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2014-06-20LP64 fixes for camera_metadata.Narayan Kamath1-49/+0
camera_metadata packets are transferred across process boundaries with Parcel::readBlob / Parcel::writeBlob calls so we should make sure they have a consistent layout across 32 and 64 bit processes. In this change : - Replace size_t members with uint32_t members. - Remove the "void*" user pointer which is no longer required Change-Id: Ia0eada5d8358be21d725c05d6105705186b3d9c8
2014-06-06Build camera tests as both 32 and 64 bit binaries.Narayan Kamath2-6/+11
Also fixes warnings and changes the build rule from BUILD_EXECUTABLE to BUILD_NATIVE_TEST, so that the binary doesn't get installed under /system/bin. (cherry-picked from commit commit 550458b2e2ba280030d1774395f3062a3d9af01) Change-Id: If653fae98870b77841ec11e26fbcc64656202e18
2014-03-13camera3: Pass vendor tags through binder.Ruben Brunk3-21/+26
Bug: 12134423 Change-Id: Icef3fe9e67160767bdb8244ac49c85b68b497123
2013-11-26camera_metadata: fix metadata clone bugZhijun He1-1/+23
clone_camera_metadata fails at validation during camera start, then crashes camera. Bug: 11879762 Change-Id: I9437c6724dd290aec162ae8b68be898b2f9a5b9e
2013-11-15camera_metadata: update metadata type in metadata testZhijun He1-23/+59
android.colorCorrection.transform was updated to rational type in metadata change. Also cleanup the code a little bit. Bug: 11691467 Change-Id: I71daefdfdf733d65016c51c90e04d9ac0b4b1d4a
2013-09-05Camera: Add operations to enumerate vendor tagsAlexander Ray1-1/+32
Adds methods so the framework can enumerate the entire set of vendor tags supported on a platform. Change-Id: I17f6c14afd44a1fb0d165f4a13060dd828c80d84
2013-05-02camera_metadata: add validation function to ensure structural sanityIgor Murashkin1-23/+64
This is particularly useful when accepting copied metadata from another process, since it could put whatever it want into the binder parcel. Bug: 8713951 Change-Id: I72b25b2bf96230eb995bb32e3bbd68de16e122cd
2012-12-05Update camera metadata tests to new enumsEino-Ville Talvala1-1/+1
Change-Id: I9474f34de3c8d780f8bdbc388ddd883c123b41b9
2012-12-03Camera: Generate camera_metadata_tags and HTML docs from XMLIgor Murashkin1-8/+23
Change-Id: Ib7e9bf4855adff91a317c910aaec960f1422302a
2012-11-26Camera2: Fix metadata alignment for double and int64 typesandroid-cts-4.2_r2android-4.2.2_r1.2android-4.2.2_r1.1android-4.2.2_r1aosp-new/jb-mr1.1-releaseaosp-new/jb-mr1.1-devIgor Murashkin1-0/+96
* camera_metadata_rational_t was only aligning to 4 bytes, we need to align to 8 * add an automated unit test to verify alignment for each type of data Bug: 7498597 Change-Id: Ib5554d412e09b95d21933b6015db68d01a072f90
2012-11-14Camera: Actually make camera_metadata memcopyableEino-Ville Talvala1-0/+96
- Use internal offsets instead of pointers for the entry and data arrays. - Add test to verify memcpy works and doesn't alias data. - Remove support for forward-compatible reserved space handling, given that it's unlikely to be useful Bug: 7546079 Change-Id: I439aa27fed8d243b7a04155daf5e58fa1c4c730e
2012-11-13Camera: Fix metadata data alignment, other minor bugs.Eino-Ville Talvala1-1/+21
- When a metadata entry needs to overflow into the data buffer, make sure the starting offset is aligned to the maximum needed by all the metadata types. - Bounds check the data buffer size when adding a new entry - Add new test for the bounds check - Print out doubles correctly. Bug: 7498597 Change-Id: Ic8645a998c096f5b803839ee8076b97862127021
2012-05-21Camera: Add opaque user pointer to camera metadata bufferEino-Ville Talvala1-0/+48
This is useful for associating a metadata buffer handed off to a third party with its parent object, when the buffer is returned. Change-Id: I7e19708bb3adf4da26fc6101e78c276477276608
2012-05-14Improvements to camera metadata handling.Eino-Ville Talvala1-159/+784
- Cleaner interface to get/find - Adds delete entry, an expensive O(n) operation - Adds update entry, which is O(n) sometimes - Minor bugfixes: - Keep sorted state when appending empty buffers - Misspelling of camera_metadata_type_size in header - Missing entry in type name array Bug: 6243944 Change-Id: I316507d6adcc22aff6e7c464c6c484f31ef1510d
2012-04-16Improvements to the camera metadata structureEino-Ville Talvala2-11/+121
- Add vendor_tag_query_ops_t as argument to methods inside it. - Add version and flags fields - Add sorted flag; additions and appends are not sorted, and thus reset the flag. - Add sort method, which sets the sorted flag. - Add find-by-tag method, which uses a linear search on a non-sorted buffer, and a binary search on a sorted buffer. - Change dump method to take in a fd, like the HAL-level dump methods do. - Minor revisions to tag definitions, including a few enums for enumerated-value tags. Change-Id: I5f37e326519bda032cb3362da4ab3bf50eb98b4e
2012-03-22Add a camera metadata structure and utility methodsEino-Ville Talvala3-0/+995
Change-Id: I320cc33f31ebd8ce183572a447df8fae691eec0d