table information to recovery module. Unicorn targets use slot3 for mmc devices. Recovery fstab file was referring to slot1 due to which recovery failed to mount the partitions & factory data reset failed. CRs-Fixed: 386693 Change-Id: I85b2caf22767ce6290c820c4b9da7d0fe5e1e126
2012-08-297627a: Renaming every adreno200 to adreno.Vishrut Shah1-4/+4
1) HAVE_ADRENO200_* -> HAVE_ADRENO Related change at gles/adreno200. Change-Id: I96cb94f07fef3e9bf75d74f911ebc888c96353c0
2012-08-29Camera: Add FWVGA to media profiles for msm7627aVijay kumar Tumati1-0/+26
Change-Id: I353eb956221a37a5cb0edbf40766143cd54916dd
2012-08-29system.prop : Define new variable to set DYN composition thresholdNeti Ravi Kumar1-0/+1
Change-Id: I4c5defb0c3e5f219784adef15c2825a11cddbf62
2012-08-29msm7627a: Added entry for FLAC encoderShashi Kumar1-0/+1
- CTS test MediaCodecListTest for media codec audio/flac encoder is failing. - Media codec encoder audio/flac entry is missing. - Add entry for audio/flac in media codec encoder list Change-Id: Ibd3e0cdfafb265541a412709432143097755625c CRs-Fixed: 390189
2012-08-28Merge "msm7627a: Enable perf_defconfig" into jbM8960AAAAANLYA2005M8960AAAAANLYA0081M8930AAAAANLYA0000082A8064AAAAANLYA1611Linux Build Service Account0-0/+0
2012-08-28msm7627a: Add Dynamic detection of 8x25 versionAparna Mallavarapu3-0/+67
Change-Id: If645d5c05d6fbe9b1b2a2f7365e69d8b590015af
2012-08-28msm7627a : Enable LPA based on support in DSPY Mehta1-4/+28
Change-Id: Iafc12dc861eb737e77abda4872915ab39a743193
2012-08-27Merge "msm7627a: Add TARGET_USES_QCOM_MM_AUDIO to" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-0/+1
2012-08-27Merge "msm7627a: Enabled perf defconfig for 7627a by default." into jbLinux Build Service Account1-1/+1
2012-08-27msm7627a: Enabled perf defconfig for 7627a by default.Aparna Mallavarapu1-1/+1
Change-Id: Iad95e13c83044388c76ba80746a50f53930f2bea
2012-08-27device/qcom/msm7627a: Enable fluenceSidipotu Ashok1-0/+1
Enable only for 8x25. Change-Id: I64d480308ea139ac1f01febc5c20171ab26d238f
2012-08-26Merge "msm7627a: Add headset hook delay property" into jbA8064AAAAANLYA1321jb_rb3.2Linux Build Service Account1-1/+2
2012-08-26msm7627a: Add headset hook delay propertyShashi Kumar1-1/+2
- Headset Switch detect is not functional - Due to HW limitation there is a delay of 500ms in getting headset events from modem. Framework treats any event coming in more than 500ms as longpress event and generates WEBSEARCH event. So all the events are getting treated as longpress event. - Added headset hook delay property to increase the long press duration to fix this issue. Change-Id: I087f110b9ff5cf3747404edcc3511a4c66f35e40 CRs-Fixed: 387247
2012-08-26Merge "msm7627a: Disable LPA for 7627a, 7625a and 8625" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-3/+3
2012-08-26Merge "device/qcom/msm7627a: Enable CdmaLTEPhone support" into jbLinux Build Service Account1-0/+4
2012-08-25device/qcom/msm7627a: Enable CdmaLTEPhone supportSudheer Reddy Yampalla1-0/+4
Change-Id: I249678535545cfff586f57449c56802fdfee61b3
2012-08-24msm7627a: Add TARGET_USES_QCOM_MM_AUDIO to BoardConfig.mkSatya Durga Srinivasu Prabhala1-0/+1
QC_PROP is an extra variable that is being used for identifying QCOM specific usage. By introducing TARGET_USES_QCOM_MM_AUDIO for QCOM specific usage, we can deprecate usage of QC_PROP. Change-Id: I36fc4e6f7e18a1f3e7bee18ce6a975c32e749449
2012-08-23msm7627a: Enable perf_defconfigPrachee Ramsinghani1-1/+1
Enable perf_defconfig, helps in improving the performance. Change-Id: I8f9cbc59aceea9b42456777b7c0ba4fcd0d41d21
2012-08-23msm7627a: Disable LPA for 7627a, 7625a and 8625Shashi Kumar1-3/+3
Change-Id: Ic2ca889df3f94805dcc03d7b4e25d58013f04fc2
2012-08-21build: standardize usage of TARGET_PRODUCT for qcom chipsets.Satya Durga Srinivasu Prabhala1-1/+1
Replace TARGET_PRODUCT usage with TAREGT_BOARD_PLATFORM and make functions provided by device/qcom/common/ to build conditionally for qcom chipsets. Change-Id: Ic12e19f7c69cd7094825d43fb2a9add7af73c222