AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-02-09wlan: disable SAR Limit Feature when “0” is defined in nvcaf-wlan/masterHanumanth Reddy Pothula1-4/+8
2017-02-09prima: Add support for capture TSF requestManjeet Singh21-18/+1489
2017-02-09wlan: Add NULL check for tail, probe response and assoc responsec_manjee1-4/+8
2017-02-09wlan: initialize proto_type in STA and SAP rx packet callbackc_manjee2-4/+4
2017-02-09wlan: Fix bssid hint logic to keep the AP on head of the listAbhishek Singh1-2/+2
2017-02-09wlan: Disconnect any existing session before new connectionAgrawal Ashish3-21/+10
2017-02-09prima: interface file changes for capture tsf requestManjeet Singh1-0/+35
2017-02-09wlan: Add support in driver to do sap restart during SSRHanumanth Reddy Pothula7-21/+245
2017-02-09prima: Resolve out of bound memory access, while processing setpnoHanumanth Reddy Pothula1-1/+0
2017-02-09wlan: Get debug information when the HAL_START_RSP failsArunk Khandavalli8-9/+134
2017-02-09wlan: Allow fastreassoc driver command for connected BSSIDSelvaraj, Sridhar1-1/+7
2017-02-09wlan: Configure correct max tx power to firmwareAgrawal Ashish5-68/+31
2017-01-25wlan: Issue Deauth with reason code 8 in SAP AUTH offloadAgrawal Ashish1-0/+6
2017-01-25wlan: Process multiple offload indications for SAP auth offloadAgrawal Ashish1-3/+8
2017-01-25prima: Check unsafe channel on bss startAshish Kumar Dhanotiya3-22/+58
2017-01-25prima: Add Null check before dereference of pointerNishank Aggarwal1-0/+12
2017-01-25wlan: Set mlmState to eLIM_MLM_LINK_ESTABLISHED_STATEAgrawal Ashish2-1/+5
2017-01-25wlan: In softap offload always set STA TL state to authenticatedAbhishek Singh1-2/+6
2017-01-25prima: Process pno ioctl appropriatelyHanumanth Reddy Pothula2-14/+50
2017-01-25wlan: Don't start sap when key length is more than 63 charAgrawal Ashish2-9/+16
2017-01-25wlan: Fill proper bssIndex in ADD sta indication for sap Auth offloadAgrawal Ashish2-1/+13
2017-01-25wlan: Allow Set key in STA+SAP concurrencyAgrawal Ashish1-7/+9
2017-01-25wlan: Reject full power request for disassociation framesKapil Gupta1-0/+4
2017-01-25wlan: Handle HID connect/disconnect indicationAbhishek Singh7-8/+71
2017-01-25wlan: Handle HID connect/disconnect indicationAbhishek Singh1-1/+3
2017-01-25wlan: Request FW recovery after three mgmt TX timeoutSravan Kumar Kairam1-1/+14
2017-01-25Wlan: Release kumar goswami1-2/+2
2017-01-25Prima: Do not queue multiple setMaxTxPower cmd in SME pending queueAggarwal, Nishank2-2/+23
2017-01-25wlan: Prioritize the bssid_hint, if it fails try with other BSSAbhishek Singh5-19/+46
2017-01-25wlan: Don't delete self sta as part of limDelStaAgrawal Ashish1-3/+3
2017-01-25wlan: Send proper IEs number when sec chan bcn filter is skippedAbhishek Singh2-2/+8
2017-01-05Wlan: Release kumar goswami1-2/+2
2017-01-05wlan: Fetch from bad peers when no packets are pending for good peersSravan Kumar Kairam1-3/+50
2017-01-04Wlan: Release Kapparapu1-2/+2
2017-01-04Wlan: Release Kapparapu1-2/+2
2017-01-04wlan: Handle slow RA rate ramp down when link goes bad rapidlySravan Kumar Kairam1-1/+8
2017-01-03wlan: Add callback handler for wlan suspendKapil Gupta7-6/+104
2016-12-30wlan: Check for config support before sendig carrier offKapil Gupta1-5/+19
2016-12-30wlan: Reconfigure default ini values for DHCP server offloadSachin Ahuja1-3/+3
2016-12-30prima: Fix array out-of-bounds & integer underflow in _iw_set_geniePothula Hanumantha Reddy1-1/+11
2016-12-30wlan: Get bssID from the PEsessionSachin Ahuja3-9/+26
2016-12-27wlan: Add Find AP featureKapil Gupta11-2/+118
2016-12-27wlan: Add AP Find featureKapil Gupta9-3/+248
2016-12-27wlan: Add AP Find featureKapil Gupta3-1/+85
2016-12-27wlan: Interface changes for AP find featureKapil Gupta1-0/+73
2016-12-27wlan:Fix compilation error with the kernel changeAnurag Chouhan1-13/+13
2016-12-27wlan: Fix mdns stats command valueAnurag Chouhan1-1/+1
2016-12-27prima: Add ssid name length checkSaidiReddy Yenuga1-1/+1
2016-12-27prima: Add debug log for flush TX queues of stationAsodi T,Venkateswara Reddy1-0/+3
2016-12-27prima: Increase RA CFG_RA_RATE_LIMIT_INTERVAL_MAX to 3600mukul sharma2-2/+2