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2021-08-31qcacmn: Fix possible OOB in wmi_extract_dbr_buf_release_entryLA.AU.1.3.2.r3-00900-sa8295_gvmq.0auto.lnx.1.0.r1sheenam monga2-1/+16
2021-07-15Merge e4f6a52a76c27ad36ef95d083104e7ba5bd74c3f on remote branchLA.AU.1.3.2.r3-00700-sa8295_gvmq.0LA.AU.1.3.2.r3-00700-sa8155_gvmq.0LA.AU.1.3.2.r3-00400-sa8155_gvmq.0LA.AU.1.3.2.r3-00300-sa8155_gvmq.0Linux Build Service Account6-15/+68
2021-07-05qcacmn: Drop msdu with len err in rx attn tlvsYeshwanth Sriram Guntuka3-11/+43
2021-07-02qcacmn: Reset radar queues after disabling phyerror processingVignesh U2-2/+23
2021-06-29qcacmn: Rate limit wmi ext2 service null error logPaul Zhang1-2/+2
2021-06-14Merge "qcacmn: Use feature flag based api for 4_9GHz channels population" int...CNSS_WLAN Service1-4/+4
2021-06-08qcacmn: Enable peer authorize by defaultwadesong1-22/+17
2021-06-07qcacmn: Use feature flag based api for 4_9GHz channels populationAshish Kumar Dhanotiya1-4/+4
2021-06-06qcacmn: Disable obss scan before suspendGuisen Yang13-6/+194
2021-06-02Merge "qcacmn: Drop fragmented multicast/broadcast frames" into wlan-cmn.driv...CNSS_WLAN Service1-0/+11
2021-05-30Merge "qcacmn: Add CDP intf to flush fragments for a particular peer" into wl...Linux Build Service Account2-1/+23
2021-05-28qcacmn: Drop fragmented multicast/broadcast framesVarsha Mishra1-0/+11
2021-05-21qcacmn: Register API to flush frags in dp peer opsYeshwanth Sriram Guntuka3-0/+40
2021-05-20Merge "qcacmn: Dump the rx reo queue descs in ddr" into wlan-cmn.driver.lnx.2...Linux Build Service Account9-14/+254
2021-05-20Merge "qcacmn: print backpressure stats in work queue context" into wlan-cmn....Linux Build Service Account4-8/+431
2021-05-20Merge "qcacmn: Do not intrabss forward EAPOL frames" into wlan-cmn.driver.lnx...Linux Build Service Account3-5/+45
2021-05-20Merge "qcacmn: Modify check to ensure consecutive PN for frags" into wlan-cmn...Linux Build Service Account1-2/+2
2021-05-20qcacmn: Do not intrabss forward EAPOL framesYeshwanth Sriram Guntuka3-5/+45
2021-05-20Merge "qcacmn: Add check to discard multicast echo packets" into wlan-cmn.dri...Linux Build Service Account3-28/+74
2021-05-20qcacmn: Dump the rx reo queue descs in ddrNisha Menon9-14/+254
2021-05-20qcacmn: print backpressure stats in work queue contextChaithanya Garrepalli4-8/+431
2021-05-20qcacmn: Add CDP intf to flush fragments for a particular peerYeshwanth Sriram Guntuka2-1/+23
2021-05-20qcacmn: Modify check to ensure consecutive PN for fragsYeshwanth Sriram Guntuka1-2/+2
2021-05-20qcacmn: Add check to discard multicast echo packetsSubrat Dash3-28/+74
2021-05-20qcacmn: Add start sequence update count to rx statssandhu3-3/+20
2021-05-17qcacmn: Use qdf_assert_always instead of qdf_assert when rx_desc NULLLA.AU.0.2.0.r4-00900-gen3meta.0LA.AU.0.2.0.r4.1Tiger Yu1-3/+3
2021-04-23qcacmn: Limit the excessive logging during processing CE completionWLANHOST_AU.LA.4.1.r21.1-00700-QCAAUTOHOSTHZWLANHOST_AU.LA.4.0.r21.1-00700-QCAAUTOHOSTHZTiger Yu1-4/+8
2021-03-22Merge "qcacmn: TWT: Add support for not in range and IE validation fail statu...Linux Build Service Account2-10/+6
2021-03-21qcacmn: TWT: Add support for not in range and IE validation fail status codeSrinivas Girigowda2-10/+6
2021-03-21qcacmn: Replace wlan_cm_roam_resp struct with wlan_cm_connect_respAshish Kumar Dhanotiya15-361/+238
2021-03-02Merge branch 'wlan-cmn.driver.lnx.2.0' into wlan-cmn.driver.lnx.2.0.c21.1Xiu'E Fang229-2538/+10454
2021-02-26qcacmn: Avoid NULL pointer dereferencesHimanshu Batra5-6/+16
2021-02-25qcacmn: Avoid per packet Rx refill buffer pool lockKarthik Kantamneni4-4/+41
2021-02-25qcacmn: Add lock protection for prevent_suspend_listJingxiang Ge1-15/+27
2021-02-25qcacmn: Reset 160 MHz state machine on errorEdayilliam Jayadev1-2/+4
2021-02-25qcacmn: Optimize event_handled while handling eventsgaurank kathpalia1-51/+7
2021-02-24qcacmn: Expose freq validation APILincoln Tran2-0/+17
2021-02-24qcacmn: Enable device force wake recipe in driverNisha Menon4-54/+121
2021-02-24qcacmn: Fix the pointer reset in cm_allocate_and_copy_ies_and_keysgaurank kathpalia2-5/+5
2021-02-24qcacmn: Optimize congestion calculation logicgaolez1-2/+4
2021-02-23qcacmn: Reset rxdma2host dst ring mask for ipq5018 targetBasamma Yakkanahalli1-0/+11
2021-02-23qcacmn: Optimize scm_age_out_entries()Shiva Krishna Pittala1-23/+28
2021-02-23qcacmn: Add service bit support for LL_GET_STA command over QMIBapiraju Alla4-68/+70
2021-02-23qcacmn: Remove #ifdef WLAN_FEATURE_INTERFACE_MGR from connection mgrAbhishek Singh4-52/+15
2021-02-23qcacmn: Add HIF changes to support WCN7850Jinwei Chen14-13/+378
2021-02-23qcacmn: Use msleep instead of mdelay in hif_force_wake_requestKarthik Kantamneni1-1/+5
2021-02-21qcacmn: Handle down event in disconnection progress stateSantosh Anbu3-0/+34
2021-02-20Revert "qcacmn: Fix reg rule parsing order"Hariharan Basuthkar1-44/+13
2021-02-19qcacmn: Update error if failed to read at least one INI parameterBapiraju Alla1-2/+2
2021-02-19qcacmn: Add host support for OCV service supported by FWAbhishek Ambure2-0/+3