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2017-04-05camera_metadata: Support metadata vendor cachesEmilian Peev1-0/+51
Metadata buffers will be able to include specific vendor tag ids. A global vendor cache will then map the id to the respective vendor tag descriptor. Bug: 34275821 Test: adb shell /data/nativetest/cameraservice_test/cameraservice_test --gtest_filter=CameraProviderManagerTest.MultipleVendorTagTest Complete Camera/Camera2 CTS tests Change-Id: I68667daa0d3605dfb466e4c0141ceb939893f0bc
2016-10-03Convert to Android.bpDan Willemsen1-86/+0
See build/soong/ for more information. Test: mma -j Test: camera_metadata_test on flounder Change-Id: I0f699a2a0d120783a5f543cf6d454109a5fc624b
2015-03-12radio meta data utility libraryEric Laurent1-0/+86
Added utility library to manage radio meta data. Radio HALs can link against this library and use it to create meta data entries and pass them to the framework. Change-Id: I7acd585246042024e641ac048815861373ab6d94
2014-03-13camera3: Pass vendor tags through binder.Ruben Brunk1-0/+49
Bug: 12134423 Change-Id: Icef3fe9e67160767bdb8244ac49c85b68b497123