BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
wlan-driver.lnx.1.0.r31-relMerge c305e106aed3aaccef1a00ae08974e5b55cf321d on remote branchLinux Build Service Account2 weeks
LAW.BR.5.1.r1.3wlan: Mark peer as forced peer for TDLS External ConfigurationSai Pavan Akhil Remella3 weeks
wlan-driver.lnx.1.0.r43-relMerge 91a33bed87cb9f13607e9b6b4d1969e875925e85 on remote branchLinux Build Service Account5 weeks
LA.UM.7.6.2.c26Merge "prima: Send assoc reject upon failing to post ASSOC_IND"Linux Build Service Account5 weeks
LAW.BR.5.1.r1.1wlan: Initialize sw_pta before vos_openDundi Raviteja5 weeks
LA.UM.5.6.c27prima: Send assoc reject upon failing to post ASSOC_INDSrinivas Dasari6 weeks
wlan-driver.lnx.1.0.r45-relUpdate to the latest wlan-driver.lnx.1.0Manjunatha Madana7 weeks
LAW.BR.3.0.c3prima: Send assoc reject upon failing to post ASSOC_INDSrinivas Dasari9 weeks
LAW.BR.3.0prima: Send assoc reject upon failing to post ASSOC_INDSrinivas Dasari9 weeks
LE.UM.3.4.2.r1.16Promotion of wlan-driver.lnx.1.0.c6-00069.Linux Build Service Account9 weeks
LAW.BR.5.1.r1-03100-89xx.0commit be77535840...Linux Build Service Account6 hours
LF.UM.8.7-16900-8x09.0commit b4cf9db53a...Linux Build Service Account31 hours
LF.UM.8.6.2-21800-89xx.0commit c3f831c46c...Linux Build Service Account36 hours
LA.UM.8.6.2.r1-09400-89xx.0commit cdc9d724a5...Linux Build Service Account3 days
LA.UM.9.6.3.r1-01700-89xx.0commit 18e712ab94...Linux Build Service Account7 days
LF.BR.1.2.12-09800-8x09.0commit f5bf8a14f9...Linux Build Service Account8 days
LE.UM.3.4.2.r1-02300-9x07commit 80d07666b4...Linux Build Service Account8 days
LA.UM.6.6.c26-04700-89xx.0commit c2a094c8ca...Linux Build Service Account9 days
LA.UM.7.6.2.c26-00900-89xx.0commit d3bb6a689b...Linux Build Service Account9 days
LA.UM.7.7.c26-04300-8x09.0commit b8272bd751...Linux Build Service Account9 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-04-17Merge "wlan: hdd: Log the packet information in kmsg"AU_LINUX_GECKO_B2G_KK_3. Build Service Account7-23/+168
2014-04-17Merge "wlan: prima: properly handle SETBAND wext ioctl"Linux Build Service Account3-33/+26
2014-04-17Merge "wlan: register wiphy after VOSS is initialized"Linux Build Service Account5-17/+175
2014-04-17Merge "wlan: Protect wlan_hdd_cfg80211_change_iface function from SSR"Linux Build Service Account1-2/+22
2014-04-17Merge "wlan: Reduce logging level that can cause crash"Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1
2014-04-17Merge "wlan: HDD: add logpinprogress check for ioctl calls"Linux Build Service Account1-0/+6
2014-04-16wlan: register wiphy after VOSS is initializedMihir Shete5-17/+175
2014-04-15wlan: Protect wlan_hdd_cfg80211_change_iface function from SSRMahesh A Saptasagar1-2/+22
2014-04-16wlan: prima: properly handle SETBAND wext ioctlAtul Mittal3-33/+26
2014-04-15Merge "wlan: fix macro WLAN_HDD_IS_LOAD_UNLOAD_IN_PROGRESS"Linux Build Service Account1-1/+1