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2014-10-08CameraMetadata: Docs cleanup, especially units and rangeaosp-new/lollipop-devEino-Ville Talvala4-1040/+1521
- Add entries for units and range into javadoc - Fix up existing units entries and add new ones - Fix up range entries to be consistent for enums - Add range entries where it makes sense - Minor fix to javadoc gen to allow for code indentation - Lots of edits for consistency, especially to available* entries. Bug: 16525650 Change-Id: I654d86c66e796e87d2cf3b47ffcc72cd26977e43
2014-10-03camera: Add a hwlevel attribute, annotate each metadata's hardware levelIgor Murashkin8-178/+862
* Set each metadata key to one of full,legacy,limited. * All keys present on the lower level must also be present on higher levels (i.e. all legacy keys present on limited/full devices, all limited keys present on full devices.) * If a key is not annotated, it is assumed to be optional even on full. This is usually the case only for future, deprecated, or system keys. Bug: 17788234 Change-Id: Ie88f3750cc06d889c6750f2099598d53ccb601b7
2014-09-25Camera: Reduce maximum required ISO sensitivity to 800Eino-Ville Talvala2-6/+4
Too many ISPs can't produce 1600 gain. Bug: 17489253 Change-Id: Id99cb73dc935c145b12129029615ab1159eb4dae
2014-09-22camera2: Docs update for available AF modes.Ruben Brunk2-6/+6
Bug: 17588783 Change-Id: If4010517e79b3a51bd6231424a10be672ff5a252
2014-09-09camera2: make 3A regions null when not availableYin-Chia Yeh2-9/+30
Bug: 17346456 Change-Id: If8e1611614622e7eef6f77e03ef55375650f1c51
2014-08-30Merge "camera2: Add back HDR scenemode." into lmp-devRuben Brunk4-0/+22
2014-08-28camera2: Add back HDR scenemode.Ruben Brunk4-0/+22
Bug: 17072609 Change-Id: Iebb97d12fc62986ad389460c253cfc504a68ad7f
2014-08-28camera: Remove obsolete CameraCharacteristicsTestIgor Murashkin2-100/+0
This test has now been fully superceded by ExtendedCameraCharacteristicsTest Bug: 17282060 Change-Id: Ic421d0712c78129f0c72251119654856db86a7cf
2014-08-21Merge "camera_metadata: Update the aberration correction related tag names" ↵Zhijun He4-43/+41
into lmp-dev
2014-08-21Camera2: update focusDistanceCalibration docYin-Chia Yeh2-3/+28
Require infinity focus to work for devices advertise APPROXIMATE or higher quality. bug 13933979 Change-Id: I4b3e13be657f1643c398930860f0a174a4497a97
2014-08-18camera_metadata: Update the aberration correction related tag namesZhijun He4-45/+45
Bug: 17008587 Change-Id: I9e635198f150de1f079c17b27c83c7e9c85f018f
2014-07-29Camera: Rename timestampCalibration -> timestampSourceEino-Ville Talvala4-38/+41
Improves clarity. Bug: 16402755 Change-Id: I181186427ce3eb5e2b4a609fbbc0643fca3acce8
2014-07-28Merge "camera2: @hide android.request.frameCount" into lmp-devIgor Murashkin3-10/+17
2014-07-28DO NOT MERGE: camera2: Move noise model to dynamic metadata.Ruben Brunk4-129/+129
Bug: 16369384 Change-Id: I7a540705176c7be68431a977e2b7218ffa1bddd0 (cherry picked from commit 2569725e938810d592a57160770a310f176adb81)
2014-07-25camera2: @hide android.request.frameCountIgor Murashkin3-10/+17
API users should be using exclusively CaptureResult#getFrameNumber() HAL3 users should be exclusively using camera3_request_t::frame_count Change-Id: I164011c97a57fb9fb9c504ae4c5f394dcb36a4bc
2014-07-22Merge "camera: Annotate public/synthetic keys in the java code" into lmp-devIgor Murashkin1-0/+6
2014-07-22Camera2: replace int[] by HighSpeedVideoConfigurationYin-Chia Yeh2-5/+16
Use the new wrapper class to replace int[] representation. Also update the metadata description to disallow multiple streams to use different high speed video configurations. Change-Id: I192e57f6ab5dfbba6d958571352f067a9eaec7b2
2014-07-17camera_metadata: partialResultCount should be optionalZhijun He3-6/+9
Change-Id: Iacd2b5e8f388c18cbff0f1cefdb5c10812ae751e
2014-07-17camera_metadata: Rename DNG capability to RAW.Eino-Ville Talvala4-82/+88
While this capability allows for saving DNG files, it's really about the camera device producing usable RAW data, either for application processing or saving as a DNG. Leave in the DNG name as an alias to ease transition; it will be removed when the next metadata update is made. Bug: 15415688 Change-Id: I1ea9f65b03c4fa06a5004f9d1d485935742001c8
2014-07-16camera: Annotate public/synthetic keys in the java codeIgor Murashkin1-0/+6
Change-Id: Ifc89153136a9be502b7b88addbd16a5de68a7bfc
2014-07-10camera2: Update medadata for BlackLevelPattern.Ruben Brunk2-8/+31
Bug: 15448889 Change-Id: I5d3393f4a1695664bc5315eb592fb0a4e154d22e
2014-07-10Merge "camera_metadata: Update capabilities enums"Eino-Ville Talvala4-81/+53
2014-07-10camera_metadata: Update capabilities enumsEino-Ville Talvala4-81/+53
A developer shouldn't see a device advertise a capability that's not documented. Leave in ZSL to enable in the future, but move it to the end. Change-Id: I78d888516880d5ce1371e8b6d3ff24e2f6e20685
2014-07-09Merge "camera2: Add NoiseProfile HAL tag."Ruben Brunk4-0/+132
2014-07-09camera2: Add NoiseProfile HAL tag.Ruben Brunk4-0/+132
Change-Id: Iac1b5b7708222b00a9eb1fb1adc85f0d0a7912cb
2014-07-07camera_metadata: Add aberration correction controlZhijun He4-0/+351
Change-Id: I0a3530ee8d5550f0f2a58c4d7af284821d87cb4d
2014-07-04camera_metadata: update spec for RAW10Zhijun He2-12/+14
Bug: 15989722 Change-Id: Ic38ae596d5a472e990389d1fa221a82bea97b715
2014-07-02Revert "Revert "camera2: Add legacy mode enum to supported hardware level.""Ruben Brunk4-8/+33
This reverts commit ae137c1786f3f3b30c3e4000da8c033477b1b343. Change-Id: I19483d6964ee219fa4d33cd297e2d217cf0f230f
2014-07-01Revert "camera2: Add legacy mode enum to supported hardware level."Ruben Brunk4-33/+8
This reverts commit 101aa5ec543f0aecd147399dc085fc9355d0ddae. Change-Id: I03585a885312558a136dfced4d6f54c40fa0dab8
2014-07-01camera2: Add legacy mode enum to supported hardware level.Ruben Brunk4-8/+33
Bug: 15116722 - Adds enum for a device running in compatibility mode. When running in compatibility mode, the Camera2 API is emulated using the deprecated Camera API, and many capabilities will not be supported. Change-Id: I94f31775699447a82d53b7f2a6f9fbdc0a5afb3f
2014-06-26camera_metadata: Add high speed video supportZhijun He4-0/+351
Below tags are added/updated: - Add HIGH_SPEED_VIDEO in android.control.sceneMode - android.control.availableHighSpeedVideoConfigurations Change-Id: Ice2497c81d9feead7519f5d11f2bd5598093b4bc
2014-06-25camera_metadata: update supportedHardwareLevelZhijun He2-13/+41
Make the full hardware supportedHardwareLevel more accurately reflect the spec requirement. Also fixed some other minor spec issues. Change-Id: I7b55be03dcdeface15e73eff098f690f4f99a23f
2014-06-20camera2: Make minimum focus distance optional on LIMITED devicesIgor Murashkin2-2/+20
* It's still required for MANUAL_SENSOR capable devices Change-Id: Ie4ab330a738ac4c8e465eacade1bbc39bdb776fe
2014-06-20LP64 fixes for camera_metadata.Narayan Kamath3-132/+49
camera_metadata packets are transferred across process boundaries with Parcel::readBlob / Parcel::writeBlob calls so we should make sure they have a consistent layout across 32 and 64 bit processes. In this change : - Replace size_t members with uint32_t members. - Remove the "void*" user pointer which is no longer required Change-Id: Ia0eada5d8358be21d725c05d6105705186b3d9c8
2014-06-19camera2: Update docs for min frame duration.Ruben Brunk2-3/+13
Bug: 15116722 Change-Id: Ief8b05d46fa12f63cf6a5d41e312c94d5a033553
2014-06-16Merge "cts: Assertion fix for camera characteristics."Ruben Brunk1-2/+1
2014-06-16cts: Assertion fix for camera characteristics.Ruben Brunk1-2/+1
Change-Id: Ia5f833ec8deabf7c1a2e1cfdbc80f1b0d415ac4f
2014-06-12Merge "camera_metadata: Add timestampCalibration tag"Zhijun He4-25/+208
2014-06-13camera_metadata: Add timestampCalibration tagZhijun He4-25/+208
Also update the video/optical stabilization docs. Change-Id: I444cc8d46c0a460bc4311e58bf6166b5c6dbfd14
2014-06-13Merge "camera_metadata: Add rollingShutterSkew tag"Zhijun He4-2/+97
2014-06-13camera_metadata: Add rollingShutterSkew tagZhijun He4-2/+97
Change-Id: Icbedaeda9fc64a9dda509493ad9d14569c56cd18
2014-06-12am b4329160: camera_metadata: Update docs for enum value definitionsEino-Ville Talvala9-803/+1340
* commit 'b432916043290beb246054a77f8978b3136f4315': camera_metadata: Update docs for enum value definitions
2014-06-11am 68dbc6f7: camera_metadata: Update docs for acronym usage, other fixesEino-Ville Talvala2-263/+469
* commit '68dbc6f7051b626f6b8f5127393f4cbed8d8500f': camera_metadata: Update docs for acronym usage, other fixes
2014-06-10camera_metadata: Update docs for enum value definitionsEino-Ville Talvala9-803/+1340
- Add proper @hide support for enum values (previous hack produced bad @see lines) - Format many enum values properly for javadoc - Additional updates to various entries Bug: 15475465 Change-Id: I2b03cac8d478e945c7d93717845a9ae44b97639b
2014-06-09camera_metadata: Update docs for acronym usage, other fixesEino-Ville Talvala2-263/+469
- Expand acronyms, improve docs for aeExposureCompensation - Fix minor formatting issues such as missing periods. - Rewrite cropRegion, sensitivity docs - Minor fixes to a few enum value docs, still more to do. Bug: 15394242 Change-Id: I48de626a33ef9b834578f7bb890de9b98d3122d2
2014-06-06Build camera tests as both 32 and 64 bit binaries.Narayan Kamath2-6/+11
Also fixes warnings and changes the build rule from BUILD_EXECUTABLE to BUILD_NATIVE_TEST, so that the binary doesn't get installed under /system/bin. (cherry-picked from commit commit 550458b2e2ba280030d1774395f3062a3d9af01) Change-Id: If653fae98870b77841ec11e26fbcc64656202e18
2014-06-05am 59793d75: camera_metadata: Hide input stream related key and enumZhijun He3-4/+7
* commit '59793d75a462bb7a4ac2a7b94da284e3e8516a88': camera_metadata: Hide input stream related key and enum
2014-06-05camera_metadata: Hide input stream related key and enumZhijun He3-4/+7
Bug: 14622091 Change-Id: Id8fc20b752da876f00a94d0262cd9468951bb36d
2014-06-05am 5a1276a6: camera_metadata: Update availableStreamConfigurations for JPEG ↵Zhijun He2-9/+34
sizes * commit '5a1276a68269b5f2959d406d2d7497bd7e8ab591': camera_metadata: Update availableStreamConfigurations for JPEG sizes
2014-06-04camera_metadata: Update availableStreamConfigurations for JPEG sizesZhijun He2-9/+34
Also Fix some doc issue in availableCapabilities Bug: 12035686 Change-Id: Ie517a587f4a9e6cd9731fcca042e24adf832d9e3