AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-29ip_accelerator: Use correct printk format for size_tMitchel Humpherys
2015-07-09memory_prof: Also check the alloc profile directoryMitchel Humpherys
2015-07-09memory_prof: Make ASPRINTF variadicMitchel Humpherys
2014-05-16memory_prof: ion: remove extra argument to msm_ion_client_createMitchel Humpherys
2014-05-16memory_prof: ion: rename heap_mask -> heap_id_maskMitchel Humpherys
2014-05-01memory_prof: add __unused definition if it doesn't existMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-22memory_prof: enable for 64-bit buildsMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-22memory_prof: some fixes for 64-bit toolchainsMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-08memory_prof: don't cast a pointer to an intMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: improve docs for trace_2_alloc_profile.pyMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: enhance size parsing for alloc and simple_allocMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: simplify parse_size_stringMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: fix segfault when using the builtin allocation profileMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: don't run allocation profile lines that fail to parseMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: fix up some allocation profilesMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: add iommu_map_range opMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: make global variable staticMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: add user_alloc opMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: fix segfault when alloc profile is bogusMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: add helper function to parse size stringsMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: generalize average and standard deviation calculationsMitchel Humpherys
2014-04-01memory_prof: add timeval arithmetic helper at micro-second granularityMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: allow allocation profiles to be passed in on STDINMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: support evaluation of allocation profiles from command lineMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: exit with error value when parsers failMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: print a message if we don't do anythingMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: add alloc profile op for basic sanity testingMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: add alloc profile op for profiling simple_alloc'd buffersMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: add alloc profile op to create unused Ion clientsMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: add support for profiling single calls to alloc_pagesMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: make README more readableMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: overhaul alloc profile parsingMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: compile with -WerrorMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: add missing includeMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: fix Ion user handle typeMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06memory_prof: use warn() instead of err() when possibleMitchel Humpherys
2014-02-06kernel-tests: make maybe_make_node function smarterMitchel Humpherys
2014-01-30ion: ignore errors from `uname'Mitchel Humpherys
2014-01-30ion: compile with -WerrorMitchel Humpherys
2014-01-30ion: fix some usages of possibly uninitialized variablesMitchel Humpherys
2014-01-16ion: remove obsolete functionsMitchel Humpherys
2013-12-16memory_prof: hostscripts: updates due to removal of Iommu heapMitchel Humpherys
2013-12-13memory_prof: use new API for Ion handlesMitchel Humpherys
2013-12-12memory_prof: remove some unused flagsMitchel Humpherys
2013-11-22memory_prof: new alloc profile operations for alloc/freeMitchel Humpherys
2013-11-22memory_prof: add `print' op to allocation profilesMitchel Humpherys
2013-11-22memory_prof: remove unnecessary requirement for `alloc' opMitchel Humpherys
2013-11-18memory_prof: verify that Ion buffers are zero'dMitchel Humpherys
2013-11-18memory_prof: use safe malloc routineMitchel Humpherys
2013-11-18memory_prof: remove superfluous argument to basic_ion_sanity_testMitchel Humpherys